100 Ways Of Making Money Online – While Doing What You Love!

100 Ways Of Making Money Online – While Doing What You Love!

If you’re trying to look for the best methods of earning according to your skills and hobbies, this is the ultimate mega-list you’ve been hoping to find. The following are categorized accordingly. If you want to learn how to get them done, a detailed guide awaits you as you open the link for each of them.

Feel free to check each of them out. They could be the key to the financial freedom you’re looking for!

Make money based on your interests:

If you’re business-minded

1. Start a web hosting business – This might be expensive at first, but this is like owning a digital real estate that provides you with sustainable income while you wait in the confines of your own home. Website owners will pay you huge amounts for providing them with the virtual area you provide for them. Learn more

2. Sell graphics and digital art – Logos, print designs, book covers, etc. – These are digital works of art that you can make and sell for prices of your choosing. You don’t need to learn complex apps to get this done as many free online platforms can help you create them. Learn more

3. Make money with Forex (without trading) – Trading your dollar to euro is one of the most profitable online gigs out there. You can still earn with it though without doing any trading at all. Learn more

4. Launch an online store (and sell strategically) – Instead of having a real building where you can sell items, you can create a virtual store where people can browse for your products and buy them. Know the tricks on how to prevent your online store from becoming a failure. Learn more

5. Sell ebooks (and do it effectively) – Even if you can’t write ebooks, you can still sell some. Get to know the best websites for selling ebooks and learn about the potential earnings you could get from each of them. Learn more

6. Sell music-related merchandise – Work with thriving musicians or manufacture your own. Either way, there is a decent stream of income you can attain if you sell merchandise from music artists. Learn more

7. Sell website templates – Make templates for bloggers and website admins and sell them at the price you desire. Learn more

If you’re a music lover

8. Earn with song lyrics – Embed them as subtitles, provide lyrical analysis, or use your lyrical skills along with willing music artists. You could get paid in a project-based manner or get paid regularly. Learn more

9. Get paid by listening to music – It may appear untrue, but you could get paid simply by listening to music. You might need to rate them and give comments though, depending on the given instructions. Learn more

10. Sell your music online – If you’re a musician struggling to get noticed by the mainstream, this is one of the best options you can take to make money out of your talents. Learn more

11. Perform your music skills on video – Perform song covers, do mash-up performances, or simply show off your talents. It’s not as simple as you think though, so you need to implement some crafty strategies. Learn more

12. Submit music articles and get paid – If you are not a musician but can write about music, you can submit some articles to some websites and earn as you get published. Learn more

If you love working with audio

13. Make podcasts (without speaking) – This might sound strange, but this is possible. There is a strategic way for making podcasts without speaking a single word! Learn more

14. Work as a transcriptionist – You’ll be tasked to listen to an audio file and write the words you hear. Strict rules must be followed though so you need ample training to get hired. It’s tricky at first, but high salaries surely await you. Learn more

15. Be a voice actor – Work with animators or get commissioned by podcasters. The list of voice acting gigs is so wide that you could make it your full-time job if you wish to. Learn more

16. Be an online sound/music editor – This is one of the most high-paying online jobs out there, though costly equipment and lengthy training are necessary. It’s not as hard as you think though. Learn more

17. Earn with Spotify (even if you’re not a singer or musician) – Spotify might be mostly for musicians, but there still is an opportunity for earning even if you’re not gifted with singing or music. Learn more

18. Earn using text-to-speech software – Convert written text into spoken words using special software. Work with Youtubers and Podcasters and get paid. Learn more

If you want to make an office in your bedroom

19. Be an online pharmacist – Provide greater convenience and accessibility for patients who cannot easily visit a physical pharmacy while working from home. Learn more

20. Work as a data entry clerk – This is one of the easiest, and most in-demand online jobs in existence. You will work with email messages sent to you, or you may work with databases your clients will provide for you. Learn more

21. Be a virtual assistant – You will be an office clerk working in an office that could be your own bedroom. You will work on a variety of computer-related jobs that could range from typing documents, calculating financial statements, or working with photos and videos. Learn more

22. Be a system documentation writer – You will be tasked to write the technical details or instructional guides for using a system software, online app, or mobile app. This is one of the most difficult online writing jobs, but one of the most high-paying ones. Learn more

23. Be a remote manager/consultant – If you’ve attained a level of expertise in your chosen craft, you could showcase yourself as a consultant or project manager. It might take a while for you to get clients, but it is one of the most profitable online gigs ever. Learn more

24. Digitize handwritten notes – Closely related to data entry, you will work with images of handwritten documents sent to you. You will type what you read on a document or on a database your employer will provide for you. Learn more

