Your Best Guide For Blogging To Earn Cryptocurrency

Your Best Guide For Blogging To Earn Cryptocurrency

You have probably heard about these money-making methods through blogging: earning through advertisingearning through sponsorshipearning through affiliate marketing

Also, you have most likely heard about earning with cryptocurrency by means of: hodling – mining – trading

But have you heard about earning cryptocurrency through blogging? What’s being implied here is that you can earn Bitcoin and the likes of it purely, by writing blog posts. You don’t need to buy a particular sum of crypto-coin and let it grow.

What you’ll learn here:

What you need to do is just come up with an idea, write it down, post it, and watch it grow into a form of digital money that you can then invest and increment, as it becomes a part of the ever-growing figures of the digital currency universe.

In case you have not truly understood it yet, the real worth of money relies on how much value people give to it. The more valuable it is to people, the higher its worth will be. This is the reason why gold, diamond, and petroleum are making some people extremely wealthy by making huge physical investments in them.

But not too long ago, another trend is stealing the limelight away from those “hard-to-acquire” tangible items. Today, you can invest and even “create” content for internet users to consume and behold, and earn huge amounts of income as you do so.

“Gone are the days, when you need to have physical land, or real-world properties so you can be truly rich. Today, you can create a profitable product on the digital realm called cyberspace.”

In so doing, you can become very rich as well like the Rockefellers, the Buffets, the Warners, and many other rich entities out there who depend on “real physical things” to acquire huge piles of wealth.

How is “crypto-blogging” different from conventional blogging?

To simply put it, you can earn digital cash by writing articles and get rewarded with cryptocurrency points from readers and fellow writers. You can then save those points into your digital wallet, and cash them on, from whichever method your chosen platform allows.

In conventional blogging, you need to apply to web advertising firms like Adsense and – the more viewers you have, the more chances of your ad boxes getting viewed, and the higher earnings you can attain. Or you may also opt to become an affiliate seller, in which you will write content related to a certain product so you can urge people to buy it, and earn a commission on the process.

Such methods are proven to be truly effective in earning money through blogging. But here’s the plain and simple truth, getting into that game is quite hard these days – competition is very tough and stiff, especially if you’re a newbie on the field.

Here’s an option that you might want to highly consider: earn cryptocurrency through blogging.

Which crypto-blogging platform should you choose?

By far, the most ideal platforms where you can do such an undertaking would be the following:


Designed to be very similar to (currently the reigning giant in the “blog for payment” category), it rewards authors and readers with points from almost all of the big names in the cryptocurrency business. For the time being though, it gives great emphasis on Ethereum.

While not the first of its kind to emerge, it does claim to be eventually the biggest at what it does, in the foreseeable future at least. It also claims to be an agnostic of the Medium platform which only pays authors, by means of collecting portions of the subscription fees from their users.

In contrast, PublishOx pays both writers and readers by simply providing interaction to any published content.

3 Ways of Earning in Publish0x

By writing – This provides the highest revenue as a Publish0x member. However, becoming one is currently via invites and application only. You can sign up for an account on their site, which will then later prompt you if you wish to become an author. To succeed at it, you need to prove to the screening team that you can provide quality content during your membership duration.

By reading – If you have no passion for writing but read pretty often, you can also earn too. Upon registering, you will be provided with your own digi-wallet where you can store your earnings, and some amount that you can “tip” the authors with, if you enjoy the content they provide.

By sharing – Site growth and readership is something that all webmasters hope for, and in PublishOx, you can also earn if you share content you like within the network, and on other sites as well.


Easily discernable as the closest cousin of PublishOx, it is currently the newest and hottest thing within the “blog for crypto” category. With an interface very similar to Reddit, it has very simple, yet easy-to-grasp menus and site feature that a newbie blogger would find truly appealing.

Although it only supports a single crypto to keep its website running unlike PublishOx, it appears very promising since it encourages writers to post any kind of content without worrying too much about promotion and evaluation restrictions.

Why you should start writing for Read.Cash

It is powered by Bitcoin Cash – The dominance of Bitcoin is unquestionable, as it is currently the cryptocurrency with the highest worth and value. Most likely, it will remain as such for the next years, if not decades. This means that the crypto-cash that you can earn within Read.Cash is much more stable next to other similar platforms.

