Best Digital Products To Sell and How Much You Can Earn For Each of Them

Best Digital Products To Sell and How Much You Can Earn For Each of Them

Real, tangible, items are purchased by people every day. As an aspiring online seller, you are probably thinking of investing in their kind, so that you can come up with a business that grows really fast.

But there is a problem with that endeavor. Such products can get rotten or destroyed before they even reach your customer’s doorsteps. For that, you might want to consider selling digital products instead.

What you’ll learn here:

But what are the best kinds of digital items to sell in cyberspace? Just scroll down, a detailed set of guides is laid out neatly just for you.

Best methods for selling digital products online:

Within an online store – Due to the existence of platforms like Wix and Shopify, putting up an online store is super-easy these days. Once you have crafted your digital products to near-perfection, you can then design an online store and sell them there.

To make the most out of your online selling efforts, read this.

By selling your services to freelancing sites and social media – Some of the products listed below actually revolve around the act of selling your services. In that case, you should make some account profiles on LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

You can also create ads on Facebook or Twitter in which you can tell people that you can be hired for your skills in making digital products. Promoting those ads is surprisingly cheap and affordable. You can pay an average of $10 and your ads can already reach a few thousand people already

The best digital products you should highly consider selling

Now, about the items themselves. Here are the best digital products that you should highly include in your business plan:

Online Courses

Going to school, attending seminars, enrolling in short-term courses – these are acts committed by people to improve their knowledge and skills. The pursuit of knowledge is an endeavor that everyone seeks. It is a never-ending process so to speak.

Career-oriented people want to enroll in classes and workshops where they can learn new skills. But many of them actually hate the idea of going to school, that’s why online courses are trending these days. Because of these truths, online courses will always matter a lot to people.

As someone who creates web content, you should highly exploit this necessity. Online courses usually appear in 3 formats:

Article series – This mainly requires your expertise as a writer. You can package your online course, give it some promotion, and ask people to pay for it. You can launch it as a series of blog posts, in a password-protected manner, so that only those who paid for it can open and view the article.

Skills needed:

  • proper writing style
  • basic web-designing
  • knowledge about blogging platforms
  • Best software to use: Bluefish, WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver,

Webinars – If you want to make your online course truly visual and highly interactive, you may choose to launch it as a seminar online – thus the term “webinar.” Such an undertaking is truly appealing these days because it gives a real-time feel to those who want to learn in a virtual manner.

The only difficult thing about webinars is that they need to be conducted live, which means that there has to be very little room for mistakes and that you have to make sure that your equipment and your internet connection are functioning well and are stable enough.

Video series – If you dislike the idea of speaking via a live broadcast on the internet, maybe you should launch a video series instead. With it, you can commit as many errors as you like, because you can just edit and re-edit them. You can even have as many takes and retakes as you want to, and you can also add all the visual embellishments you desire.

You can post your instructional videos in a members-only kind of vlog, or you can sell them to your viewers by making them downloadable for them. You have to bear in mind though that providing video content requires more powerful computer equipment, which should go without saying that it needs more financial expense on your part as well.

For a better understanding of editing videos, read this.

Skills needed:

  • camera friendliness
  • proper diction and fluent communication skills
  • basic videography/editing skills
  • basic sound-editing skills

Best software to use: Zoom, Google Meet (for webinars), Filmora, Adobe Premiere (for video editing)

Podcasts and Audiobooks

If you hate being videoed or presenting your knowledge in a blog, maybe you should just record your voice as you do your lectures, and publish them as a podcast or an audiobook. Thankfully, recording sound doesn’t require very powerful computers, and the technical process involved is not very difficult.

Another cool thing about it is that you can just use your cellphone in that act, as long as you do it in a noise-free environment, and as long as you can speak clearly, and captivatingly. It also just requires very minimal editing, if you can manage to practice your speech well before conducting the actual recording.

Skills needed:

  • proper diction and fluent communication skills
  • basic audio recording/editing
  • Best software to use: Wavosaur, Adobe Audition, Audacity

How much you can earn from online courses: Whether they’re packaged audibly or visually, most online courses are priced around $50 – $200. Webinars and video posts could be priced higher.

Graphics and Art

The internet, as well as the real world for that matter highly communicates today via visual means. And for that, high-quality graphics and images must be available for people to purchase and consume. If you’re pretty knowledgeable about digital art, this is where you should come in.

Many multi-million businesses today establish online companies that focus only on selling graphics and art. This means that your talents in dealing with computerized images can be highly marketable.

