Monetizing Any Kind Of Live Online Performance – Here’s How

Monetizing Any Kind Of Live Online Performance – Here’s How

There are lots of ways from which you can make money by performing live on video-streaming these days. Before you get too excited though, you have to make up your mind as to what kind of live performance you’d want to showcase to people.

What you’ll learn here:

What talents do you have? What skillset would you like to attain? What category of performing are you most interested in? These are questions you need to answer. To help you decide, let’s talk about the most common live performances that you can see on the Internet today.

Kinds of streaming videos that lets you make money online


As one of the most entertaining activities ever, singing is a kind of online content that could never go wrong, unless of course if you do it in the wrong way. What this means is that anyone who can sing fairly well online can certainly make money out of the activity.

Pick a popular online platform where live video can be streamed and sing your heart out there. For sure, there will be always countless means by which you could make money out of it, such methods will be hinted at later so read on.


If you’re too shy about your vocalizations, how about showing your body language in rhythmic grooves? If you can dance fairly enough and believe yourself to be quite graceful and attractive while doing it, there is a possible huge stream of income while doing live dance performances.

The sad truth about dancing on video today is that it’s perhaps the most saturated form of video uploaded on the web today. If you don’t edge out above your competitors, it is unlikely that you’d get a decent enough amount of money. Should you choose dancing as a live performance, a great level of creativity is required.

Musical instrumentation

Compared to singing and dancing, this is a bit more difficult and would require a greater number of hours before you can get truly exceptional. The most obvious instruments of choice should be the guitar and the keyboards, though there are other great options too such as the drums and the violin.

Aside from performing plain musical covers, another great option to perform live with your instrument is doing tutorials. Such video types will be typically longer than any song out there so viewability is much longer, which means a bigger income is to be expected.

For a detailed guide in making money as an online musician, read this.

Game streaming

The fact that Pewdiepie became the most popular Youtuber ever is proof that the demand for video-game-related content isn’t going out of style anytime soon. If you spend a lot of your moments playing those make-believe characters in computer gaming dimensions, then you should consider making money out of that too.

One of the downsides you have to bear in mind though is that in video-gaming communities, trash-talking seems to be a common manifestation. So if you decide to be a video-game streamer, you have to expect to be trashed-talked regularly too.

Live trading

Cryptocurrency and Forex are among the hottest money-making trends today. If you have some good enough skills in transferring one currency to another so you can make gains as you do so, conducting live sessions for it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

In Youtube and Facebook, a lot of video streamers are raking in huge streams of income by showing how they trade the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as in exchanging the Euro with the US Dollar.

A 2-way process of earning happens because as they accumulate their monetary gains by doing currency exchanges, they are also earning points for advertising and product selling as their videos continue to play.

Food and drinks preparation

Though this is not the typical entertainment you see from dancers and singers, some people are truly delighted upon seeing others prepare food or mix drinks. If you are quite capable of performing your cooking or drink-mixing online, some online companies are so willing to pay you as you do these.

The major downside to this though is you would need to spend on a lot of ingredients just so you can cook convincingly on screen. You need to do this because getting paid to cook online means you have to establish a reputation first and you can’t have that if you don’t spend on cooking ingredients first while in the process of attaining popularity.

For a detailed discussion about making money with food and recipes online, read this.

Live Q and A

This can seriously make you earn big, but you’d have to attain a certain level of expertise on a particular skill or area of knowledge first. This is recommended for educators, lecturers, or those who simply want to talk for hours while being asked by the viewers.

To prevent yourself from sounding silly and stupid on camera, you have to make your core topic as tight as possible so you’d avoid being thrown with questions that you might not be prepared to provide an answer for. You need to spark a topic from a very specific question first before actually going live to avoid getting a truckload of embarrassment.

Sensual performances

What does this really mean? Well, this is about doing some “physical feats” that people would find physically gratifying or “arousing” as they look at you on camera. For reasons of being penalized by Google, the details behind this item should be kept vague.

What this really means is that on the Internet today, plenty of people, sexy women to be exact are using their appearances to make money online. What they typically do in this category is they show off some of their appealing body parts just so people can tip them, or send them cash gifts or donations. (Donations huh? Really?)

This has been an appalling trend but yet, a lot of women, and some men, are actually making a lot of money by using their bodies online. Some of these “sensual performers” are reasoning out that since they are not showing their faces, what they do is “not really that harmful.”

To do this or not should be completely up to you. But if the question is, “Is there a huge amount to be earned from this?” The answer is a huge yes. Read a little further to have a hint on how to make money from this option, if you’re considering this.

Best online platforms for your live performances

In order to be seen, you need to choose a platform of course where you can perform live and earn. Here are the best ones to consider based on the nature of your performances.

For song covers or performances using copyrighted music – Since Youtube has strict regulations about using copyrighted music, doing song covers there is a ‘hit and miss’ endeavor. Instead, you might want to use platforms like Kumu, Persicope, and Stage It.

For game streaming – Youtube live or Facebook live are very ideal for this. But if you want to have a more focused platform that’s plainly about live-streaming, Twitch should be your top choice as a gamer. Other choices include Ustream and Younow.

For sensual performances – There are lots of websites where you can just get undressed and make bucketfuls of money, however we’re not allowed to mention that here. Just use Google to find those sites, or you can just use platforms like Vigo, Kittylive, or some other similar apps.

In using these, you can’t get totally naked or you can get banned. You can however do some sensual dance moves and entice some tippers on the process.

Just bear in mind though that some of these platforms are banned in some countries or by some internet providers. Performing with sensuality is a very critical issue and you have to weigh down your decisions about it with extreme care.

People find spontaneity very appealing. So if you have the guts and the skills to perform live online, go ahead and make money with video-streaming online. It would be an excellent way of attaining extra income to make your finances a bit more stable.

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