Although Bitcoin Cash isn’t exactly the same as Bitcoin itself, we can be confident that its popularity isn’t that far behind. As of this writing, BCH is the 4th best crypto so it is truly a strong force within the industry.

It has very few regulations – In its rules, it speaks of the typical stuff that you need to avoid: hate speech, illegal products promotion, pornography, etc. Other than that, the site doesn’t really put some heavy restrictions on its authors and content providers. This means that getting into the system is a whole lot easier, in comparison to much more established similar sites like Medium and Hubpages.

It doesn’t depend too much on pageviews – Even if you are a new writer with a very small number of posts, you can get rewarded simply for your hard work. By posting content on a regular basis, the site itself will reward you with some BCH points. Very small points at the start, but good points nonetheless as they will grow over time as you delve deeper into your posting habits.

After only blogging within the platform for just a month, I have experienced some good rewards already with the bot called “The Random Rewarder.” Even if you don’t accumulate that many pageviews, the bot will give you tips as long as you participate regularly by posting articles that don’t even need to be very long — just enough to show some effort from you.

And when the bot notices that you’re genuinely commenting on others’ posts, and that you’re also sharing the points you’re earning with others, you will be rewarded even more.


In contrast to the aforementioned, this one is a social media site that’s focused on blogging. It shares a strong resemblance to Tumbler and Gab, but with great emphasis on its own cryptocurrency, called Steem.

Within the Steemit community, you can comment, upvote and curate content, and earn points in the process. Or you can also choose to be a writer where you can earn digital cash with greater points. Truth to be told, the platform has suffered heavy blows during its 2016 hacking attack, and during its near-collapse during the 2018 cryptocurrency crash.

In spite of these drawbacks, Steemit proves to be one of the greatest forces to be reckoned with in the realm of cryptocurrency content-providing.

As the first social media site to reward writers with crypto-coins, it proves to be the most stable one of its kind. It seems to have the power of staying longer than Publish0x and Read.Cash. Earning within the site proves to be much more worth it, compared to the 2. However, it has the following downsides:

Disadvantages of being a Steemit blogger

Your “disownership” to your content – Once you have posted an article, you are only given 7 days to improve and edit it. After that grace period, it will be there for eternity, at least as long as the site exists within the servers that hold it. You can no longer delete it, though you can still edit it.

It restricts your earning potential – Still under the 7-day rule that most Steemit bloggers seem to observe, you can only earn mostly within that duration, after that, you won’t get any monetary benefit from your post ever again, typically. You can still get tips from other members though, but it won’t be that high compared to what you’ll get in your posts’ early days.

It supports only a single cryptocurrency – As stated in this article, the nature of crypto-investing is very volatile in nature, and if a crypto-blogging platform supports only a single coin, then it earns the reputation of being “scary to invest in.”

But many digital investors are actually getting rich with Steem. Their success stories should be enough proof that blogging in Steemit should be absolutely worth it. In fact, it currently holds a market capitalization that exceeds $159 Million.

In case you don’t like the above-mentioned sites enough, here are other similar platforms worth checking out:

Websites where you can earn cryptocurrency rewards through user participation

Yours.Org – With a mission of providing better internet content, it gives Bitcoin SV as its reward to its content providers. It has the premise of giving great value, to those who give valuable content.

Akasha.World – Derived from Indian spiritualism, it isn’t backed by it’s own crypto, or any single coin for that matter. Its main driving force is Ethereum, currently the next big giant next to Bitcoin.

Hive.Blog – A proverbial offspring of Steemit, this one was established due to some user dislikes of the latter. In Steemit, you can earn Steem, in Hive.Blog, you can earn well… Hive dollars, it’s as simple as that.

Uptrennd – Regarded by many as a Reddit ripoff, it allows posting unoriginal content from other sites, though such an act is highly discouraged. As such, it gives low points on copied content, and gives high rewards for original ones.

LBRY – A very obvious moniker for a place where good reading materials are found, it’s a new protocol that allows anyone to build application and software tools that can help users to interact with digital content on its network.

Synereo – You can create your own content, and promote it here, or you can just scrape content from other sites, and earn points as it earns enough glances and looks from other users. Although it isn’t exactly a place for writing and creating original content, it sure does give rewards to users who actively read, curate, and give comments.

