How A New Blogger Can Become Successful As The Famous Ones

How A New Blogger Can Become Successful As The Famous Ones
  • What blog niches usually attract the greatest number of readers?
  • What are the best possible topics to write about in your chosen niche?
  • How can you become truly successful as a new blogger?

We will these questions as you read on.

Deciding to make a blog and setting it up are actually, easy things to do. But along with it comes a very hard choice: what to blog about. Apparently, choosing the right niche is often the hardest part of your first step as a blogger.

A blog site with no visitors is a very lonely place, it is for this reason that many seasoned bloggers on the internet invest a lot of time and money in making their blogs attractive and very visible to people.

Sure, you can pay for the promotion of your blog so that netizens and readers can know about your creation and visit your site. But in the first place, you can just make your blog interesting and searchable, so people will be the ones who will look for it naturally, and not the other way around.

“Because of their deep and broad understanding about the best topics to write about, some bloggers become so successful and not to mention became very rich as well.”

How do they do it? What constitutes true blogging success? If you are a blogger who’s still a beginner, do you have a chance of becoming as successful as the ones who came before you?

12 Steps That Can Make A New Blogger Attain True Success

There are actually an unlimited number of reasons why a blogger fails, or becomes extremely popular within the blogosphere. But for now, let’s talk about the strongest reasons why some bloggers are so good at what they do.

1. By loving writing with the same level as reading.

Successful bloggers are good writers, we have to acknowledge this fact. Now, here’s the brutal truth about being a good writer: You can only be one, if you spend lots of time reading. If you hate reading, and I mean reading a lot of books and articles, YOU CAN NEVER BE A GOOD BLOGGER. Why? Because as stated in the previous sentences, and let me repeat it with deep emphasis, a good blogger must be a good writer.

In order for your blog to continue to thrive for extended periods, years even, you need to do a lot of reading and writing, and a lot of reading and writing. Such a dual-phase cycle must never end. Otherwise, you will never be hailed among the greatest bloggers… that are making huge amounts of money, which is your goal, I assume.

Ask any of the popular bloggers you’ve come across in cyberspace, and you will surely get the affirmation that one of their most important daily routines is that they love to read a lot, so they can absorb great amounts of new information.

Such a constant stream of new learning activities will then be channeled into their writing activities, which comprise their successful blogs, which gave them unimaginable piles of riches.

2. By writing about health and fitness.

The fact is out there – millennials as well as anyone living in this present generation, are actually more health-conscious than ever. A recent study proves that 7% of Google’s daily searches are health-related. That figure indicates around 1 billion questions people type into the search engine’s search bar every day. Truly, people are always on the lookout for how to make their bodies healthier and stronger.

You as an aspiring blogger should consider exploiting this fact. If you are well-versed in giving health tips and are willing to get educated continually about how to get physically fit, then start to write and blog about the topic.

If you will do some more inquiries, you will surely find out that losing weight and heart problems are the most crucial topics when people talk about health issues. If you decide to be a health blogger, you should think about how you can build on that.

You have to be aware though that many expert bloggers today declare that blogging about health and fitness is among the most competitive niches. The remedy to this is to truly conduct intensive research about the latest breakthroughs in health sciences, as well as about the latest innovations surrounding the topic.

Interviewing a lot of doctors and health professionals would be helpful too. You have to bear in mind that blogging for a competitive niche will easily prove your expertise or ignorance outright. Doing a lot of research should be the very top priority of tasks in starting a health blog, as well as any competitive niche for that matter.

3. By discussing about technology.

Ever since man learned the importance of survival on this planet, he does his best to know about the best tools that can help him get through daily life. Today, as modernity gets accepted by every living person, the search for better tools continues to be a trend and will most surely remain for countless generations to come.

In areas like communication, entertainment, medicine, and education, there are always new innovations that emerge every now and then. It is for this reason that any blogger who wishes to make a living out of writing should highly consider starting a technology blog.

