Online Earning With Boxing And Martial Arts

Online Earning With Boxing And Martial Arts

For sure, you’ve heard a lot about money-making tips and techniques within the ever-expanding dimensions of the internet already. Many of such tips are so over-discussed already that many bloggers and vloggers are becoming redundant already.

But at this moment, here’s something that maybe, you haven’t heard of yet, and it is about how you can make money with fighting and combat sports online. So let’s get right to it. Can you really gain some income by imparting your knowledge about hand-to-hand fighting?

What you’ll learn here:

Since any type of knowledge can already be monetized on the internet today, then there should be no doubt that you can also teach your know-hows about utilizing your arms and feet as weapons, and grab some money in the process.

Before we hop into the effective methods by which you can achieve such an undertaking, let us first know the most attractive topics that you can discuss as a fighter on the web.

Best fighting styles to teach today

If you aim to teach your fighting skills online, here are the best possible options to choose from:

Street-fighting and Self-defense

The need to feel safe is something that everybody wants to surely acquire. If you can come up with web content that can educate people on how they can leverage their bodies into keeping themselves safe on the streets, or within the neighborhood where they belong, it should be a very attractive online material.

By making demos about simple, yet effective body movements that can hurt and dispose of an opponent quickly, netizens will surely dig the topic as it can provide them security as they wander around seemingly dangerous places with some thugs lurking on its corners.

To make it simpler for you, fighting styles like Krav Maga, Aikido, Keysi Fighting Method, and SCARS should be the best options for you on this topic. Such techniques are used by many street-fighting coaches and soldiers to make the most out of their fighting deadliness.


We’ve heard about the success of Muhammad Ali and Manny Pacquiao. These guys were using nothing but their fists to make themselves insanely rich and legendary. If you have some knowledge about how to reach their levels, then you should put them online.

Unlike martial arts which is a bit more complex to learn, boxing is mainly just about strength, speed, and stamina. As such, you should also include topics such as cardio-vascular exercises and weightlifting, since they are also important among boxers.

Furthermore, you could also include a bit of health and nutrition in your content. Strength and vitality also stem from good food and a proper bodily regimen. No boxer would ever disagree with you if you include the importance of such points in your writings or videos.

Combat Sports

Some adults and even children have an interest in learning the arts of fighting so they can be in the ring and be hailed as famous athletes. In contrast to street-fighting and self-defense, ring martial arts are mainly about utilizing fighting as a sport. Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Mix-Martial Arts should be the most appealing topics for these.

Of course, you have to be able to discuss the difference between using martial arts for actual, real-world fighting and the types that are only used during an organized fight scene, with the presence of an audience.

Onstage Martial-arts

Many people may haven’t realized it yet, but some martial arts today are actually brought to the theaters and stadiums as a means of performance art. Some presentations are about singing and dancing. But some entertainment businesses today are also looking for people with exceptional martial-arts talents so they can perform them onstage.

Capoeira, Silat, and Shaolin Martial Arts are the most ideal for these. By incorporating tassels into swords, staffs, and other similar weapons into your swift movements, your martial arts will appear dance-like which will appeal to viewers and entertainment companies as well.

Aside from those martial arts styles, there are other less-renowned styles as well. Even if they don’t belong to the ‘calisthenics’ type of fighting, you can incorporate almost any other hand-to-hand fighting as long as they are choreographed well into dance-like maneuvers.

Can you provide comprehensive web content for the above topics that can thoroughly be understood by people online? If you can, nice! If you can’t do it yet, then you should absorb the following facts as well.

Before you become a martial arts blogger or vlogger, you should learn how to make your teaching clear and simple. Let us then simplify the process by asking the question…

What are the most simple, yet effective techniques to become a hand-to-hand combat expert?

We’ve seen it in movies, and also on TV tournaments: martial artists become victors in their encounters because of one major factor: they were able to learn a long list of techniques, and have mastered them to perfection that they become living weapons that can handle even a dozen opponents at a single moment.

While it’s true that the best martial artists are indeed masters of a wide and deep set of skills and techniques, prepare to be surprised… there is actually a very minimal set of techniques that you need to truly acquire so you can become an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.

So what are those techniques that you simply need to be a good boxer or martial artist?

Technique 1: Being fast

In a scene from the movie “Kung Fu Hustle,” the main villain codenamed “The Beast” stated something like, “In martial arts, speed defines the winner.” Of course, movies are not to be taken at face value when we connect them to reality.

But here is something that we can learn from that statement. In physics, it is one of the most solid rules that the faster an object travels, the more mass it acquires. By thinking about it, we can arrive at the understanding that if we incorporate great speeds into our kicks and punches, we can make them heavier and stronger, which can inflict greater damage on our opponents.

Another point that we have to ponder is that if we can unleash super-quick attacks, albeit, those that are blindingly fast, the enemy wouldn’t be able to see it or let alone, block it. We can therefore be sure that the faster we punch or kick, the higher the possibility that we can win the fight in a much shorter time.

If we watch a mix-martial arts or boxing match in any weight class or division, we can always see matches that are finished in less than a minute. Most of these matches are determined by one major factor, and it is the fact that the losing participant didn’t see an attack coming.

In MMA, there are participants that got pounded on the head by one major blow. Once he became disoriented and went sprawling to the floor, his opponent swiftly took advantage of the scenario and issued a stream of hammer punches on his face.

Match finished, the fight is over. Sometimes, we can even see that the losing fighter seemed too surprised that he lost already. Scenes like that can really make us conclude that to be a good fighter, you really need to be freaking fast.

Technique 2: Having high stamina and vitality

Nobody can ever question the credibility of the legendary Bruce Lee when we speak of martial-arts greatness. One of the most important lessons that he emphasized on his students way back when he was still teaching is that martial artists focus too much on techniques yet failed to be good at one major factor: superb health and overall physical wellness.