25. Be an on-call scheduler – Make various workplaces all over the world more organized by scheduling the tasks of their employees. This is about maintaining a smooth workflow and even saving lives. Learn more

26. Be a virtual paralegal – Assist lawyers and judges with their documentation and administrative tasks remotely and make your bedroom an extension of a law office. Learn more

If you want to make your own blog or website

27. Publish an AI-oriented blog – You can blog about yourself, which might not be too appealing to readers, or you could blog about artificial intelligence, which could be more profitable. It is one of the most attractive blog topics out there, so consider it. Learn more

28. Publish a blog about gadgets and entertainment systems – People are endlessly craving this stuff and it would be truly wise to post articles about them. Learn more

29. Publish an online health blog or journal – Health is one of the most widely searched topics on the web. Use this to your advantage and publish writings about how people can improve their physiques. Learn more

30. Publish a blog about computers and consumer electronics – Computerization is vital to modern living and the world can’t function without it. Publish your writings about it in addition to anything related to electronics and you will never run out of readers. Learn more

If you want success as a vlogger

31. Launch a comedy vlog – Comedy is among the most consumed content of all time. Capture videos that make people laugh and vlog about it. Profitability will be sure to follow if done compellingly enough. Learn more

32. Launch a ‘how-to’ vlog – The possibilities of a vlog like this are endless. Help people fix something or aid them with videos that can solve problems. You could truly earn big if you do this right. Learn more

33. Vlog about your travels – Love to travel? Video yourself as you visit various places and if you can make people feel that you’re traveling along with them, your videos will be impossible to resist. Learn more

34. Teach music tutorials – Learning how to play a musical instrument is a passion shared by nearly everyone. Help them achieve this goal and the financial benefits will be massive. Learn more

If you love food and cooking

35. Publish a cooking blog or ebook – Who can resist attaining the knowledge to cook the best cuisines? Nobody. It’s the reason why publishing a cookbook or recipe guide as an ebook will be sure to help earn big. Learn more

36. Launch a cooking channel – Seeing is better than reading. So if you’re a bit lazy to write about your cooking skills, why not put up a cooking vlog instead? Learn more

37. Teach cooking through a webinar or online course – There are cooking enthusiasts that truly want to gain in-depth knowledge about all things food. Invite them to your webinar for an affordable fee and reap the financial rewards. Learn more

38. Submit articles about food to other sites – If writing consistently isn’t your thing, how about occasionally writing some cooking articles and getting paid? Payment could be big or small, just pick the right sites and see if they’re worth your time and effort. Learn more

If you love writing

39. Make money with Wattpad – It’s one of the biggest publishing platforms in existence, online or otherwise. There is some serious money to be earned on Wattpad if you know how to write the right stories. Learn more

40. Write ebooks (and how to do it properly) – Writings ebooks these days have never been easier. Some people don’t trust them though, the way they trust printed books. You must master the art of manufacturing them though, so you can sell them effectively. Learn more

41. Submit poems and get paid – Poetry is still in demand in the digital age. By publishing your own poems or by submitting them to various online platforms, it could be an ideal side hustle. Learn more

42. Write book reviews and get paid – If reading is your hobby, why not write reviews for the books you read and earn at the same time? Learn more

43. Be an audiobook reader – This job involves recording your voice as you read books aloud. This is closely related to voice acting. Learn more

44. Be an online freelance writer – By writing a few articles a day, you could already have the perfect online job. Because of the very high demand for online content, countless writing opportunities await those who have a deep passion for it. Learn more

45. Submit funny articles and get paid – Sites that accept comedy-oriented would pay you for your jokes. Browse through an extensive list with the appropriate payment you’ll get. Learn more

If you love numbers and calculations

46. Be an online bookkeeper – The COVID pandemic might have made this a trend. The good news is that this job will be permanently offered as an online job to willing enthusiasts. This is one of the most high-paying jobs and you should exploit this to your advantage. Learn more

47. Work for math-oriented platforms – This is highly suitable if you enjoy solving calculations and can finish them with ease. There are various platforms that are willing to pay handsomely for your numerical talents. Learn more

48. Be a math tutor – If you’re good at Math, use your skill to make the lives of students more convenient. Learn more

49. Trade cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin are digital forms of money that have been making online entrepreneurs very wealthy. Hop into the fray and rake in some of the rewards they’ve been enjoying a lot. Learn more

50. Blog about your cryptocurrency knowledge – In addition to crypto-trading, you could publish content and earn extra crypto-coins. Various platforms would pay for this if you post on them regularly. Learn more

