Best Reasons Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Get An Online Job

Best Reasons Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Get An Online Job

Due to the dangerous tendrils that the COVID-19 pandemic is wielding all over the world, it’s not safe to be wandering outside of the confines of your house these days. Because of this, going to and from your workplace is greatly regulated by governments everywhere. To make matters worse, some people are even forced to stop working to minimize the ill effects of the deadliest virus the world has ever seen.

But we have mouths to feed, and lives that need to be sustained by financial means. What do we do? Curl in our beds and wait for the pandemic to go away? No. We find ways to get the financial juices flowing and working at home might just be the answer.

What you’ll learn here:

Strong Reasons Why You Should Start Considering Work From Home Jobs.

Before we weigh down the obvious advantages of the work-from-home setting, let’s discuss first the best and strongest reasons why you should start looking for online jobs.

Most of the world’s processes are now digitized.

Today, it is almost impossible to think of an aspect of our daily living that doesn’t involve computers or any digital technology. Whenever you pay for something, buy something, learn about something, and even be entertained with almost any media, there is absolutely an online method for that.

All sorts of transactions are now doable within the digital dimension called the internet, and there is no force strong enough to stop the furthering of such a development.

If you want to prosper with both your present and future careers, regardless of which category they might belong to, you have to make it a habit of including the concept of online navigation always. It is the thing of the future, and doing otherwise would be a mistake.

The internet is making the world appear smaller than ever.

The Book of Daniel in the Bible stated something like this thousands of years ago:

“But you, Daniel, keep this message a secret. You must close the book and keep this secret until the time of the end. Many people will go here and there looking for true knowledge, and the true knowledge will increase.”

– Daniel 12:4

Many biblical scholars think of that passage as something that’s affirmed by the existence of web technologies. With the online portals that the Internet is providing, anyone with proper web connectivity can be almost anywhere, anytime.

Virtual presence, telecommunication, and teleconferencing have really made this huge world of ours seem like a very little place — we can reach out to anybody from almost any location imaginable.

Since this is already happening, what’s stopping you from utilizing the method of logging on to an online account and performing your job from there?

It’s a whole lot safer to work within the confines of your own house.

Obviously, the great scare that COVID-19 is giving hasn’t left us yet, and the chances of it getting totally away from us is still very slim. For this reason, working from home is still implemented by governments all over the world.

And even if COVID does go away, it can’t be avoided that many people are so accustomed to the new scheme of working at home that they will surely choose it over going back to the routine of traveling to the office every day.

But here’s another factor that must be highly put into consideration: dangerous elements such as crime and pollution are now ever-increasing — it’s one of the most notable disadvantages of commuting from home to work every day.

So many people are so in love already with this work-at-home setting. Many employers are aware of this. It’s the reason why the system will still continue even if this pandemic is gone. Working from home is easier for people and not to mention, safer for almost everyone.

Greatest Advantages of Having Online Jobs

If you choose to have an online job, you would have the following advantages:

Many online jobs require very little technical expertise and don’t require high educational attainments.

Workplaces that require your physical presence in your everyday work often require high qualification standards. But in an online job, such a requirement is not really needed. As long as you have the skills and the willingness to perform the task, you can be hired in no time.

Online jobs can be as simple as clicking on tick boxes, pressing digital buttons, and browsing on menus. Typing skills are often needed, but most work-at-home jobs don’t really require you to type very fast.

To make it even easier for you, there are even online software tools that are very accessible from your browser today that can make you finish your tasks in half the time. Read about such tools here.

If you haven’t got the chance to attain a bachelor’s degree, you can even qualify for a variety of online jobs. By self-teaching yourself some basic skills that mostly involve computers, there are lots of career opportunities for you… the web is replete with such opportunities!

Work schedule is super-flexible.

Is the 8 to 5 timeframe too burdensome for you? The time scheduling for online jobs doesn’t fit into this conventional format. You have total freedom and flexibility since you are not bound by the conventional mode of working hours.

Since your employers or clients could come from varying continents and time zones all over the planet, your working hours could vary too. It’s truly a great opportunity to modify your own work schedule… although it could also be a disadvantage at times.

Some online companies do actually let you choose your own working schedule: nighttime, daytime, noontime, anytime… you can perform the job at your own pace. You are your own timekeeper. If this is so, then it also means…

You can have more time for yourself and your family.

Some parents are very good providers, yet they fall short at parenting for their kids. In addition, they barely have time for their spouse due to their schedules that are becoming even more hectic as their careers continue to rise.

Since an online job gives you the freedom to work within the confines of your own home, you may just do the job while being with your kids or family members that you dearly love. You are working for them while at the same time, you are giving your care and affection to them.

You can work in your own working style.

Some workers love to work while sitting down, while some need to walk to and fro since it is required of them. But when you are an online worker, you may just work while sitting in odd positions, while leaning on the desk, or while lying down.

