Steps In Making Money With Horror Stories Online

Steps In Making Money With Horror Stories Online

Getting scared might not be a very likable scenario, but it’s something that people really want to feel while reading or watching something. Horror is a very powerful pop-culture element and in this post, let’s take a look into how you might profit from it via online platforms.

What you’ll learn here:

Steps in making money with horror stories online

1. Equip yourself with the basics of horror

The first obvious move would be, of course, making yourself capable of crafting stories that can make people frightened through storytelling. Thanks to countless lectures that you can find from podcasts, tutorial videos, and blogs related to storytelling, you can learn such lessons for free. What you need to invest in would just be your time and persistence.

2. Work with a writer or a storyteller

If you find it hard to write horror stories, an alternative would be finding someone who can then tell those stories on their behalf. You could ask that person to write a scary narrative so you can present it to an audience (with methods that we will deal with later). The idea for this is you have to consider working with a partner to make the painstaking task a lot easier.

4. Identify your means of telling your horror story

Obviously, the most common way of telling stories online is by letting people read. This method by far is the easiest and most practical. However, there are other alternatives like being more graphical, using animations, and some other multimedia elements. You have to identify what methods suit you best before actually starting your horror money-making project.

5. Choose the right method of telling your horror story

Publishing horror stories online, or any other kind of story for that matter could be effectively done by any of the following methods:

By letting people read

Being the most practical, this method should be strongly considered especially if you’re just starting out. Here are the most common ways of publishing your horror stories so people can read them.

Horror blog – You can buy your own domain name, or you can utilize the existing free blogging platforms that are so widespread on the internet. To make the most profit out of horror blogging, making your own blog site would be the best option because you can have full control over your ads, affiliate sales, and your site’s entire structure. Learn proper blogging here.

Horror ebook – Blog sites require regular daily or weekly content. If you find this too burdensome, you might want to consider publishing an ebook instead, where there is a definitive beginning and ending to your story. Ebooks can be as short as 6,000 words which makes them very doable for beginners. Learn about proper ebook publishing here.

Horror comics – If you prefer telling your horror story graphically, illustrating them on comic pages is the most practical way. If you’re good with drawing and storytelling at the same time, you’re hitting jackpot. But if you’re only good with one, consider working with a partner.

By letting people listen

If you hate the idea of writing, then maybe speaking out your stories is something you’d like. Here are options you can explore:

Horror podcast – Here, you can read stories you wrote yourself or those that are written by others. Podcasts can be done like a radio program which means you can make it as true-to-life as possible, which should entice listeners even more. This is doable since you can do it using a cheap recorder or even your own phone.

Horror audiobook – In truth, this is a bit harder to do since you will be making an actual book and making a “voice version” of that same book. This requires a much larger effort, but the advantage is that it will be priced more, which will give you a much larger income.

By letting people watch

Since this generation is unmistakably a visual era, you could almost never go wrong if you let people watch you as you tell your horror story. Choosing this option should let you explore the following.

Horror images slideshow – Though this could also be under the “listen” category, publishing your horror story on Youtube where people can see vivid images, which should enhance the experience even more. Some horror Youtubers actually make their channels appear like a podcast channel as well in which there are no actual moving images, just a steady horror background picture while an audio story plays on the background.

Horror animated story – Also an option for a horror Youtube channel, this requires a bit more skill and technical background. By using free online resources where you can make animated clips, you can come up with a decent-looking multimedia horror project already. Moving images will surely provide a much better scary story-telling compared to the ones mentioned above.

Horror motion comics – Giant comic book companies are acknowledging that printed comics are not as profitable as they were anymore. As a remedy, many of them are publishing digital comics in which the characters show movement and speak dialog. This is also an excellent method for publishing your horror stories.

How can you actually make money with your horror stories?

Let’s answer this question since this is the whole point of this article. Here are the methods for earning:

Advertising – If you choose to blog, you can put ad boxes on the sidebars or your website, or within the stories themselves. Google Adsense offers the best profit by far for this. You can also use it on your Youtube channel. Getting approved by Adsense could be very challenging though. There are standards you have to meet before you can actually start earning.

Affiliate selling – If you have a huge number of followers already, you can put affiliate links on your blog, or on your social media page from which people can buy products that could make you earn commissions. A lot of influencers are very profitable because of this method.

Direct selling – This is most applicable if you choose ebook or audiobook publishing. By selling your stories on Amazon or any online bookstore, you can have your earnings delivered straight to your Paypal or bank account.

Signing up to famous story-telling platforms – Earning with your blog requires time and patience to happen. If you want to skip that part, signing up to writing platforms such as Wattpad and Dreame is a good choice as well. In them, you can join their paid stories programs where you can earn depending on the number of reads your stories get.

Here’s your detailed guide for making money with Wattpad

Joining horror story contests – If you don’t want to compete in Wattpad or Dreame, there are also countless similar platforms as well where story-writing competitions are conducted regularly. There are various story categories to choose from aside from horror and romance so you can have limitless opportunities.

Horror is a story-telling element that will never go out of style. Capitalize on your storytelling skills pertaining to it and start making money online!

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