This Is How Astrologers Could Truly Earn Online

This Is How Astrologers Could Truly Earn Online

Though astrology is considered by some to be a thing of the past, many enthusiasts are still delving into the topic. Amazingly, astrology has become so engraved in pop culture as well as global cultures in general that is still among the most interesting elements within it in spite of the prevalence of digital technology.

Speaking of which, here are some methods that can help you make money with astrology online.

What you’ll learn here:

Establish yourself as an online astrologer

Let’s assume that you have already conducted some astrology-related gigs in the real world. Since you want to make money with the knowledge you have, the next important step you have to take is establishing your presence as an online astrologer.

The best way to make this happen is by making a Facebook or LinkedIn page with motifs and images related to supernaturalism. This could set the tone for people to start believing that you could deliver on your astrology services.

Of course, making people believe would also mean that you could truly deliver. You need to prove yourself very knowledgeable too with astrology so you can give them the motivation and information they need.

Conduct live astrology sessions

If online classes and lectures are already done online today, then there’s no reason for astrologers to conduct their astrology sessions through online platforms as well. Why it highly matters is due to the fact that people would perceive you as very credible and reliable since you are not afraid to present your ideas right at the moment.

Because of the live broadcast features that social media allows today, anyone, including astrologers can provide live feeds of their activities and earn some money along the way. Apart from Facebook, there are also countless platforms out there with similar features such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Tiktok. Your options for conducting live astrology sessions are limitless.

Be an astrology vlogger

If you don’t consider yourself to be very talented in speaking on the spot, you can choose to be an astrology vlogger instead. By making a script of what you want to say and videoing yourself later, you could come up with a video presentation with lesser mistakes.

Nearly all human tasks and activities are already on Youtube today. You as an online astrologer must not ignore the potential for earning in that streaming platform. Learn to vlog the easy way here.

Make an astrology podcast

If you hate the idea of being videoed but have the guts for recording your voice so people can learn from your astrology knowledge, podcasting is something to consider. Using a cheap recorder, or your own phone, you can already start a podcast series that could make you earn a steady stream of income.

By crafting a good list of what you want to say and recording your lectures in a quiet room, you can already compile a good set of lessons that people can learn from, or pay for. Spotify is the best platform for you to consider launching your podcast series.

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Publish an astrology blog or ebook

If you hate being videoed or recording your voice, how about writing your astrology ideas? Today, with the existence of WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, starting a blog is super simple and anyone with very basic computer knowledge can already earn from blogging.

Another option for making money with astrology by writing is by publishing an ebook. Compared to blogs that require regular content publishing, ebooks have a definitive ending and could be much shorter. Here’s a detailed guide to making and publishing ebooks properly.

Sell astrology-related merchandise

With platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, putting up an online store is relatively easy these days. Even if you don’t own an online store, you can still make an online store out of your Facebook page (learn about it here).

You have to understand though that direct and hard selling doesn’t really work all the time – you have to present yourself as someone that gives value to people. Only by doing this can truly succeed at selling.

Once you’ve gained enough followers already, it would be a great idea to start selling astrology-related merchandise like:

  • bracelets – ones that people can wear for good luck
  • necklaces – jewelry that they can wear on their necks so positive energy could be harnessed
  • amulets – artifacts that could protect people from bad spirits and evil forces
  • supernatural charmers – paraphernalia that people believe make them more attractive, or help them succeed in life
  • potions – oils and balms that people believe can heal them from supernatural illnesses and make them lovable
  • tarot cards – for aspiring astrologers and fortune-tellers wanting to follow your footsteps

While many modernists dismiss these as absurd and useless, a lot of people still believe that such objects can bring a lot of good and positivity to their lives. You might want to exploit such a belief system by selling those stuff as an online astrologer.

Most interesting topics to include in your astrology content

In providing your videos and your writings with interesting content, you must cover the following topics so your viewership will rise speedily.

How to interpret horoscope correctly

People find it very interesting if their birth month and date are used for something positive in their lives. However, a lot of people these days are so tired already of hearing the same horoscope stuff that they learned in the past years.

One creative way of giving a unique take is by using the latest astronomical findings today from real scientists and incorporating them into your astrology. Astronomy and astrology might sound the same, but they are very different from each other. You as an online astrologer however could use the former to your advantage in making your content.

How to apply lucky numbers and colors properly

Making people feel lucky is an activity nobody could ever resist. If you make people believe that they are many steps luckier than others, they will be captivated to read or watch even more of your content.

In telling them about their lucky colors, lucky numbers, or whatever object that makes them lucky, be sure to give them the pros and cons for each. By doing this, you can truly help them put their ‘items for luck’ in the right usage and application, so you will not be blamed in any way if they fail in any endeavor.

How to choose career and life decisions in the future

In every astrology lecture given by most astrologers, you can often hear them say that “The future is always uncertain” and that “It is still up to you.” You have to emphasize this as well. You have to make your audience feel responsible for their own decisions.

You have to remember that as an online astrologer, your task is to give them guidance, not assure them that a good future is already ahead of them without a set of efforts on their part.

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