Realistic Ways For Senior Citizens To Earn Online

Realistic Ways For Senior Citizens To Earn Online

Being a senior citizen typically means you’re already on retirement, which also means you’re supposed to enjoy your elder years without working on a job anymore.

But what if you still want to make money at home though you’re already past 60? Let’s discuss some of the best ideas about how you can find online side-hustles as a senior citizen.

What you’ll learn here:

For this discussion, let’s focus on the idea that as a senior, what you really want is to have a passive stream of income, so what you really want is not a full-time job, just something that you could have use of your extra time with.

So what we will talk about here is giving people something to watch, or something to read, which as the Internet has shown, proves to be something really profitable.

First, let’s understand that you can’t really make money online today if you don’t provide something that people can use, help them solve their problems, or show them something interesting.

How a senior citizen can provide content online.

Sharing experiences

You’ve lived for more than half a century already, which is another way of saying that throughout the years, you’ve piled up a great heap of experiences. This could work to your advantage by telling people about what you’ve been through — your ups and downs, your journey to success, and even towards failures.

Hearing about the beauty or ugliness of life, as long as they are presented as lesson-filled content is something that people can’t ignore. Capitalize on that idea since you’ve had a long journey in the past. People would love to hear your stories.

Imparting knowledge

As a retiree, it goes without saying that you’re quite well-versed already with the ins and outs of your previous job. Regardless of which trade area your former career belongs to, several members of the younger generation would love to learn about tips that can make them better at their jobs.

Knowing this, you should share what you’ve learned over the years. People are very willing to listen to you or watch you do your thing while earning something along the way.

Motivating others (about the benefits of getting old)

The idea of talking about the benefits of aging seems a very unattractive concept, especially for kids. But what about those who are nearing seniorhood? Or those who belong to the same age bracket as you? For sure, they want to hear from the likes of you who have managed to live smoothly through retirement so well, so they can use your ideas to make the quality of their lives a lot better.

If you don’t like sharing your past experiences or feel like you have no career expertise to impart, you should consider motivating others about the upsides of getting old. If you look into the brighter side of things, you can be sure that you have a lot to share that could truly inspire others.

How will you actually make money out of these?

Now that we’ve established 3 main methods of how you can provide useful content for people to consume, the next vital question is about how to actually make money with those methods. Again, there are 3 more methods, and it involves the following:

1. By writing

This is by far, the most basic among all the content publishing methods on the web, which breathes and thrives on information. Without writers, the Internet would collapse literally, and you as an elderly person might want to hop into the writing trend while doing any of the above-mentioned methods.

Here are 2 of the best ways of publishing your writings online:

Making a blog site – where you can embed some ad boxes on the sidebar, or on the pages themselves, and make money.

Publishing an ebook – Where you can sell them on Amazon, or other similar online bookstores. Learn about how to properly write and sell ebooks here.

2. By speaking

If you find writing to be very laborious, how about voicing your knowledge and experiences? If you prefer to talk while making money, your options could be:

Launching podcasts – Using very cheap equipment or just your own cellphone, you can already start your own podcast series on Spotify. Podcasting is a very profitable business these days. You have to consider making money out of it.

Social media live-streaming – Some TV or radio announcers are doing their gigs on Facebook already these days. You can make your own social media account as a makeshift radio station. Doing this is easy and free, you may exploit this trend too.

3. By videoing

We have to acknowledge that some people prefer watching instead of reading. And if you feel like your appeal is on being watched while you talk or perform, then you might want to do the following:

Conducting webinars – Whether you’re a professor, a carpenter, a fisherman, or just about any skillful worker, there will always be someone out there who wants to learn your trade. Conduct an online lecture where you can show ads or sell products, this is something to make a great profit with.

Making a Youtube channel – If plenty of people are getting rich by singing, dancing, or doing just about every imaginable silliness on Youtube, why won’t you consider imparting your golden knowledge on the platform?

If you’re torn between being a writer or making videos, read this.

Most Suitable Online Jobs for Senior Citizens

Though most offices typically avoid hiring employees past 60, some online establishments do accept people within this age bracket. Here are the most recommended jobs for retirees that they can still perform at home

ESL (English Second Language) Teacher – There are a lot of elderlies that are proving to be still profitable with this job. They teach English typically to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean students. Here’s an in-depth guide to becoming an online ESL teacher.

Online Consultant – You could profit from the expertise you have throughout the many years of your career. Post your consultancy skills along with your corresponding rates on your social media page so people might reach out to you so they can take heed of your expert-level sets of advice.

Customer Service Staff – Commonly known as “call-center agent,” this job has increased a lot during the pandemic days and due to such a demand, many companies are hiring senior citizens as long as they are willing and able.

Freelance/Full-time Writer – The internet will always need writers so that websites and countless web publications can have a steady supply of content every day. Age is not an issue for it. In fact, the older or wiser you are, the more preferable you’ll be due to the “trust and authority” factors.

Telemarketer – This job requires a lot of speaking because clients must be reached out through live conversations. Another form of telemarketing is done via email though, so typically, some messages will just be copied and pasted with slight modifications.

Because the realm of online jobs is getting more massive each day, it’s really hard to enumerate all of the jobs that senior citizens can get. However, the above-listed ones are the most recommended for retirees.

Here is a detailed page about online jobs for senior citizens and the expected salaries for each job.

How can you compete against the young ones?

If you think that internet popularity is only about looking beautiful and young, then you’re gravely mistaken. The fact that you’ve read this far makes it clear that you’re hoping to be an online lecturer or educator. And in that aspect, you have a huge advantage compared to those good-looking, youthful influencers out there.

As a senior citizen, you can take advantage of the following:

The credibility of “the old person’s image” – People would mostly prefer a silver-gray-haired scientist over a smooth-skinned kid who babbles about science, right? The point is that if you’re an elderly who talks about the wisdom of life, you’d look more credible than any young-looking person.

Your quick insight about things – The older you get, the better you are in “reading between the lines.” Because of your experiences, you can understand and explain life lessons a bit quicker than your younger peers. Use this to your advantage.

Your appeal for giving comfort – An older person like you is often viewed to be more sincere and way more patient. This means that in giving advice, settling conflicts, or making anyone feel comfortable, you’ve achieved excellence already.

Hey senior citizen, start now!

If you want to make the most out of retirement, I hope this article can really help you. Even if you’re not in your senior years yet, maybe you can share this with your grandma or grandpa. Pick any of the methods mentioned above, or maybe you want to learn about how you can make money with any hobby online by reading this.

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