If you love graphics and drawings

51. Be a sketch artist – Whether you sketch digitally or with the traditional way of using your hands, there is some income you could acquire from the web. Learn more

52. Publish comics online – Printed comics might not be as lucrative as before, but their kind is now digitized and can be accessed online. You could publish your own easily and reap the financial rewards. Learn more

53. Be a digital/online photographer – With or without a professional camera, you could make money with photography as long as you have dedication and discipline. Learn more

54. Sell your photos to online platforms – There are plenty of websites that will pay for the photos you are willing to sell. Some of them could be for display while some of them could be for research. Either way, you could earn huge paychecks for it. Learn more

55. Be a PowerPoint designer – Making slides for business presentations or for educational purposes is a good online job for those with a knack for designing. Apply through a platform or look for clients, there are various avenues for earning online pertaining to this job. Learn more

56. Be an image annotator – Label images and identify photos so that AI systems and robots could be further enhanced. You will be helping in shaping up the future, so this is a truly meaningful job. Learn more

If you love sports and gaming

57. Impart your knowledge as a boxer online – If you are a boxer or a boxing coach, there is a way for you to impart your knowledge online and get paid for it. Learn more.

58. Impart your knowledge as a martial artist online – Your proficiency for hand-to-hand combat or anything related to it could be published in your own portal or those that belong to someone else. Your passion for martial arts could be monetized, so feel free to give it a try. Learn more

59. Sell sports-related products and images – Even as a sports spectator, you could make money by selling products, images, and other digital content. Learn more

60. Make money as an athlete online – While resting from the physical drills of athleticism, you could publish content on the web and earn extra income. Learn more

61. Be a sports content creator – Even as a simple sports fan, you could make content in text, photo, or video format. You could work with a full-fledged athlete or just make content about them while observing them. The possibilities for earning are endless. Learn more

62. Make money from video games without streaming – You may have earned a lot that game streamers are making money out of their hobbies. If you dislike the idea, you could still earn from your gaming habits even without doing any streaming at all. Learn more

If you spend lots of time with your phone

63. Be a search engine evaluator – Analyze web pages to see if they are worth viewing or if they should be among the search results once people find information relevant to the keywords they search for. This requires analytical skills but could be done anywhere using your phone. Learn more

64. Work as mobile tech support – Answer questions from people or solve their technical problems through text messages or by answering calls. Some companies don’t require you to use a computer for this job. Learn more

65. Monetize your Facebook page – By attaining a number of followers and meeting certain requirements, you could make money from your Facebook scrolling habits. A detailed discussion of it awaits you. Learn more

66. Earn from social media comments – Commenting on Facebook and other similar social media sites could be a great means for earning. It’s not exactly the way you think though, but there is really a way for you to earn from that habit. Learn more

67. Copy-paste data – There is a job that mainly asks you to copy-paste data and it will be what you will mostly be doing throughout the day. There might be minor editing you need to do, though. This is one of the easiest jobs, though the salary might be that high. Learn more

68. Turn your Facebook page into an online store – You could make an online store by making your own website, but you could still do the same within your own Facebook page. You are only a few steps away from becoming an online seller so you should grab the chance now. Learn more

69. Send referral links – Referrals are among the best strategies for business growth on the web. Wherever you are, you could earn from this method using your phone. Sending emails or replying to chats are primarily the main tasks at hand. Learn more

70. Apply to online companies that hire phone workers – There are plenty of companies that hire phone workers. Plenty of job categories await you whether you like speaking, texting, or capturing images. Learn more

If you love working with videos

71. Make money with deepfakes – Putting another face in someone else’s body is one of the wonders that digital videography has brought us. You could work this to your advantage because there are plenty of earning opportunities regarding this. Learn more

72. Monetize any live performance – For nearly any activity you could think of, there will always be people who are willing to witness any live video stream of it. There is a way to make money out of this. All that’s required is creativity. Learn more

73. Be a vlogger without using a camera – If you want to start vlogging but you have no camera, or if you do have a camera but hate showing your face on video, a detailed guide on how to do it awaits you. Learn more

74. Use PowerPoint to make a YouTube channel – You don’t need to use complex video editing tools to make a great YouTube channel. There is a simple yet effective way of getting it done. Learn more

75. Be an online video editor – Video editing is one of the highest-paying jobs out there, though you might need to have some high-end equipment. An in-depth article about it is written for you. Learn more

76. Make video clips and animations and sell them – People’s fondness for moving images will never go out of style and you have to take advantage of it. Simple tools and methods await you so you can start making money. Learn more

