Strategic Steps For Earning As A Sketch Artist Online

Strategic Steps For Earning As A Sketch Artist Online

Even before legendary artists like Da Vinci were born, sketching has already been one of the most breathtaking forms of art in existence. If you’re someone who has considerable talent for it, here’s how you can make money out of it through the Internet.

Here are the steps you must take:

How much could you earn as a sketch artist?

Before you proceed with the money-making steps, be enlightened that according to, sketch artists could earn up to $98,500 per year, or $8,208 per month. That is the standard pay if you belong to the “Top Earners” category of sketchers.

You have to understand though that your possible earnings highly depend on your employers, or how your clients will pay you for your services. ZipRecruiter is one of the most trusted authorities in salary matters on the web so that information has to be valid and accurate.

An income of nearly a hundred-thousand bucks per year, or just a quarter of that should be a good motivator for you to get going, right?

Make a sketched-themed social media page

You can’t make money with your sketching talents if you can’t showcase it to an audience. Choosing the online dimension would be the perfect place to start. To do this, making a social media page would be the first action to take.

For your cover photo, it is recommended that you put your best drawing, with your face on the side. You might want to put your signature as well since it is how artists and painters leave their mark.

Regularly, you have to upload content to your page like your latest drawings, or videos of you doing your thing. You couldn’t earn directly by doing this, but as your page grows in viewership, great piles of revenue are headed your way. Read on to learn how to earn from your Facebook page, or you could read this article.

Photograph your sketches and upload them to your page

Since graphics is what sketching is all about, you have to regularly upload photos of your artwork. For best results, and in order to make your photos truly appealing, acquiring a high-resolution camera is strongly recommended for this.

Thankfully though, a lot of affordable phones today can already be purchased which could be enough to produce high-quality images. Just make sure that there is proper lighting during your photo sessions, and that the proper angle is observed during capturing.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to make money online by uploading photos.

Promote your artworks on image-driven platforms

The online realm today communicates visually. To prove to the world how talented you are as an artist, you have to relentlessly promote your artworks through online platforms where images are very prevalent. Pinterest would be the main target for this.

As you find more time for promotions, publishing your art on Instagram, Juxtapost, We Heart It, and Designspiration are also worth the effort. By being present on various platforms, your chances of earning with your art will be even higher.

Make time-lapse videos of your sketching acts

Many hobbyists today are publishing video content on the Internet and are earning a lot from advertising and product endorsements. If you are considering showcasing your art through video, a time-lapse presentation is an irresistible content for anyone.

If you find the term unfamiliar, let’s just say it’s a video of you sketching presented in a fast-paced manner. You could show the entire duration of your act which could last for hours, but the truth is most viewers wouldn’t have the patience for that.

Just present the highlights of your act in a speedy process and the chances of your video being viewed to the very end will be very high. Time-lapse videos are used by a lot of video creators today and you as an artist could make money out of this too.

Sell your sketching services to willing clients

After showing people that you’re really talented with your craft, it’s where the real money-making comes in. You might not even need to do any selling at all. For sure, a lot of potential clients will notice you and would approach you first.

But if you have a hard time making money from your constant act of posting your art, you have to consider notifying your page’s viewers that you can do a portrait of any of their pictures for a reasonable fee.

To make it even more appealing, you might want to offer them a “live sketching session” in which they can watch you do the real action in real-time.

Pitch your sketching skills to online comics publishers

Another way of making money with your talent is by pitching your skills to comics publishers. You might still need to do the methods above or you may just send your application portfolio to your chosen company.

The content of that portfolio would be samples of your drawings and your cover letter which tells about your passion and interest in working for them. Even in this internet age, comics publishing is still a very profitable business since many of the best comics are now digitized online.

For an in-depth discussion about how to make money with comics online, read this.

Discuss your sketching talents and methods on video

If you can talk and draw at the same time, or if you’re capable of giving compelling explanations with your passion for sketching, making video content for it is also a good option for making money.

By making playlists of your art videos and uploading them as a Youtube channel, you could make some serious income through advertising. Aside from Youtube, Tiktok is also a good portal for making money with your art. There are also a lot of similar platforms out there so your options for earning are potentially limitless.

Invite your fans to your exhibit and sell your art

This tip is not plainly online because this would mean people would come to your place where they can physically see (or touch) your artworks. Why this qualifies as online earning is because your Facebook page or your social media profiles will be the means from which you’ll tell them about your upcoming exhibit, and buy your drawings upon meeting you in person.

This could be a truly enthralling experience for your fans, as well as yourself. You have to know this, some painters and sketch artists are viewed as huge celebrities by a lot of people! It could be your opportunity for experiencing how it feels like to be a star!

How your artworks are to be priced is a critical thing so just scroll upwards again and think of the potential earnings of sketch artists these days.

Many digital artists are making huge incomes with their computerized images. You as a sketch artist should not allow your craft to be overpowered since it’s an art that’s already present since time immemorial. Go ahead and unleash the power of the pencil, sketch your way through online realms and solidify your stream of income.

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