Software Tutorial Vlogging: 7 Of The Hottest Topics You Should Write About

Software Tutorial Vlogging: 7 Of The Hottest Topics You Should Write About

Computer hardware is undeniably important, but it only comprises half of a computer system. Without software, the laptop or desktop PC that you own and use would be greatly impaired, if not totally useless.

What makes the computer a versatile work partner and a very efficient assistant is its capability of hosting various applications that make jobs easier and faster to achieve. Workers that can easily adapt to the latest software usage tips are highly needed by many modern businesses. Because of this, software tutorial guides must be accessible to computer personnel everywhere.

If you’re someone who wants to step into the vlogging trend or if you’re already an experienced vlogger who wants to start another channel that will attract a huge viewership, a set of great software tutorial videos is something that you should highly consider.

Here are the hottest possible topics for you to pick for such an undertaking:

1. Office Productivity Suites

The reason why computers exist in almost all offices in the world these days is because of the digitization of paper works. Thanks to word processors and other related software that comprise the likes of MS Office and Libre Office, computers are forever etched into the list of the most important equipment for every business establishment. The way clerical jobs are done is truly revolutionized because of these components.

But even the most powerful computers will only be good for nothing if no skillful workers are assigned to operate them. Of course, those workers wouldn’t become skillful if they’re not provided with the knowledge in doing their designated tasks.

“An aspiring software tutorial vlogger should highly consider helping office clerks utilize their preferred apps to the fullest. Vlogging about using Microsoft Word and other related software is highly a must on the Internet.”

But here’s a fact that you should be aware of, content about word processing are too plentiful already, and most word processors today are so easy to use that anyone with very basic computer knowledge can already figure them out.

In this regard, I would highly recommend that you choose topics on spreadsheet usage and database management – topics related to these 2 classifications are not yet too saturated on the web. MS Word and PowerPoint can be easily learned by many people, but only very few are able to understand how to use MS Access and Excel. These are very powerful office tools to use, but not too many people are adept at using them.

In vlogging about office suite components, put greater focus and emphasis on the 2 applications, and a greater number of viewers will surely be among your subscribers.

2. Video Editing

In the entirety of this blog, I’ve been saying repeatedly that I’m already being too redundant: many people highly prefer watching instead of reading. Due to this reality, many websites include video supplements along with their article posts to give their audience the best immersive experience.

The reason why Youtube comes in a very close second place next to Google is that the number of people who want to watch videos as learning guides is growing at very fast rates compared to those who want to read knowledge from internet articles.

In addition, more and more people are having the desire to make videos for themselves and post them online. It is vital that they are taught about the basics or the complexities of video editing.

Should you take your chance in including such a topic in your vlog, you have to make content about using software like Adobe Premiere, Filmora, and Sony Vegas. You may also include Windows Movie Maker if you want to. Many viewers would still want to know about it. After all, it’s a freebie that can be used by anyone who uses Windows on their computers.

You should also consider including online portals that offer video-editing utilities, as many freelance video editors are using them as well. Teaching about the likes of WeVideo, Clipchamp, and Biteable is a topic that will surely be hard to dismiss.

3. Photo Editing

According to Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report, internet users upload an average of 1.8 billion photos every day. Such a report was published around 2014. Can you imagine how staggering the number could be these days?

The point of stating such a fact is that people’s habit of posting pictures of themselves and of their friends is something that will never go away and will continue to be in increasing measure for each passing year.

Many netizens are knowledgeable about uploading pictures on the web, but only a few of them are quite good at posting professional-looking photographs.

“Would you be so kind enough to take the responsibility of educating people on how to edit pictures so they would look a lot better as they are posted online?”

If you look closely at many of your online friends’ uploaded pictures, many of them are either too dark or too bright or are cropped or trimmed in the wrong way. To make matters worse, a lot of them are even posted in the wrong layout or orientation. Somebody has to deal with that problem, and that somebody could be you.

Create video tutorials about Photoshop, GIMP, Corel Photopaint, and other similar software because certainly, a lot of photo-editing professionals and wannabes are waiting and looking for them.

4. Graphics Design

This topic is closely related to photo-editing, but an entirely different field of discipline, and to be honest, based on experience… is a bit harder to do. In the realm of graphic design, being artistic is simply not enough, you need to have great dexterity in your hand and eye coordination as well.

To emphasize my point further, all excellent graphic designers are photo editors by default. But the reverse of that statement? It’s not quite true at all times.

Okay, let’s not get too out of hand. The point is, graphic-designing is a very broad topic, and a vlogger who chooses this category will have a smaller chance of running out of post ideas. It could be a rich niche in itself.