If you’re academically inclined

77. Write student essays and term papers – Some students are too lazy to conduct research and write their own papers. You may ask them to hire you to write those papers. Learn more

78. Be an internet researcher – Evaluate the validity of websites, identify harmful content, and point people where they should head for on the web. This and more will be your job as an internet researcher. Learn more

79. Be an online teacher – Education is obviously attainable online nowadays. Be one of the educators that enlighten kids on various topics while speaking through a camera and computer screen. Learn more

80. Teach theology and religion – You can use your knowledge about religion to teach people about values, morality, and life lessons. You can do it by speaking, writing, or by being videoed. Learn more

81. Teach web design and programming – Creating websites and apps are among the highest-paying jobs online. Impart your knowledge about it and earn high monetary rewards. Learn more

If you want high-paying online jobs

82. Be a white-hat hacker – This pertains to computer security, not only about hacking. If you are a former hacker or someone who’s intrigued about it, this job is for you. Learn more

83. Be a software engineer – Computers wouldn’t function without the software inside them. Be a builder of virtual systems and be in the bracket of the highest-paying jobs. Learn more

84. Earn by helping AI research – Artificial intelligence is among the hottest trends today and being a part of its development could be an ideal side hustle. Learn more

85. Be an AI programmer – AI is still way below human intelligence and your programming skills could be a great help in its improvement. Be an AI programmer so you can have a truly high-paying online job. Learn more

86. Use simple SEO to grow websites – Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to be too complex. You can learn about simple tricks about it and earn big bucks while making websites more searchable. Learn more

If you love mysticism

87. Make money with astrology – Horoscope, fortune-telling, and other similar stuff could be your means of earning. Even astrologers are hopping into the online realm and you shouldn’t think too differently about this. Learn more

88. Make money as an online magician – Magic is still relevant even in the internet age and you as a magician could earn online with your skills and showmanship. Learn about a compelling and definitive way to do it. Learn more

89. Publish horror stories online – If scaring people is one of your passions, you could write stories about it and publish them online. An in-depth guide on how to do it is laid out for you. All you have to do is read and apply the guidelines. Learn more

90. Submit spiritual articles – There are plenty of websites that pay you for religious articles. You can pitch your ideas or write based on their guidelines. You could be paid handsomely if your writing is chosen. Learn more

Other ways of earning online

91. Team up with your pet and earn – Your fun time with your dog, cat, or any other pet could be highly monetized. What a brilliant notion it would be to spend time with your pet and earn at the same time. Learn more

92. Make memes and funny videos – People will never get enough of memes and funny videos. Capitalize on people’s addiction while making funny moving images and making money as well. Learn more

93. Give beauty and fashion tips – Your expertise in beautifying yourself or the faces of others could be harnessed. Teach it online and earn from affiliate marketing or selling beauty-enhancing products. Learn more

92. Choose a hobby and monetize it – Any hobby you could think of could be a means of earning online. Regardless of what you love to do in your spare time, there is a compelling method of making money with it. Learn more

94. Earn online as a senior citizen – Even as a retiree staying at home, countless online earning opportunities still await you. Your decades of experience and wisdom will give you an edge and will serve as the very notion that will provide you with real earnings. Learn more

95. Grow someone else’s website and get paid – Even if you don’t have your own website, you could offer your services to others for a designated fee. This is one of the highest-paying online jobs in existence. Learn more

97. Grow someone else’s YouTube channel and get paid – You could work as a vlog promoter or video popularizer. Social media and email marketing are included in this, so there are countless opportunities for learning and earning. Learn more

98. Earn online as an LGBTQ member online – Being a member of the third sex could work to your advantage because there are earning opportunities on the web for you. Submit articles or make content related to your gender orientation and make money in the process. Learn more

99. Earn online while doing nothing (under certain conditions) – It’s everyone’s dream to make money while doing nothing and there are methods for it! There are conditions you have to meet though but you can really earn online while doing nothing. Learn more

100. Deal with online job scams – While this is not really about making money, this will help you earn some more by preventing financial loss. Dealing with scammers is a crucial knowledge you have to learn, so do your best to get educated about it. Learn more

Whichever money-making method you choose from any of the above, bear in mind that becoming profitable with them is a matter of focus, discipline, and determination. While plenty of the aforementioned methods can be very easy to do, you won’t become too profitable if you don’t invest a considerable amount of time and resources into them.

Pick one at first then figure out if you can get the hang of it. If you can, stick to it for a while until you gained mastery. Only then should you consider trying other methods. Bear in mind that becoming financially free is about having the right mindset. If you don’t concentrate and practice hard enough on a chosen method, you will most likely quit even before you attained real earnings.

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