Making Money As An Athlete Online

Making Money As An Athlete Online

Athletes can earn best of course while being on the field. But what if you’re a sports person who wants to make some extra cash via online means? Here are some of the best options you should definitely try.

You’ll learn the following:

Demonstrate your sports skills on video

This is a visually-oriented era, and if you’re really exceptional with your chosen sport, showing your skills on video is something that nobody could ever dismiss. Athletics is obviously about physicality which means you have to do a lot of running, jumping, rolling, summersaulting, or whatever physical feat your chosen sport needs.

In choosing this route, you need to learn skills for content creation, particularly in the category of videography and video editing. Lucky for you, learning these can be done totally for free, though it might require you to invest a lot of time with it since video production can be very tricky and painstaking.

Ideal platforms for showing your athletic skills on video

Youtube – People in any trade area you could think of are showcasing their skills on this giant platform, this should be your top choice for making money with your sport online.

Tiktok – If you prefer very short videos, this should be your most preferred option. You can also use this platform for doing indirect or direct selling.

Facebook – Just very recently, Facebook pages can be monetized if you upload regular video content and have amassed a good-enough number of followers already. Learn about how to monetize your Facebook page here.

Be an online sports coach

This is most preferable if you are nearing your retirement as an athlete or if you already present the image of an “aging sportsman.” Though some young athletes can definitely be wise and effective coaches, those aging ones are often the most trustworthy-looking generally speaking.

Regardless of how you may look, you could choose to showcase your coaching skills online as long as you can give very strategic guides about how a sports team might win, or how a lone athlete might triumph against any rival.

Methods for becoming an online coach

Webinars – Compared to short Youtube or Tiktok videos, webinars are meant to be hours long which means you have to be ready to give a truly engaging discussion. This means that you must not be too repetitive with your lecture or if you do want to be repetitive, you must not give a very boring one.

Consultancy – The best way to make this happen is by making a Facebook page about your being available as a consultant so people can benefit from your expertise. You may charge your clients per hour, or via a tutorial page with corresponding fees.

Demonstrate your fitness routine

It is a known fact that people nowadays want to achieve an ideal body shape. Since you are an athlete, you would definitely be one of the fittest guys in the neighborhood. The extensive hard work you pour into achieving your good figure could be monetized in a lot of ways, and the most ideal way would be to demonstrate your exercise routine so people can see it or read about it.

Though readable content could also be created for readers, it can’t be denied that a fitness regimen is best done via a video, so Youtube or Tiktok are the best platforms for this. You could also demonstrate your exercise videos on a webinar as well, or as downloadable video content for a certain fee.

Sell sports-related merchandise

Here’s the truth about online content creation – you can’t really earn big bugs if you don’t do product selling. Though bloggers and vloggers can earn from the ads that they show in their content, a great bulk of their incomes actually come from selling products and related goods that they mention in their discussions.

Methods for online selling as an athlete

Subliminal selling – This is done by mentioning a piece of equipment or product that you use in your sport, or in doing a particular exercise. You can then put a link to that product from an online store which will give you a percentage or commission for every product you sell.

Direct selling – This is done by telling your audience directly about buying a certain product. You have to be careful when to do this exactly though because direct selling is something that most audiences hate. If you’ve attained a great number of followers already, this could be truly effective since a lot of people are already coming to you to view your content.

Endorse fitness-related products and supplements

If your sports blog or your athletics video channel has gained enough popularity already, there’s a huge chance that companies that sell supplements, vitamins, and other health-related goods will reach out to you so they can negotiate for product endorsement. This could really work to your advantage since they will send you products that you can consume or sell to people, which is another way of boosting your income.

If no one comes to you for endorsement, you might want to submit a pitch to those companies by sending them an email, or a video message which could tell them about your proficiency in athletics and fitness routines.

What if you can’t do the above-mentioned methods by yourself?

You’ve devoted all of your years towards athletics greatness which means you never had the time to learn all the technicalities needed to publish online web content. This is understandable since not everyone is meant for publishing their craft online or otherwise.

This doesn’t mean though that you no longer have any chance of making money as an athlete online. Here are options you can pick:

Work with a capable content creator

If you can guarantee that you can showcase your exceptional sports talent in a truly engaging way, you can have the guarantee as well that plenty of content creators all over the web are also itching intensely to collaborate with you.

By putting a social media ad of your will so people can learn from your sports expertise, content creators might just approach you. One way or another, they are also as eager as you in making money with athletics as well.

Appear on online interviews

You could really earn a lot by appearing in interviews. But why just online? Who is not on TV? The simple answer to this is that unless you’re a very famous sports star, no TV network would ever bother approaching you for an interview.

The most realistic view about making money with interviews is by appearing on online interviews by bloggers on in any mid-level online platforms. Since these vloggers or internet talk show hosts are not really members of those big-budget media networks, they would prefer collaborating with average athletes like you.

If you’re a sportsman who now prefers the work-from-home setting, why not leverage your skills and make money as an athlete online? Immerse yourself in the tips given above and for sure, a steady stream of passive income could find its way through your wallet.

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