You Can Make Money Online While Doing Nothing If…

You Can Make Money Online While Doing Nothing If…

Can you make money by doing nothing? How about earning while sleeping? These are questions that millions of people are actually keying in on the search bars of all internet search engines. You’ve certainly tried doing the same, it’s probably the reason why you came across this article.

You can make money doing nothing if you’ve…

As a blogger, I feel like I have to address the question. I feel like it’s my noble responsibility (Noble huh? Really?), to tackle that question.

Here’s my take on the issue. In my opinion, you can earn some income by doing nothing, or at least achieve it while doing the least work if…

Because social media marketing and online marketing are very powerful machines that make many companies extremely rich, the concept of referral links is something that you can surely benefit from. There are plenty of marketers out there that spread the word about their products by urging people to copy and paste the links of their websites, advertising codes, and just about anything that they want to spread.

The key to succeeding in making money with referral links is by establishing your own platform where plenty of people come to visit. For instance, if you have a high-traffic blog, or if you have a Facebook page with tens of thousands of followers, you might just earn a substantially big amount since you can send plenty of links to those people.

The idea is that the more people who will respond to your links, or by sharing those links with others, the higher your points will be, which can be later converted into cash. Another similar idea is by urging people to install an app on their phones or computers which will make you earn money passively.

You’ve made a very attractive digital product

You can sell any product at all, as long as you can make that product very convincing. If people are drawn to it, and they understood the importance of it, they will buy it from you, and may even buy it repeatedly. But some products get spoiled or get rotten, putting your investments at risk.

But there are products that will never become subject to spoiling and rotting, if they belong to the digital category. Such products may include:

Photos and digital images – needed by bloggers, websites, and online publications

Music, sound effects, video clips, and animations – needed by vloggers, web advertisers, video-game developers, and multi-media project creators.

Ebooks and audiobooks – mostly preferred by people who are too lazy to read or own real books, and those who want to make reading a lot easier and more convenient.

Online courses and webinars – sought after by those who want to learn a new skill without enrolling in real classes, in the confines of their own homes.

If you can create such kinds of digital products, you can post them online, set up payment methods, and watch some passive income flow straight into your digital wallet.

Here are the best ways to sell digital products efficiently.

You’ve employed trading robots on your phone or computer

For sure, you’ve already heard about online trading as a method used by people to get extremely rich. But here’s the thing about it: you need to stare at computer screens for extended periods of time because you need to look at charts and perform some in-depth analysis of how the global market works.

But is there a way to do that in a fully automated way? Lucky for you, there is! And the best way to make that happen is to employ trading robots on your computer, or even on your phone.

With the AI that powers them, those software bots will do the tasks of analyzing the rise and fall of prices like that of the US Dollar and the Euro. Once it has detected a good price coming, it will then do the selling or buying in a fully automated way — without you going through any hassle!

Of course, such a piece of great comfort comes with a price, and in order to obtain a really good and profitable robot, you need to pay a certain amount to its real owners and creators. The most popular kinds of trading bots are Forex bots, read about them here.

You’ve invested in cryptocurrency

Due to the amazing breakthroughs that digital technology has brought us, almost any method, process, or media has become digitized and computerized. Amazingly, money has transitioned itself into that format too. In case you haven’t solidly figured it out yet, many people are actually becoming rich by earning some cash, without ever dealing with real paper or metallic money ever.

Content creators, and internet businessmen deal with digital money each and every day of their lives and are becoming extremely wealthy with it. And even though you don’t belong to either category, you can also attain a great chunk of their wealth as well.

The best way to do it is to invest in the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. By setting up a certain value that can be converted into coin tokens for such digital currencies, you can then employ the following methods that can make your money grow:

Hodling – This is putting your digital money “on hold” while waiting for its value to rise. When it has reached a height that’s sufficient for you, you can then sell your coins so that you can raise their value even more. You’ve heard about making money with cryptocurrency by means of trading and yes, it is the best way to make money therein.

But by just storing your money as a form of digital cash in a Bitcoin wallet, you can still earn if you wait for a certain period. Statistics prove that for a given year, 1 Bitcoin could increase up to 1,000% in value. Some analysts even claim that the entire value of its blockchain could reach up to 1 Trillion in 10 years!

That could only mean that if you start now, even without doing any trading at all, you could really earn some Bitcoin points which you can later convert into real money that you can spend in the real world!

Mining – This is about solving complex numerical problems and earning cryptocurrency points in the process. Requiring special-purpose computers, you can just activate such machines who will do the solving for you, and get on your daily tasks without doing any real work pertaining to it at all.

Such an undertaking requires great expense because mining machines are not really cheap upon purchase. Furthermore, they consume great amounts of power as they are running, and they will really need to run endlessly, so they can mine crypto points in great amounts too.

But there’s a way around for that too. Even without buying mining machines, you can still do some little bits of mining by signing up to any popular Crypto-platform. You can just allocate some small amount that will be used to rent a certain computing power allocation, and some mining will be done on your behalf.

Real-world businessmen often engage in real, physical tasks to run their businesses. In contrast, you as a crypto-investor, can just set up the value of your money from your digital wallet, put it on a cryptocurrency site, and watch some digital cash get accumulated in your online purse.

