Earn Online By Helping AI Research

Earn Online By Helping AI Research

Artificial Intelligence, they say, could one day take over the world. We’re not sure of that yet though. What we can be certain of is that it can dominate your stream of income by making it a lot better. Here are the methods for making money online by helping in the development of AI.

Steps for making money with AI research online:

Hard ways, but makes you earn big

These are challenging to grasp but would be very rewarding as career choices.

Learn how AI works and why it matters

It’s undeniable that the brains of the computers we’re using are making our lives a lot more comfortable. It’s really impossible to think of any modern establishment today that don’t use computers to speed up their services and day-to-day processes.

Knowing this, it would be a very wise move for an AI-curious person like you to study how the system truly works so you can use it to your advantage. By patiently harnessing knowledge pertaining to AI day by day, you could use it for a very high-paying career someday.

According to ZipRecrutter.com, your salary as an AI developer could be as high as $195,000 and as low as $30,000 annually. Now, that’s a truly compelling way of increasing your means of living!

Learn AI programming

Before your focus departs from that high salary mentioned in the previous item, let’s get to know the primary method by which you could attain it, and it requires you to learn a programming language. In a simple definition, a PL is a software that allows you to make instructions that the computer can follow.

Among the existing computer jobs out there, programming is one of the most difficult to learn, yet one of the highest paying jobs ever. By devoting their careers to coding computers, many digital entrepreneurs, game developers, and website owners have grown insanely rich.

To become a profitable AI programmer, you have to choose a programming language that’s truly suitable for that field. As a beginner, you could use LISP or Prolog. As you grow in your skills, you could then evolve later to using Python, Java, or C++. These are highly recommended by experts as they can let communicate with computer hardware efficiently.

Apply for AI programming jobs online

After learning about AI concepts and programming for it, the next course of action would be applying for online jobs pertaining to it. The first ideal step for this is setting up your social media profiles as an aspiring AI researcher/developer.

As a start, you should highly consider making a Facebook page or LinkedIn page in which you will curate AI-related content that people could view, to poke their interest in the subject matter. As a header or profile banner, you should embed a high-resolution photo of yourself, or information that could showcase your proficiency as an AI programmer that people could count on.

The next step would be to set up your profile on Upwork, PeoplePerHour, or any other similar online platforms that are always on the lookout for new talents. AI developers are highly in demand these days and you can always have the guarantee that if you can make yourself visible online as skillful in that area, companies will surely approach you to work for them.

Easy ways, but sustainable in the long run

If you find the above-mentioned methods too difficult, here are the easier ones. You might find these doable.

Publishing AI-related writings

If you’ve gathered enough AI knowledge but found programming and algorithm crafting to be too painstaking, maybe you should consider writing about AI instead. The most ideal options would be blogging or ebook publishing.

You don’t need to be very deeply knowledgeable about AI to make money with it. Having the motivation to make people feel interested with the intelligence that computers have would be enough. What you just have to focus on is the idea that AI really matters in this era because it can make our lives and the world in general, an easier place to thrive in.

Learn about proper blogging here, and learn about the best ways of publishing ebooks here.

Uploading AI video discussions

This is just very similar to the previous item, though you’d be using a camera or your phone as you explain your points. It’s no secret that a lot of vloggers are making a lot of money on Youtube or other similar streaming platforms these days.

If you hate writing or feel like most people hate reading (you’re right about that, you know?), then maybe videoing yourself while you educate people about AI could be your method for online money-making. Learn about choosing to blog or to vlog here.

Easier ways, but may not let you earn too big

Are those previous tips still too difficult? You might wanna try these.

Work with photos for Machine Learning

One of the most difficult aspects of AI development is pattern recognition. The thing is, human babies have no trouble at all when recognizing faces while toddlers can easily sort artistic alphabet. With robots and computer cameras however, such tasks are still too challenging.

To cater to this problem, some online platforms today hire people who can annotate or describe pictures so they can be useful for AI enhancement. By having this job, you’re helping robots evolve so they can think a bit closer to the way humans do.

Photo annotation is also known as “transcriptioning” in which you could get paid up to $1,124 per week. Apply for that job here.

Participate in AI surveys

If the previous tip is still not easy enough for you, this one should be easy enough. Today, AI researchers are endlessly conducting surveys in which they will ask questions about how computer intelligence could be further enhanced.

Since these scientists are so obsessed with making things a lot easier with computers, making machines think like humans will always be valuable for them. If you participate in a survey related to this, you could get paid, though not as big as you expect. If you scour through social media, searching for keywords like “AI surveys” are very common, and some agencies do pay certain amounts to participants.

There are agencies that do pay hugely for AI participants, though making it through would be a bit difficult. Visit this page by Willis Towers Watson for some information about making money by participating in AI surveys.

Artificial Intelligence can be regarded as the final frontier if the peak of human capability is talked about. Participate in this revolution online while making money in the process!

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