Realistic Ways of Making Money With Your Music-Listening Habits

Realistic Ways of Making Money With Your Music-Listening Habits

Listening to music is an activity that everyone does. Young or old, male or female, introvert or extrovert, it is almost impossible to find a person who doesn’t have a favorite musical genre. Undoubtedly, letting music play from a set of speakers or earphones is something that every one of us finds truly enjoyable. It eases up tensions, pushes away stress, heals a wounded soul, and sets up emotions in unpredictable modes.

What you’ll learn here:

You might find it unthinkable, but you can actually earn some money with your song-listening habits.

By reading further, you will be offered 3 major ways in which you can earn by listening to music. The first one is about being a song rater to some websites in which you could be paid $2 – $12. The second one is writing music reviews which could be paid up to $200. The third way is by starting your own platform where you can write your own content in which your earning rate will be unlimited.

Since reviewing and writing about the songs you listen to pays you more, let’s talk about the topic first. You can start your own blog, launch your own vlog channel, or publish an ebook about it, the choice is yours. All 3 options are sure to offer you your desired revenue as long as you do it in a truly compelling way.

Making a music-review blog, and what to write on it.

Here are some ideas that can surely catch the interest of your potential audience:

Song lyrics analysis

Some artists claim that they write songs based on their personal experiences. Some say they write from the deepest points of their emotions, some even claim that they write their best hits when they were high on illegal substances. Regardless of their song-writing motivations, many of their fans are excited to hear about what their songs really mean.

As someone who listens to music on a constant basis, you should consider writing about what you think is the true meaning of songs that people are so fond of humming or singing along. Such article pieces don’t have to be very long, they just have to be enough to captivate the readers and make them think.

If you Google the keywords ”meaning of the lyrics of (title of any song or artist),” you will be given tons of lists that pertain to differing analyses from various music lovers. This proves that writing about lyrics analysis can be a very lucrative writing gig.

Song comparison and similarities

We can’t deny the fact that many songs, famous or not, do have some similarities to other songs that existed before them. Some artists and music distributor companies are even known to engage in year-long battles against various entities just for the sake of legal rights and ownership.

Can you cite some songs that have almost exactly the same thought? Can you point out songs that have exactly the same chord pattern? Those are great points to discuss when writing or blogging about song comparisons.

Whether it is for the sake of sparking copyright issues or for the sake of pure fun, comparing songs is indeed a hot topic for music article writers like maybe, yourself.

Song and album reviews

All music lovers would certainly love to know about where their favorite artists stand on hit charts or how they’re rated by reviewers. In response to that, you might want to write and blog about music reviews. Write about a whole album or just individual hit tracks, such a writing hobby can surely bring you streams of income.

Because new songs are sure to emerge every now and then, you can have endless topics to discuss and write about. You may choose to write about a specific genre as writing about a specific niche can bring in more site traffic, or you can just write about multiple song genres. Both are acceptable as long as you can provide content that’s engaging and worth reading.

Sites that pay for writing articles about music

If you don’t have a thorough knowledge yet of publishing your own blogs or selling your own ebooks, you can still write about music and publish your articles on the following websites:

Paste Magazine – It is a publication that focuses on topics that include TV, video games, comedy, technology, music and so much more. In choosing to write for them, you need to emphasize the kind of life you have as you consume products and merchandise related to those topics. An average payment of $50 is given around 4 – 6 weeks upon publication.

What Culture – Since 2006, they have been determined to publish articles that talk about entertainment topics which include music. Over the next years, they have always been on the lookout for article submissions that are fun, speculative, and creative. As a contributor, you could be paid $0.47 per 1000 views of your article that’s published on their website. Many of their writers earn around $120 a month by garnering page views.

Cultured Vulture – Established with the aim of providing a platform for freelance writers in which they can publish their articles other than their own blogs, they accept writings about album reviews regardless of the time win in which an album is released. They pay their contributors $0.50 for every 300 views of a published article.

Stories of Music – Founded by Holly Trip, a writer, and musician, this site was created with the aim of providing people with an outlet where they can share their real-life experiences about music’s positive influence. Your stories could be in a 9,000-word format. You could be paid up to $200 per article

Symphony Magazine – This one is a bit different because it focuses on orchestra music. Submissions must be about the most recent trends, business models, methods, and public advocacy of the orchestra world. Articles must be around 1500 – 3000 words. Insider reports state that payment could be $500 – $900.

Sites that pay by listening to music

You might be pondering, “Why would someone pay me just to listen to a song?”

The scheme of paying someone just by listening to a musical piece was actually invented due to the problem of struggling music artists who want to carve their way into popularity. By asking someone to listen to their published products, they will be ushered into the fame and notoriety that they strive to attain.

The task you’ll do is plainly simple: you listen to batches of songs, give some ratings and you’ll be paid. Before you get too excited about the idea, I have to let you know that working for such sites doesn’t really provide you with a steady income. My advice is that you apply for the following sites to have some side hustles.

As a consolation, let me tell you that working as a song reviewer for most of the sites listed below offer you the luxury of earning while engaging in other activities. You can cook, jog, do household chores, and perform your typical routinary tasks while earning some extra cash in the process.

Hit Predictor – This site claims to give you the power to influence musical tracks even before they are released. Accepting reviewers that are as young as 13 years old, they promise to give an Amazon voucher worth $5 per 15 songs that you review.

Radio Earn – Available in all countries worldwide, this site urges you to listen to playlists of songs that you could review. You could also create your own audio stream where you can put advertisers. For every 15 minutes of listening, you could earn points that can be converted into US dollars.

Cash 4 Minutes – By signing up to this site, you will be provided with a dashboard in which you can listen to radio broadcasts and get paid as you do so. If you recruit your friends into joining, you can get 5% of their earnings. In addition, you could get 1% from all of the people that those friends of yours are able to recruit.

Current.Us – Its motivation is earning while doing something else. If you sign up to their site, you will be provided with a mobile phone app that will provide you with internet radio stations to listen to. As you go on listening while getting on with other chores, you can earn points that will be converted into currency that will be transferred to your PayPal account.

Playlist Push – This site looks for “curators” – music listeners who are tasked to provide reviews to songs yet to be released by new artists. In order to get accepted, you need to own a playlist with a number of followers on platforms like iTunes or Spotify. Payment is $12 per review.

RWS Moravia – With a company that has already been around since 1982, they offer translation and transcribing services that expand to multimedia projects and music. Aside from your listening task, you will also be commissioned to do transcriptions to songs that they will let you listen to. Transcribers are urged to work with a native speaker from a certain country to get an accurate, word-for-word content translation.

Nobody can ever dispute the fact that listening to music gives people so much fun. By gaining some revenue in delving into the hobby, we can then make our music-listening habits truly more enjoyable.

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