But still, you might say that by making your money grow with crypto, you still need to do some trading and analysis. To answer that, you might want to check out platforms like Qubittech. By joining it, all you need to do is pay a certain amount like say, $100.

For the next 10 months after signing up, you’d be getting $25 every month because the percentage of your earnings is usually within the 25% range. But when the value of the Tether Coin which is their main crypto token rises, your earnings could grow much bigger!

Although you won’t be earning as big as those who actively trade crypto-coins, you can still make money passively, which is another way of saying that with the likes of Bitcoin, you can really make money by doing nothing!

For a more comprehensive discussion about cryptocurrencies, read this.

You’ve engaged in web-hosting

This world we’re living in is shrinking rapidly due to the rapid rise of population. Real estate is getting more scarce, and not to mention, getting more expensive. It’s extremely hard to own a real land property these days. Thankfully, we can hop into the digital platform where we can own and sell some digital real estate.

The real score behind this is to engage in web-hosting. In this gig, you can own a web server and find some tenants that own websites and online stores, to rent the digital spaces you’re owning. Such a kind of business is very lucrative and will continue to be even more popular, as the number of websites continues to grow on the internet every day.

If you’ve invested in a web server, and have owned a facility where you can store and run it safely and securely 24-7, you can rake in streams of income while just dozing off and strolling to places you want to go, because webmasters and internet businesses will just pay you monthly or yearly so that their websites can continue to exist within the cyberspace.

The best ways to earn income by becoming an idle web-host works like this.

  • Purchasing and setting up a web-server
  • Commissioning web-host resellers that can find web-hosting clients
  • Hiring technical support staff for responding to clients’ troubles

If you have executed these steps strategically, you can surely spend a lot of your days relaxing while earning a great deal of money. To learn more about web-hosting, read this.

You’ve established a very readable blog

As stated above, people nowadays love to read and learn online. If you are someone who loves to write and are pretty well-versed on a certain topic, you could cash in on that by publishing your writings online via a blog. You can make money with your blog through these:

Web advertising – You can set some portions within your blog pages where you can embed some advertising code from web firms like Adsense, and Once a page of yours gets launched, your readers could view those ads, which could be converted into points, which could be converted into money.

Affiliate marketing – For almost any topic you could think of, there will always be products that revolve around it. You can exploit it by putting links on your blog posts that lead to online stores that sell those products. You can then earn commissions on such a technique.

These 2 methods are the most popular revenue-makers among bloggers on the internet. If you’ve set up a blog and have written enough posts on it with topics that are interesting enough for people to read, you can just sit back and be idle, and wait for some income to be brought to your digital doorstep.

Here’s a comprehensive guide that can ensure your blogging success.

You’ve established a very viewable Youtube channel

People are excited to learn about new things, but as stated above, many of us are too lazy to read. Thankfully, videos are highly accessible via streaming sites. If you can talk fairly well in front of a camera, or provide your voice as a supplement for some pictures and video clips, you can make some income from it too, by becoming a vlogger.

The most attractive kinds of vlogs fall into any of these categories:

Health and fitness – Among the ‘most-searched topics’ in search engines, keywords that belong to ‘becoming healthy’ are among the most popular. Armed with this knowledge, many vloggers choose health-related niches.

Technology – Methods and gadgets that can make life easier are among the most-bought products. As such, an aspiring vlogger must highly consider discussing them on Youtube and other similar sites. They will be topics that will never be ignored.

Comedy – Nobody would ever ditch web content that can make a viewer laugh or smirk, and it is for this reason that a great portion of social media communities is filled with funny video content. Many vloggers are becoming rich and famous with comedy and humor and you should join them if you have the guts.

Entertainment and performing arts – Singing, dancing, talent showcasing… these are among the most-clicked type of videos and streaming sites. Many music artists and TV performers actually started their journeys on Youtube, and as their viewership rose, they eventually became household sensations.

Creating a Youtube channel is very easy. If you already own a Google account, you are only a few steps away from launching your own channel. If you’ve posted enough videos that could just be within the 5 to 15-minute range, you could earn some decent revenue while you’re just slacking off in any place of your choice.

The steps and methods mentioned above seem to be a lot, which can make us conclude that maybe, the title that I gave for this post is actually just a clickbait.

Before you become too angry, and before you start to feel like I betrayed you, here’s the reality about making money online while doing nothing: You need to put in some effort for some time like say a few weeks or a few months… then be idle and do nothing for another months or years… depending on the quality of work that you have established previously.

To be even more realistic, let me give you my ultimate conclusion for the topic at hand: Making money while doing absolutely nothing is just a dream, which should remain as such. In order for this world to function, every earthling must create or do something that people can use and find purpose in.

If everyone, or even just a small portion of people will choose to do otherwise, this world will collapse, and will suffer a great deal of damage that will be very hard to deal with and repair.

So can you really make money while doing nothing? The most realistic way to sum all of this up is that you can be profitable while doing less work, if you have established something of high quality, and have utilized some strategic ways for it to be marketable in the most passive ways for the years to come.

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