Any Hobby Can Be Monetized, Here’s How

Any Hobby Can Be Monetized, Here’s How

Regardless of your age, race, or gender, you definitely have some sort of hobby. The fact that you came across this post makes it clear that you’re asking yourself how that favorite activity of yours might be converted into income.

What you’ll learn here:

Let’s delve into the steps in making money with any hobby you may have. First, you need to answer the following questions.

What is your ultimate hobby?

For sure, you have lots of hobbies as you spend your years on this dear planet of ours. But the question is, which among those hobbies do you consider to be the most important to you?

The activity that you spend a lot of your time with surely creates some sort of skill and proficiency, as the adage “practice makes perfect” has always pointed out. If you’ve been doing that thing for quite some time already, albeit, for years, you must be able to showcase it to an online audience who’s willing to pay just to see you.

Is it a sport? Cooking? Reading? Traveling? There will be an endless question to this and you have to give a definitive answer – it will serve as your beacon as you thread along the online money-making path you’re hoping to make a profit with.

Would that hobby make you profitable?

As long as you can grab people’s interest with your hobby, there can be some serious money that could flow from it. Whether it is dancing, singing, gardening, or even eating, you can earn some cash from any of these!

Perhaps you’ve heard about “Mukbangers” who do nothing but eat greedily on their videos and become insanely wealthy because of such indulgence. This is proof that even the simple act of overfilling your stomach can be instrumental in piling up some riches.

But before you start videoing yourself while munching and gulping lots of food, or capturing images of you during your favorite past-time, ask yourself…

  • Would that be interesting enough to people?
  • Are you ready to be degraded in any way?
  • Can you handle the negative comments people might give?
  • Would you be able to make web content for it in long terms?

If the answers to those questions are no, then you might want to go back to your hobby list and re-evaluate your options. Choose a hobby that will make the most profit and build your online money-making career from there.

What skills do you have so you can bring that hobby to people?

Aside from that skill you have in performing that hobby, you need to have another skill that will serve as your vessel in selling your hobby to the right people. Yes, selling is the appropriate term for it since no money can flow into your pockets if no selling takes place.

Since we’re talking about online money-making in this article, let’s accept the fact that basically, there are only 4 publishable web content formats: text, graphics, sound, and video. If you wish to make money with your hobbies but have no interest in learning any of these, then you should just forget that online money-making you’ve thought of earlier.

Lucky for you though, the gadgets and resources for learning those skills come extremely cheap these days. It’s just a matter of how you might spend your time acquiring them. Material stuff can be bought. Unfortunately, time and patience can’t be purchased anywhere.

Learn skills in writing, videoing, and recording – these are essential to making money with your hobbies online.

Methods in converting your hobby into an income

You’ve already accepted that you need to publish content on the web to make money with your hobby, right? Now, choose which among these methods you feel most comfortable with.

Writing about it

Blogging would be the first and most obvious choice for those who wish to publish anything about themselves on the web. Setting up a blog is easy and could be totally done for free, though spending some money on promoting it properly would be a wise choice as well.

Blogging is one of the best options you should choose if you have some decent writing skills at your disposal.

Learn about how to start blogging properly here.

Another option for you should be publishing your hobby as an ebook. Compared to blog posts, ebooks are longer in format and are deemed to be a bit more formal. Unlike a blog site that would most likely require you to post content regularly and have no clear endings, ebooks are meant to be presented as a real actual book, with a first page and a last page.

Ebooks can be made using standard word processors and can be self-published, you don’t need to lobby your way into publishing companies just to get them out into the readers.

Learn about making ebooks and selling them properly here.

Videoing your actions

If you hate the idea of writing consistently so that people can learn about your hobby, how about videoing what you do instead? For sure, you have a smartphone and that should be your most valuable tool in capturing videos of you performing your well-honed talent.

Obviously, YouTube should be the best portal for you to publish your videos and start making money. Making your own channel is easy and free, anyone with a Google account is only a few steps away from owning a YouTube channel.

But YouTube could be over-saturated already with videos of people doing exactly that thing you do, no matter how talented you might happen to be.

Other similar portals like DailyMotion, Vimeo, and Twitch should be options to consider. They might not be as high in viewership as YouTube, but you’ll have the advantage of having fewer competitors.

Tiktok might also be a good alternative, along with Triller and Dubsmash, though you might be forced to make shorter content.

Vlogging is also an excellent way of promoting your hobbies, learn about it here.

Using your voice

But what if you hate writing, and don’t like to be videoed? The ideal option to pick would be podcasting, which can be simply defined as recording your voice as you speak about a particular topic. Since publishing your content in this manner does not include visuals in any way, topics to pick would have to revolve around those kinds of stuff that people can picture easily in their minds.