Why? You may ask. Because many work-at-home enthusiasts are making it their side-income generator, some of them are even making it their main source of living. The job schemes that can be derived out of it are actually very plentiful. If one is knowledgeable with graphics design, he or she will easily become the ‘go-to person’ when their friends and potential clients have the need of acquiring layouts for their invitation cards, party banners, and business posters.

Such printouts are constantly in demand, and a great number of internet users are highly interested in learning about how to make them too. You should go ahead and exploit this fact by demoing Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and MS Fresh Paint.

5. Teleconferencing Apps

Here’s a fearless forecast: typical phone conversations will soon be a thing of the past. The act of conversing with someone by just hearing that person’s voice will be gone not too long from now. The evidence? – The prevalence of video conferencing apps that are included in all social media sites today.

Instead of using the typical long-distance service offered by phone companies, many people who wish to call their love ones from afar are now opting to use video-call apps. The method provides the convenience of seeing the face of their talkmates and is by far cheaper than the previous method.

If this is now the trend for long-distance communication, then a vlog channel that provides insights and deeper technical know-how about teleconferencing will surely be an interesting thing to do.

You may think that such a topic will be boring as video calls are already done by everyone that there isn’t really a great need to provide tutorial content about it. Here’s how I can prove you wrong: There are a lot of apps and web resources out there that are not explored and discussed thoroughly yet.

Furthermore, you can provide demos about how teleconference users can earn money with their preferred video-call apps. They can host webinars or provide technical services to webinar conductors if they have extensive knowledge about this online gig.

Vlog about Zoom, Team Viewer, Google Meet, and anything similar– many viewers are on the lookout for technical guides about them.

6. Web Development and Design

What’s the most favorite hangout people love to visit these days? Without a doubt, the answer would be… The Internet. As a vlogger, you have to exploit this fact. Yes, it’s a fact and a really solid one at that.

If we can’t dispute the importance of cyberspace, then vlogging about how to make virtual environments within it should be highly put into consideration.

Many bloggers, online sellers, entertainers, artists, and so many other “uncategorizable” site owners are seriously gaining high streams of income with their habits and passions. As such, many other aspiring wannabes are trying to hop into the gig too.

“More and more people each day are getting curious about how to be make some profit with websites and internet methods. To cater to this, learning about web design and development would be the best answer.”

But something might be confusing you right now, what’s the difference between Web Design and Web Development? From an expert standpoint, the simplest way to answer it would be this: the former is mainly about the proper layout and visuals of a website, while the latter is about the functionality and usability of web pages.

To make it clearer, we might say that a web designer is a graphics-oriented person while a web developer is a coder or a programmer. The second one is actually more difficult, as it requires very thorough analysis and very precise thinking. Either way, such ideas will be very rich topics to discuss.

An attractive tutorial vlog that pertains to this must highly include WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Dreamweaver. You have to know though that they’re not the kind of software that you can install on your PC, they are actually web portals that you can access alongside an account that you own in web-hosting sites.

There are also web designing software that you can use offline, like NicePage, Mobirise, and PineGrow. It would be great to learn how to use them as they can be utilized even without an internet connection.

Many experts claim that there are more aspiring web designers than web developers. You might want to focus on the “designing” topic then, if you wish to attract more visitors to your software tutorial vlog channel.

7. Programming

In resonance with the statement in the previous item, the job of a computer programmer is one of the most difficult fields in the computer industry. And since it is not a very easy thing to do, there aren’t too many programming personnel in the world today compared to other computer-related workers.

Consequently, not too many tutorials in either text or video about the topic are available online. This is where a vlogger like you, for instance, could answer the need. In case you don’t fully grasp the importance of a programmer’s job, let me fill in the void – they are the ones who create the soul of computers and other digital equipment.

Without such people, the desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and cellphones that we so dearly love, would be nothing but empty boxes for display. Programmers breathe life (not literally though) into computer systems which make their jobs ever so important in the digital industry.

But if there are only fewer programmers than other kinds of computer workers, wouldn’t the demand for audience viewership for such a topic be low? Here’s where you got it wrong, there are only a few programmers because many people have great difficulty in learning about it.

As a programming vlogger, you should, by all means, make it easier for them… so that those who work in creating the very soul that makes computers work will grow in number! If we tell them how high is the salary that can be attained by people who work for software development, the number will increase even more!

By asking a lot of professionals, we would surely know that the best programming software to vlog about are JavaScript, C#, and Swift – these are the big 3 in software development today. They are the ones most commonly used to create the web apps, phone apps, and computer games that we know in these present times.

Computer programming is a difficult thing to learn, that’s why you should motivate yourself to make it easier for aspiring programmers.

Instead of vlogging about nonsense things (There are a lot of them on Youtube! You know that right?), please consider topics that pertain to software tutorials. I give you the guarantee that such a choice will make your career a lot more profitable, as it can improve the skills and knowledge of countless digital workers all over the planet.

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