Since technology of almost any kind is rapidly changing, you have to condition your mind into adapting the habit of endlessly honing your technology discussing skills, since it’s the best way to keep up with the ever-tightening competition.

“Having written a series of articles and publishing them will never be enough, you also need to regularly update them because in technology, what’s relevant today could be irrelevant in a very short span of time.”

One way or another, anyone living in these times would surely want to know about the latest pieces of equipment that can make work and life in general easier. Write about them and post them online, they will surely make people’s lives and yours a whole lot better.

4. By providing tutorials and walkthroughs.

When something goes wrong with the tools that we use, we often go to technical experts or to those people who are knowledgeable enough to fix it. But these days, the number of people who want to do the fixing themselves is ever-growing. Knowing this, many writers decided to put up a set of web articles that are mainly devoted to troubleshooting stuff.

By writing a series of step-by-step guides on how to fix a home appliance, or a piece of “must-have” technology, netizens will surely read and consume it like a delicious delicacy. By supplementing it with clear photographs and comprehensive screenshots, that blog will surely be noteworthy and salable.

There are countless blogs out there that are centered around tutoring someone and providing walkthroughs on how to use a digital gadget. Such a niche provides a vast sea of writing opportunities — you may grab hold of any of them if you have the skills and the guts to do so.

In choosing to put up a how-to blog, you have to be ready in providing a visually engaging set of articles. No internet reader would want to visit a website that’s supposed to help them solve their problems if it’s all just words but no illustrations.

Should you choose to be a walkthrough blogger, get a camera-ready, practice some photography skills, and work on your drawing or illustration skills. In case you have no talent for that, it would be wise to partner up with someone who does.

5. By blogging about online jobs and work-at-home tips.

You may have not realized it yet, but many people these days are actually too lazy to come out of their homes and report for work. Yes, this is now one of the most accepted realities especially with the great scare that the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped on the lives of everyone.

New regulations are imposed and new methods of living are invented. Along with it are the invention of new jobs, and the rise of popularity of work-at-home systems that are already around in the past years.

Without a doubt, there is a great need for people to just stay at the confines of their own houses while still earning a living. As such, web articles that can help them how to achieve such a kind of work setting are highly valuable.

To address such a need, blogs such as THIS ONE, exist in cyberspace. This is a highly marketable niche as well (That’s why yours truly is exploiting it).

6. By giving food and cooking guides.

There are days when people love to hear about other stuff like clothing and home equipment. There might even be a lot of days when people want to spend a lot on making themselves more physically attractive. But for sure, there will be no days in which they won’t spend on eating.

In addition to the fact that people nowadays are very conscious about their health, they are also very interested in the best eating habits and the most ideal kinds of food to consume. Without a doubt, eating is the most important activity ever known to man. We can surely declare then that writings that instruct people about what to eat and how to attain valuable food groups are surely precious to them.

Since many of today’s transactions are mostly done online, the habit of going to restaurants are revolutionized too. People want to go to eateries where they can munch on delicious foods, but since there are quarantine rules and not to mention, the expense that comes along with it, they would really love how to cook those delicacies right in their own kitchens.

If you want to learn more about how you can make a living out of cooking, read this.

7. By teaching about earning and investing.

Increasing your income. Gaining more profit with your business. Making money. Who can resist such topics? No one. That’s why innumerable books and publications about them are released every day. In the blogosphere dimension, such a topic is also a very hot one. If you have extensive knowledge about how to manage finances, and how to make them grow in the easiest ways, then write them down and post them as blogs – they will be instant best-sellers!

Whenever someone posts some truly comprehensive and achievable methods on how to make money online, and how people acquire jobs that can let them work within the confines of their own homes, such posts will be hard to ignore. That’s why the niche in this item and one mentioned in #4 could just really go together in a single blog.