Noise.Cash — This is the “Twitter version” of Read.Cash. On this platform, all you’ll be doing is posting short posts, akin to the tweeting that you do on Twitter. Crypto coins can be earned by tipping and getting tipped by any member, mostly those that come from Read.Cash. It is also powered by BTC and is still in its experimental stages.

Best Tips To Become a Successful Crypto-Blogger

Don’t get lazy, post consistently – If you’re already an experienced blogger, this should be a no-brainer for you. But for you newbies out there, bear in mind that the most successful bloggers are those that post articles regularly.

You can’t blog once a month if you wish to be among the greatest in the blogosphere. Although many professional bloggers really just post articles once a month or even once every 2 months, it is because they have earned a great number of followers already.

Give comments and upvotes, but never for the sake of it – In all crypto-blogging platforms, you can get rewarded by giving comments, upvotes, and likes. In Read.Cash for instance, the Random Rewarder gives BCH points to users who never even posted a single article, but are busily giving “from-the-heart” comments to writers and other frequent commentators.

But the bot will also detect if you’re being a spammy participant meaning if you copy-paste your comments, or use the same words and sentences in most of your comments, it will not reward you. Commenting is good, but do it in a genuine manner to inspire writers to write even more.

Be generous with your earnings – During my first weeks in Read.Cash and Publish0x, I made it a strategy of keeping the points I earned to myself. After all, why would I share my hard-earned crypto-cash with others who are not as busy as I am? But after spending a few more weeks, I realized it was actually a horrible strategy.

By befriending other writers who came before me, I found out that giving tips to other users really does create amazing payoffs. If you tip others daily, even with just extremely tiny amounts, you can get rewarded even more.

So whether you blog in Read.Cash or any other similar platforms, be generous. Give tips to others and spend some of your earnings to give back to the community. I assure you, the rewards and benefits will surely outweigh your generosity!

Post your articles across multiple, similar platforms — This has been proven to be effective by many crypto-bloggers, including yours truly. You can post your articles on every single one of those platforms mentioned above. Some bloggers who publish the same content across all of them claim to earn hundreds of dollars a month.

From my experience, I’m occasionally earning up to $15 a day in Read.Cash alone. Now, imagine what would it be like if my articles are posted on other similar sites as well?

Here’s my account in Read.Cash, so you’ll have an idea of how to get along there as a crypto-blogger.

Other things to consider in blogging for Steemit, and other similar sites

Blogger beware! Before you embark on this new “blog-for-crypto” scheme, here are things that you must highly consider:

How old is the website?

The only way to establish such platforms is through a website. As such, knowing how old their site is, is a good way to figure out its credibility. If their site is like say, less than 3 years old, it means it’s still in its infancy stage, which is another way of knowing that it’s “unstable”, “experimental”, or worse, “unreliable.”

Before posting the writings that you dearly love as you invested a huge amount of time researching and perfecting them, it would greatly help to do some reconnaissance and find out if the site is already old enough, or if it has the potential to stay in business for the next years.

What do the reviews say about it?

The best way to figure out if something is good enough is of course, by asking those who have used it. In the aspect of website usage, the same principle also applies. By simply Googling, or Binging, or Yahooing (or Yandexing, or DucDuckgoing, or…. damn it, just put your preferred search-engine and put “ing” at the end), you can certainly locate some websites that talk about stuff like the goodness “or badness” of a particular blogging platform.

If you’ve seen some considerable positive reviews about Steemit, PublishOx, and Read.Cash, then they have to be good and ideal for beginners like you. Although the best way to truly figure out… is to try them out yourself.

How stable is the crypto-coin behind it?

Some “blog-for-crypto” platforms have highly profitable and well-established cryptocurrency tokens powering them, while others have some “not-so-famous” types behind them. Of course, all cryptocurrencies, even the almighty Bitcoin started as small investments that eventually grew into almost impregnable digital giants.

The smallest crypto-coin that we know today could be the next big thing in a few months… it’s really hard to make a solid prediction given that the nature of digital currency is a very volatile one. But here are questions that you really need to think about deeply:

Is the coin that powers your chosen platform attractive enough for investors?

Does it have the potential to be stable for at least a few years?

By answering such questions, you can feel at least a little safer as you upload your content on your chosen site.

If you find it hard to earn conventional money by being a writer or blogger, maybe it’s time you embark on a different approach – try blogging by earning cryptocurrency, it might just provide you with the right stream of income, as you take advantage of the privileges that the digital universe can provide.

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