Earning With Your Math Skills Online – A Step by Step Guide

Earning With Your Math Skills Online – A Step by Step Guide

How to make money by solving math problems may appear like an unpleasant side-hustle for a lot of people. But if you are someone who’s pretty confident with your skills with numbers, here are a set of methods that could really help you earn with it.

What you’ll learn here:

Identify what kind of Math you want to make money with

Math is present in various forms, and it is imperative that you make a decision on what kind of math you want to earn from. This is the most important step that you have to provide a clear answer for. Otherwise, the next steps wouldn’t make any sense at all.

Is it Algebra? Calculus? Geometry? Or just basic elementary math? Take your pick. Let’s assume of course that you’re well-versed already with any of those, or anything else not mentioned. If you are, then you can already proceed with the next.

Providing the answer would revolve around your skills first. You may also work on learning the math category you want to make money from if you’ve done enough research on what kind of math a lot of people are eyeing for. The more people who search for answers for problems with it, the higher the chances of earning will be.

Work on (or improve) your English skills

This might sound a bit confusing. Why on earth would English be needed for this? Well, the truth is, you can’t really make money with Math online if you’re not capable of explaining using the international medium of instruction.

There will be online platforms that you could apply to. There will also be clients from various places all over the world that you will be communicating and negotiating with – you won’t be able to do so if you are incapable of talking to them in the English language.

This might be about Math but you still need to work on your English… just accept this.

Choose the most preferable method for showing your Math skills

This is also an important option you have to make. How will you channel your math skills so people can absorb them and use them? Can you solve math problems by writing, by voicing out your instructions? Or by videoing them? You have to pick a method because only then can you truly start earning.

Since the world today often communicates visually, putting your math skills on video or on a highly illustrative or graphical presentation should be the most ideal method. The faster the way by which you can show people how math problems are done, the better it would be.

The sad truth about learning Math is that most people, find it very boring and tedious. You have to do your best to make your presentations dynamic and engaging and the ultimate way to do this is via graphical means.

Be an online Math tutor

You might have grasped that the previous item is about providing web content that can be monetized, and you are right with that. If you don’t like the idea, how about becoming a Math tutor? In choosing this route, you would need to pitch your ideas and skills to a client, or to an existing online company and you’d need to work on a given schedule.

The downside for this is that you will have no control over your work hours since it will be the client who will dictate it. The upside for this is that what you’ll earn will be predetermined since rates will be made clear beforehand and you will be paid per hour.

Becoming an online Math tutor could be done by either applying to some companies or by announcing your services through social media pages. This is the reason why you should also pay attention to the next step.

Make a Math-centric social media page

If people are selling and doing all sorts of businesses on Facebook, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sell your Math skills as well on social media. By making a page or group centered around mathematics, you could attract people that need their math problems solved.

These people will be your prospective clients, or they could be your customers as you sell goods to them, if you’re willing to make money with that option.

Another benefit of making a Math-centric social media page is that you could also collaborate with other Math-lovers out there. You could learn a lot from them, or they could learn a lot from you. Either way, you could still earn a lot though not in a literal monetary sense.

With your Math-centric social media page, you could also find connections that could lead you to apply to high-paying companies that need math-skilled workers. You may also use the platform you built for finding clients you could tutor for.

Making a social media page to showcase your Math skills really works, you should definitely try it.

Demonstrate your Math skills on video streaming

Youtube is now very bloated with vloggers who talk about nonsense stuff and plenty of grotesque activities that the world could just totally get rid of. If you believe that your Math skills can really be useful for this generation’s home-based education, then it’s about time for you to publish a Mathematics Youtube channel.

By choosing this, your English skills could really come in handy since you can’t explain how numbers really work if you can’t talk to your viewers clearly. If you’re not confident with your English enough, then you might just explain your acts using your own language or dialect. The downside to this is that your viewers would just be limited to your own country or region.

Demonstrating Math on video is the most preferred method these days. If you can capture your math skills properly with a camera or phone pretty well, a huge potential for earning will surely await you. Learn about doing this without a camera.

Work for academic sites

Because of the prevalence of online education, a lot of students are becoming lazier each day. This might be an ugly truth, but it’s the kind of truth that you could exploit and earn from. Academic writing sites or “essay mills” are very prevalent on the web today and have become a very profitable field of business.

You as a math whiz could rake in huge profit from academic writing sites by solving math problems on those platforms. Though such platforms actually hire writers, math-related student projects are also very common there, and in reality, such freelance tasks actually pay more!

Learn about how to get hired in academic writing sites here.

Work for these apps and platforms

Aside from essay mill sites, you could also work for the following online platforms that purely focus on making money by solving math problems from clients.

Mathway – This platform is an avenue for students that provides the best tools they need to solve their math problems online. The site promises millions of users and billions of problems solved regularly. Mathway has an affiliate program that can let students and teachers earn as well.

Mathformoney – With this, you can make your phone as a ‘digital pocket money using your math skills. Designed for children, those who work hard will earn as their skill-level improves.

Photomath – This is perhaps the most popular platform of its kind. Depending on your expertise, you could earn up to $300 per week. It is named as such because users typically take photos of their math problems and upload them, and wait for them to be solved by experts.

Here’s an article from Webemployed that features 5 platforms for making money with Math.

Avoid these methods in your Math money-making

We talked about what to do, now let’s get into the question of “What not to do.” As stated earlier, this generation has a great fondness for visuals and if you’re thinking of showcasing your Math skills online, there are methods that you might want to avoid, and these are writing and podcasting.

There’s no argument about the profitability of blogging, ebooks, and podcasting. But in making money with math online, these methods might not be too ideal. For most people, Math can’t be easily figured out via voice and writing alone. If you’re wise and realistic enough, you have to accept this fact.

It can’t be disputed that the best way to learn how numerical problems are solved is by looking at well-drawn images, animations, or by actually seeing a human teacher in front. Thus, it is quite clear that making math-related content is best done on video, or through animated presentations.

However, printed textbooks are proof that Math can still be explained through writing. If you really wish to do so, learn about how to publish written online content properly by reading this.

Math is a complex system to learn and the Internet needs heroes that can educate people in a truly compelling way. Would you like to be that hero? Give the above-mentioned tips a try. Get it on, make money with our Math skills online. It could change your life, as well as the lives of others.

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