Mr. Lee pointed out that teaching your body a bunch of techniques wouldn’t be much good if that body of yours wouldn’t be able to attain the strain and tension that training and the actual fighting give. He also emphasized the importance of eating right. He seemed to champion the idea that you can’t be a great fighter if you have the habit of feeding your body with unhealthy food.

As emphasized in the previous item, being fast can greatly define the outcome of a fight, and if you don’t have the vitality and stamina within you, you won’t last that long, and your enemy or group of enemies, could easily overpower you because your body lacks the vitality it needs to stay alert within the whole duration of the fight.

To attain such a physical setting, you must therefore invest a lot of your time in running, and other similar cardio-vascular exercises to make your heart and your lungs the strongest machines in your body. By having such very capable internal organs, your bones and your muscles will in effect, become very strong too, before you even know it.

Technique 3: Having a strong will

Outside of the ring, you may have heard tales like these on the streets: Martial arts black-belter, got beaten by a street thug. Ask any fight expert, and you will get the affirmation that some so-called martial-arts titlists do get pounded on the streets by people who are not even trained fighters.

What could be the reason why such an event happened? How can someone who regularly trains got beaten by a plain simpleton? The answer is simple, those thugs have the rock-solid will in themselves to beat their victims to a pulp. They condition their minds into doing it and have been doing it many times already, it’s the reason why they are so adept at real-world physical battles.

And since most martial artists are just good with their skills on the ring, with the presence of a referee, they don’t have the true, street-smart warrior mentality in them. That’s why when they are placed in real situations, they can’t easily adapt to the dangers the way street thugs do.

Those baddies who frequently terrorize people on the streets are always mentally ready to do whatever it is that they love doing, it’s the reason why fear and doubts are very far from their vocabularies… it is the reason why they often succeed in their criminality gigs.

During Bruce Wayne’s training in Batman Begins, Ra’s Al Ghul, his mentor, instilled this lesson in him:

“You must have the will to do what’s necessary, the will to act.” In that same scene, this statement was also declared, “Training is nothing, the will is everything.”

It is clear then that having a strong will is better than having a strong set of muscles.

To further reinforce the above-given ideas, we need to consider another quote from a great martial artist:

“I fear not the man who practices ten thousand kicks at one time, but I fear the man who practices one kick ten thousand times.”

– Bruce Lee

This can make us arrive at the understanding that a good hand-to-hand fighter must focus on quality instead of quantity.

We’ve just absorbed some facts about what to teach and how to teach boxing and martial arts to people. Now let’s tackle another important question…

How can you teach boxing and martial arts online?

You can impart your fighting knowledge with any of these methods:

Becoming a boxing/martial-arts writer

If you can write convincingly about your kicking and punching techniques, then you should put your ideas on a blog, or publish them in an ebook. If you’re not confident enough with your writing skills, you can hire a friend, or some writer (or you can hire me, seriously!) to help put your ideas into writing.

Since the art of fighting is a very visual undertaking, you need to provide compelling and comprehensive photos and illustrations. You can take pictures of yourself as you perform your fighting styles, or you can provide hand-drawn images to explain your points clearly.

You have to acknowledge though that using drawings would be a bit and time-consuming than just simply using a camera and capturing yourself doing those martial-arts stances. That should go without saying but let me remind you of it anyway.

Regardless of whether you choose drawings or pictures to illustrate your blog or ebook, you should highly consider utilizing arrows and exact captions so that your readers can clearly illustrate your movements in their heads, making it easier for them to mimic your lessons.

Here’s how you can become the best writer/blogger that you can be.

Becoming a boxing/martial-arts vlogger

I’ve been saying this many times already in this blog of mine but let me repeat it this time: Many people prefer watching the deed, instead of just reading about the deed. Since this is so true as proven by the popularity of Youtube, you might want to consider becoming a combat-sports vlogger instead of being a blogger.

To simplify the steps you should take should you decide on that path, you must own a good camera and some pretty good sound equipment. That, along with a sparring partner should be the best thing to have so you can get started.

If you can’t afford a camera yet, then you can just start videoing yourself with just your cellphone – many successful vloggers start their careers doing exactly that! Just bear in mind that you have to utilize proper lighting and camera positioning so your viewers can clearly see what it is that you’re trying to teach.

In addition, you have to consider doing your stances and drills at varying angles. You have to make a lot of takes and retakes in top view, side view, underview, and any possible views so that you can factually prove the effectiveness of your fighting techniques.

Another challenging thing about being a fighting-arts vlogger is that you will do some explaining as you conduct an actual sparring session. It will be very, very tough but then, it is the best way to make yourself highly marketable as a martial arts or boxing vlogger.

Other ways of making money with your fighting knowledge

Blogging and vlogging are by far, the best methods to teach online. But what if you hate doing those things? There is another content-making method that people are doing online, and it is podcasting or audiobook publishing. Can you teach martial arts with those?

As mentioned in the paragraphs above, learning about fighting styles is a highly visual undertaking. And since podcasts are only about hearing, then we have to accept that it’s not a very effective method to use in teaching martial arts online (sorry podcasters).

You can, however, use them as a supplement to your blog or vlog. For instance, you can focus more on motivating people to practice harder and work on their nutritional regimen to make their bodies stronger.

By publishing recordings or your voice discussing health, and eating right, you can reinforce your teachings on how they can become the best boxer or martial artist they can ever be.

You can also make money online by demonstrating your physical fitness drills, read this to learn about it.

If people are singing and dancing while getting rich online, why shouldn’t you, a fighting instructor do the same? Teach boxing or martial arts online and earn with your skills! It’s something that your peers are not doing, so do it now!

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