The best topics to cover would be family, relationships, religion, and inspirational thoughts. Of course, there could be an endless list for this. The only thing to remember is that you have to be as illustrative and descriptive in the way you speak as you can, in the very best way possible.

Your audience would have nothing but your voice, so make your discussions excellently compelling or people will totally refrain from buying your podcasts or subscribing to them.

If your hobby is reading books, you might want to consider making audiobooks or applying for a book narrator job. This is closely related to voice acting and a lot of online hustlers are making this their full-time job.

Learn about earning as a book reader/narrator here.

If you have a talent for singing or music, you should consider recording your own songs and publishing them on iTunes or Spotify. With some truly affordable digital equipment these days, you can already make your own record album at home, or publish your own music online to make money without ever relying on giant recording companies.

Learn about how to be excellent in sound recording here.

And this is where you’ll learn about how to make money as an online musician.

Making photos, graphics, and illustrations

Photography comes first in this method. Compared to the other methods above, this might require you to purchase a much more expensive smartphone with a very good camera, or an entirely different camera with HD capabilities.

This is to make sure that you capture only the best photos that people can download for purchase, or simply view so you can earn points that you can convert into money.

Certainly, you’ve already learned about the money-making potential of Instagram and Pinterest as image-publishing sites.

Of course, publishing photos and images to make money isn’t only limited to those sites. There are also other portals like Adobe Stock, Fotomoto, Flickr, and Etsy where you can submit high-quality images and earn some income.

Learn about the best ways to make money with pictures and photography here.

If you love drawing or making illustrations, you can also publish them online for some income. Regardless of whether you prefer traditional or digital, you can still make money with it.

If you want to make money with comics and illustrations read this.

You can publish videos of yourself making hand-drawn images, or you can use graphics software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Of course, the latter options require some additional training or self-teaching.

Online resources are accessible for free these days. Your only excuse would be not having enough time to learn about digital graphics software.

Use a pencil or use a software application – either way, you can make money through graphics and illustration if that’s your greatest hobby.

You should also work on your social skills

Thanks to social media, connecting to people can now be done globally right at the confines of your own phone. But the “mere act of socializing” and “socializing properly” are 2 very different things – you have to learn how to approach people properly to create a very large audience for showcasing your talent.

Setting up a page where you can promote your works on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is very easy, but promoting them to make them very attractive to people? That’s the tricky part. To increase your viewership easily, you need to implement the following techniques:

Employing copywriting – you have to learn the art of making short, yet captivating statements so people will be urged to click on your videos or buy the products you’re selling.

Using proper hashtags – by putting keywords like “#ThisIsMyHobby” or putting familiar words next to the “#” sign, your page can be found easier by netizens which can significantly increase the number of your followers.

Advertising properly – Though this can be done for free, Facebook and other similar social sites have advertising options that are surprisingly affordable. You have to utilize those features as well to fully maximize your reach.

Joining other pages similar to yours – Nobody will visit your page if no one knows it exists. You have to join other pages that have the same content as yours and participate there so you can gain new friends and prospects.

Even without putting up an online store, you can also make money online with your Facebook Page. Learn about it here.

Other Ways of Making Money With Your Hobbies

But what if your hobbies do not fit into any of the categories mentioned above? Does it mean you can’t make money from the internet at all? Fret not, there’s still some hope for you. Here are some tips that can help you earn some extra cash, though they might not be enough to make you a living.

  • If you want to earn money by listening to music, read this.
  • If you are the religious type, you can make some money with this.
  • You can even earn online as a magician! You don’t believe me? Read this!
  • If making memes and jokes are your thing, earn some cash by looking at this.
  • Do you love cooking and anything food-related? This is for you.
  • You can even earn online as a boxer or martial artist! If you doubt me, read this.
  • If your hobby revolves around your smartphone, there are lots of money-making opportunities to look for in this article.

See? There is a place for every hobby in the realm of online money-making. It’s just a matter of guts and persistence.

Final thoughts

Instead of scrolling endlessly through your social media walls, playing those mobile games, and wandering here and there with no monetary returns at all, utilize technology, which is surprisingly affordable these days, to make some money with your hobbies.

The methods mentioned above are just laid out for your guidance and motivation. However you may study and apply any of them, just remember that as long as you do anything from the heart, people will be very much willing to patronize it, and even give huge amounts of money just to see you do your act, and give out your excellent performance.

Write about your hobby, put it on video, or capture images to showcase them to the public. Who knows? Making money with your hobby online might just give you the financial freedom you’ve always hoped for.

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