Best kinds of digital art to sell online:

Print designs – For t-shirts, bags, handkerchiefs, and all sorts of wearable items. By making either complex or simple, yet captivating designs that people can print into their favorite merchandise, you can establish an online business of your own.

Logos – Marketing is highly important for businesses of all kinds. And the products that those businesses sell wouldn’t get instant recognition if no head-turning logo is packaged along with it. Realizing this, businessmen often commission logo designers to craft a symbol or icon for their business.

Book/magazine covers – Even in this internet-drenched era, the publication of books and magazines is still among the most highly profitable undertakings. While it’s true that books shouldn’t be judged by their covers, nobody would ever dare to check a publication out if it doesn’t have an attractive cover. Because this is so true, you should also highly consider selling your services as a book/magazine cover designer.

skills needed:

  • graphics software manipulation
  • advanced knowledge in visual arts
  • basic desktop publishing

Best software to use: Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Corel Draw, Photoshop

Photos and Still Images

Pictures highly matter, regardless of whether it’s the internet age or not. As such, you should put your photography skills to use. The pictures you take, regardless of the category they might fall into could be highly of use for the following:

For publications – In connection to what’s mentioned above, the print business is one of the most profitable undertakings ever. Publishing companies need to supplement their articles with high-quality photographs because it’s only the best way to make their products truly appealing to people.

For websites – Today, it’s truly impossible to find a website that doesn’t rely on pictures to make its posts more attractive. While they can just make use of free stock photos from the web, there are plenty of situations in which they badly need photos that can specifically illustrate their articles.

For multimedia projects – Since reading and simple viewing are sometimes not enough, many web content creators resort to adding more visuals to their published materials, and sometimes they do it with pictures that seem to move. The way to provide that is of course for you to be able to come up with high-definition photographs.

To learn more about online photography, read this.

Skills needed:

  • camera adeptness
  • basic photo-editing
  • advanced knowledge in visual arts

Best software to use: Photoshop, GIMP, Corel Photopaint, Canva

How much you can earn from pictures and graphics: $15 – $50 (for logos), $100 – $150 (for print designs), $100 – $300 (for photos),

Animations and Video Clips

The popularity of Youtube is unquestionable and for that, you should make use of your skills in making video or animation or short video content. Such items are highly in demand for the following:

Intros for vlog channels – Some vloggers are so good at speaking in front of a camera but have no talent at all for making video clips needed that can segue their vlog posts. This is where you should sell your video or animation skills. Communicate with some vloggers, especially those aspiring or newbie ones, and urge them into hiring your services so that their videos will be 10 times more appealing.

Advertising – Internet video streaming is now almost in equal popularity as TV broadcasting. Because of this, many companies exploit web advertising so that they can sell more products. You should also do some exploiting too, by letting them know that you can create relevant short clips that they can use for their advertising needs.

Video game cutscenes – What makes computer games so compelling these days is that almost all of them can make gamers play like they are controlling a movie. Some of them actually need videographers that can provide short clips so that they can include them in the film-like aspects of their video game products.

Skills needed:

  • graphics software manipulation
  • advanced knowledge in visual arts
  • video-editing
  • basic free-hand drawing

Best software to use: Filmora, Adobe Premiere, Maya, Blender

How much you can earn from videos and animation: Pricing varies depending on project length and size. Professional video editors are mostly paid $15 per hour, while animators are paid $22 per hour.


Since education and teaching are now converted into online means, books are also digitized too. If you are into writing stories, textbooks, or anything that people would love to read, you should try publishing your work as an ebook.

Publishing via traditional methods is very expensive, and not to mention very difficult too, because you need the approval of printing companies that would demand high publication standards. By publishing your own ebook, you are the true master of your writing styles. You put in all the effort, but you reap all the rewards.

For a more detailed guide in publishing ebooks, read this.

Skills needed:

  • proper writing style
  • basic desktop publishing skills

Best software to use: standard word processors, Grammarly, iBook Author

How much you can earn from selling ebooks: Pricing varies depending on length, but most short ebooks are now priced at around $2 – $5.

Songs and Music

From the perspective of expert filmmakers, no video can ever be good enough if there is no good sound that accompanies it. Thus, music and sound became the ultimate partner of all video projects. Music can be thought of as the beautiful wife of a handsome husband that’s the video element of a movie.

If you’re a musician or a songwriter, you should sell your services to a variety of web content creators. You can pitch your creations to them by means of these:

Jingles – For sure, there are companies that are on the lookout for songwriters that can make a short hymn for their products. If you are a singer-musician, you should hop into that gig. Businesses are not only the ones looking for that skill of yours, by the way, some campaigning politicians might also need you too!