In crafting a blog of this type, you have to also think about certain topics that you need to focus on. Issues about money and finances are quite a very broad avenue so maybe you need to narrow it down a bit. An article about how you might earn through digital means is everyone’s favorite. Read this for some overview.

8. By giving advice about family and relationships.

Family is the basic unit of every society. Without it, no town, state, or nation could ever continue to thrive. Thus, strengthening it is an important factor for the existence of social groups. In order for family men and family women to raise their families well, they seek the advice of counselors and professionals, or they could just visit your blog and read your articles.

Topics like parenting, counseling, and child nurturing are also among the most well-searched items on the Internet. If you are good at giving motivation, providing encouragement, and strengthening relationship ties, consider putting them in your blog. In effect, people could just skip the process of visiting real offices if what they’re after are just comforting words.

It is said that if you sell anything that pokes through the emotions of people, that product will truly be purchased by a lot of people. Now, if you choose to blog about nurturing family and relationships, it should go without saying that people will buy the information you’ll give too… as long as you explain your points in a truly emotional and heart-warming way of course.

9. By explaining about product reviews.

Before buying something, people will do anything to make sure they will get their money’s worth. This is where product reviewers come in handy – they evaluate the quality and durability of a particular product to make the potential customers more informed.

Someone must write about such a topic, and you could be that someone. If you join the product-reviewing trend, your writing will certainly be embraced by a lot of internet users.

By hopping into the writing gig about this topic, there is a countless stream of ideas and revenue to rake in for. There are so many types of commodities that people like you and me decide to purchase each and every day. This is surely a niche in which it is almost impossible to run out of topics to write about.

10. By giving beauty and fashion tips.

Nobody wants to be called ugly. Nobody wants to be ever rated as unattractive. Put the blame on Hollywood, blame social media for it, blame the modernists who mostly judge people by their appearance, blame anybody you could ever think of.

But the fact that people of all gender identities really just want to look beautiful is something that can’t be ignored. For this reason, reading materials about the latest beautification and grooming tips are so well-loved by people of all races.

From the hair down to the belly, down to the legs, and down to the toes, any set of guides that can make people increase their physical appearance is a surefire way of gaining an income. If you are the type who’s very good at giving tips about how to feel beautiful and how to look insanely pretty, blogging about beauty and fashion is certainly for you.

11. By gossiping about movies and celebrities.

Ever since the art of projecting images on a screen became a trend in entertainment, people regardless of how young or old they are are so hooked into watching their favorite actors and actresses perform their talents. Without a doubt, the world of movies and the people behind them are favorite topics among readers and journalists alike.

Every week or so, movies are conceptualized, produced, and made. Of course, people are always excited about the latest ones to be released in theaters and in video shops. Consequently, the people who portray the characters of those movies will also be talked about. They will be hot topics to munch on and delve with.

If showbiz is such a huge industry, then you might as well join the fray and write about them.

12. By accepting criticisms, and doing what’s best to learn from them.

Successful bloggers are celebrities in their own rights. They can be simply declared as the superstars of the Internet. Throughout their many years of writing and publishing content, all of them have mostly gotten their fair share of negative comments and criticisms.

Instead of getting discouraged or getting consumed by their desire of getting back at their bashers, they choose to learn from them instead. Great bloggers don’t argue with their site visitors and comment trolls.

Even if they have the means of battling it out with their detractors, they refuse to do so. Instead, they reach out to them nicely, and offer means of helping out the possibly disturbed, or ignorant person.

Are you planning on blogging for a living? You should consider acquiring such traits too. If you plan to choose otherwise, a bad blogging journey will be surely ahead of you. I advise that you should choose a different profession instead because your inability to accept criticism… is a sure way of failing as a blogger.

Though it may appear like I’m encouraging you to write about every single topic mentioned above, The real point of this is to just actually present the most profitable niches for blogging. Pick one and start scribbling and typing. Any skill you have, along with your writing talent could be your path to a brighter career and a greener way of living.

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