Yes, lying down! You don’t even have to go through those vanity morning routines to make yourself physically beautiful as you will just be wearing your home clothes as you deal with clients with just your voice or keystrokes – depending on the kind of online job you have.

You can be free of the hassles of commuting.

Unless you work in an office just around the block, you need to hop into a bus, to a train, or to your own vehicle just to get to work every day. For most people, such a chore would take a lot of minutes, if not many hours.

But by choosing an online job, you can eliminate the time you consume on commuting. You can say goodbye to dealing with traffic, pollution, and the sea of rushing people that sometimes give you unnecessary ire.

You can earn more while spending less.

Since you don’t need to commute or consume transit time from home to the office, you won’t need to spend on traveling allowances for fare and gasoline. You also won’t need to spend a lot on food and drinks. Thus, your spending habits are also transformed. Before you know it, you will be realizing that you are actually cutting on expenses as you are earning more and more.

You can have a boss who’s name is “yourself.”

No matter how a nice guy your employer may be, there will be times when you will get the scolding and reprimanding that you hate to hear. Also, there are cases when your boss has this very unlikable countenance that you would rather face a horde of dinosaurs instead of facing him.

With online jobs, you can avoid this unpleasant scenario, as you will be facing nothing but your computer screen and keyboard. Or you can just put a mirror beside you, where you can glance from minute to minute at the face of your own boss.

What are the disadvantages of having an online job?

Working at home truly does have lots of advantages. However, it has also the following downsides:

You need to invest in some expensive equipment.

In order for you to get started with working on an online job, you need to buy some gear with costs that might not be too affordable for you. Of course, nobody can start working at home if he or she does not own the necessary computer equipment and a stable internet connection.

Another thing that you need to invest in is a home office. Although most online jobs don’t care about how your work environment looks at home, you need to have an area where you will be free from distractions and noises from the outside world.

To obtain the right gear and working area, an aspiring online worker needs to procure a certain amount just to get started.

You’re a lone wolf as you lurk and work in the corner.

To put it simply, your social life will be a bit duller. In an office, you have the luxury of talking and hanging out with your chums and pals. When the work shift is done, you can walk through the urban jungles and visit cozy places where you can eat, drink, and be merry.

As an online worker, you have walls, your desk, and your chair to talk to. Or you can talk to your dog… if it has the ability to talk back.

You don’t get to enjoy salary benefits.

Social security, health plans, retirement plans – these are fees that real offices and establishments must comply with because governmental forces are mandating them to do so. Unfortunately for you, if you decide to pick an online job as your livelihood, you don’t get to enjoy such benefits. You are dubbed as an “independent contractor,” so your clients or employers are not obliged to provide you with those extra payments.

Let’s first weigh things down a bit. Are those 3 downsides really strong enough reasons for you to turn our back on your online job-hunting plans? Let’s do some counter-attacks on them one by one.

Downside 1: You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment to start working on an online job. For sure, you own a phone or you already have a laptop with capabilities that are ideal enough. You can already use them to start hunting for an online job that pays a decent amount of income! (Even if you don’t own a computer, you can do some online tasks with nothing but your phone. Read this to find out how.)

Downside 2: You may have no work pals, but you can certainly attain friends within the social circles in your neighborhood. Join community meetings, volunteer for community work once a week – these are wise deeds to break the monotony of your internet lifestyle. You can still have the socialization that you need if you choose to venture outside your shell and reach out to people nearby.

Downside 3: You can facilitate health and retirement plans on your own. Today, due to the breakthroughs of web technologies, it’s so easy to establish those long-term income benefits. If you just teach yourself the tech-savviness that’s required, you only need to rarely visit the government offices that cater to them. You will then find out that setting up the payments that you need to provide on a monthly or quarterly basis is very easy.

Not convinced enough? Maybe the following jobs which tell you how much you can possibly earn can urge you even more.

Writer – there are lots of online writing jobs available. Here they are with the range of payments that you may get:

  • content writer – writes about articles for websites and blogs, pay is around $50 – to $100 per article
  • copywriter – writes for advertising and publishing blurbs, pay is around $2000 – $5000 a month.
  • academic writer – writes essays, research papers, and theses for students, pay is around $10 – $15 per page.

Virtual Assistant – This is about giving assistance to clients from afar like troubleshooting and technical support, pay is around $200 – $2000 a month.

Online Teacher – This is someone who teaches students from other countries through teleconferencing, pay is around $10 – $40 per hour.

Web Developer – A person tasked with making websites and internet system programs, pay is around $6000 per month.

Please bear in mind that the salaries listed herein are just the most common ranges. The pay could greatly vary depending on company policies and how hard you work.

The roads to job-hunting in the real world, as well as the offices where people come to work every day, are too crowded already. Get an online job instead, and have unparalleled levels of comfort that only a few workers can get to enjoy.

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