Instrumental pieces – Vloggers and short-film producers highly need this, for they can surely augment the audience’s viewing experience. Try watching a drama or horror flick, you wouldn’t be captivated that much, or scared that much if no background music is playing along. This makes it clear that instrumental pieces are highly marketable and salable.

Skills needed:

  • poetry and songwriting
  • playing musical instruments
  • advanced audio recording

Best software to use: WavePad, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Wavosaur

How much you can earn by selling music: Songs at iTunes are usually priced 99 cents – $1.29 per download. In making jingles, you could earn from $1,000 per song! That is, of course, dependent on the company that commissions you for such a task.

Sound Effects / Foley Sounds

If you haven’t realized it yet, let me inform you this: many movies are captured with dull sounds while in the act. For that reason, additional sound clips and effects are added later. We’re not talking about being on a high-budgeted movie project here though, they hire big companies for that.

What we’re aiming for here are those short film aspirants and vloggers who might want to hire you for your sound effects talents. This requires another sound-producing talent called foleying.

For a better understanding of sound-editing and foleying, read this.

Skills needed:

  • advanced audio recording
  • precision timing
  • foleying

Best software to use: WavePad, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Wavosaur

How much you can earn with sound clips and effects: Varies depending on length and complexity. Sound editors are usually paid $18 per hour.

System Software and Apps

Computers are the most dominant machines humans have ever invented. They are extremely useful, but they are pretty useless without the software that governs them, that’s why there have to be some people who must create software applications so that the computer can still be as versatile as needed.

If you’re a programmer, you should make software that you can sell, instead of just working full-time for a company. But what if you have no programming skills? Maybe you should collaborate with a skilled coder, then you can sell his programs while you focus only on the marketing aspect of your business partnership.

Best kinds of software and apps that you can sell online:

Database-oriented apps – These are the kind that can store people’s records or those that can store employee data like salary deductions, attendance, and mandatory fees.

Web-based apps – Many app developers today are “webifying” their creations. This means that they make a website where they can make their programs accessible to anyone with an internet connection. You can make a web-based version of your apps and earn money through advertising, or you can make it a “pay-per-download” kind of system.

Games – Next to watching videos, playing games is the best pastime for people while using their phones. As someone who knows how to employ coding to make animations and graphics move, then you should sell computer games, they will be hard to ignore by gamers since they have a very wide range of age brackets. Young, old, male, female… they are all, you potential clients.

Skills needed:

  • advanced programming skills
  • high logical analysis
  • graphics designing

Best software to use: Java, C++, Python, Swift

How much you can earn with apps: Programming is one of the most difficult computer tasks, and for that, apps are often priced high – from $70,000 – $100,000. That’s what you’ll get if you sell your programs to companies that sell them to clients. However, many programmers sell their creations using a “pay-per-download” scheme and are mostly pricing their mobile apps at around $0.44 to $0.88.

Website Templates

The fact that you came across this article makes it clear that websites are among the best money-making media in the digital realm today. Many people are fairly skillful in providing writings and video content for the purpose of making revenue, but some of these people are actually too lazy to design their own website theme.

As someone who loves designing things, maybe you should educate yourself on how to make website templates, so you can sell them to bloggers and internet businesses. The most salable templates would surely belong to these categories:

For blogs – The majority of websites that are born on the internet today are actually blogs – they are easy to make, and they are the most attainable for most people. In designing templates, you should make ones that are attractive and easy to use for bloggers.

For news sites – News and other related information are among the most accessed kind of sites by netizens. As a web designer, you should also make it a goal to make templates that can cater to the needs of internet news organizations.

For online stores – There are those who can’t write or those that can’t make videos, but still want to earn some online income. They are those who chose to sell products instead. To make their acts of selling so much easier, you have to design site themes that can showcase their products in a truly attractive and marketable manner.

Skills needed:

  • basic programming skills
  • advanced knowledge in visual arts
  • basic graphics software manipulation

Best software to use: Wix, Adobe Dreamweaver, Bluefish

How much you can earn by selling web templates: Some web themes are totally free, but for some payment that ranges from $50 – $200, webmasters can have full customization capabilities for the websites they build.

About the pricing ranges given, please bear in mind that they are just rough approximations. How you allocate the exact prices for your products is mainly up to you. As a rule of thumb which should also be a no-brainer, people would browse through products that are the most affordable.

The lower the price, the more people who will check that product out, which will result in more downloads and more purchases.

Not all modern products may be called evergreen, but for sure, all of them will never become rotten or physically destroyed. Invest in any of the digital products above and sell them online. You will surely be on a guaranteed path to financial success and stability.

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