Make Money From Video Games Without Streaming

Make Money From Video Games Without Streaming

Plenty of video game hobbyists today earn huge piles of wealth while streaming live video feeds of their activities. Maybe you want to achieve the same too but want to make money with your video game hobby without providing video streams.

Here are the steps you might take:

Let’s categorize them into 2, the easy ways and hard ways because obviously, actually doing them has some level of difficulty that can be conquered by persistence. Please take note that doing just a single one of them won’t work, you have to do at least 3 of them to really make money with your deep passion for playing video games.

Easy ways

Curate video game-related content

If you’re wondering what curating really means, it’s just the act of finding content on the web and posting them somewhere else. Content curation could be done by asking the author to repost their written work or video content on your own blog or just by sharing them on a social media page.

Of course, this could appear as plagiarism if done the wrong way if no consent is given by the content owner. The best way to cleanly pull this off is by sharing the video-game content you found on social media.

Whether they’d be blog posts or videos, you have to consider finding plenty of them so you can use them to your advantage. You can make money out of this collection, by doing the next steps.

Make a video game-centric Facebook page

The main reason why you should do the first step is that you’d be posting them on a Facebook page you’ll make which is about video games. By posting your article or video collections about the video games you love to play, or those that people are so addicted to, you’d gain some followers over the course of time who could become your clients soon… that will give you the earnings your desire.

One thing that you have to be aware of as well is that a Facebook page could be monetized too if it has met the desired number of followers, and if it’s able to meet some guidelines. If you truly love playing video games but haven’t made a Facebook page for that hobby yet, now might be a good time to start.

You could make money out of your FB page, read this article, and this detailed blog post to find out how.

Many people are wondering if it’s possible to make money while doing nothing and for sure, you’re one of those people, right?

The answer to that would be referral links, which can be simply defined as pasting or sharing links that could make you earn. And as your friends do the same, they could earn points too, while you will just earn additional points from their very acts of sharing and pasting – even while you sleep.

The concept of making money from referral links has now become a solid business model used by a lot of online companies. Many video game manufacturers are using this as a marketing tool and they need people like you who love to advertise their latest products by means of sharing referral links.

Since you have made a thriving Facebook page with lots of followers (assuming you did the previous step), it would be the perfect place for you to share referral links with your followers. The more those followers share the links, the more money you’ll earn and you’re not even doing anything at all.

Finding “referral links for video games” is very widespread on the web, just use Google to search enclosed in that quotation and you’re in for some serious money-making potential.

Be an affiliate seller of video-game related products

In addition to the referral links, you could also apply as an affiliate seller for some online stores on the Internet. Since your Facebook page is about video games, then it is strongly recommended that you’d sell products related to it as well.

In case you’re not aware of it, you have to know that online selling is best done if you are offering products to people that revolve around some valuable content that they read or see. If a page visitor is engrossed by what they see on your page, then selling a product to them would be a lot easier.

In the past, you would need a blog or a Youtube channel to become an affiliate seller. Today however, you may still become one even if what you have is just a Facebook page.

Hard ways

Now that we’ve learned about the easy ways, let’s learn the hard ways. Before you turn away and get discouraged, just convince yourself that the following methods might be difficult, but they could bring you more money.

Provide gaming walkthroughs

This can be simply defined as a “video game tutorial.” As a video game fanatic, you should have understood already that gaming walkthroughs are highly valuable because they can make a player more adept and skillful as he or she progresses for each level of a particular game.

The best ways to do this include blogging about a particular video game, or videoing your exact movements. If you choose the former though, you’d have to be highly illustrative and graphical because obviously, no gamer would ever find your blog post very attractive if they can’t see what you’re really trying to teach them.

Discuss your gaming insights

This is highly connected with the previous method. Still doable by either blogging or videoing, your gaming insights could be highly valuable among other gamers since you’d be teaching them techniques and anticipations on how the video game could be played better.

Providing insights is often done by experts or those that can offer truly in-depth explanations. You have to avoid doing this if you’re not well-versed enough, or if you’re incapable of talking very well in front of a camera. If you can put your explanation into a comprehensive form of writing, it’s a good alternative too.

Join online video game competitions

Like sports events that happen all over the world on a regular basis, video game competitions are also taking place so frequently that the entertainment industry would be incomplete without them. Since this is now among the hottest trends in the digital world today, you as an avid video gamer must try your luck – huge prizes that could change your life are at stake!

To find the best opportunities for you, Google could certainly help you look, or you could use the connections you have on your Facebook page which would have gained a lot of followers already if you took all of the first steps consistently.

You’ve just been given some money-making steps for video gaming without streaming. Instead of just playing without earning anything, why not try them out so you could earn some extra income as you spend long hours with that hobby?

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