Earn With Spotify Even If You’re Not a Singer or Musician

Earn With Spotify Even If You’re Not a Singer or Musician

It’s common knowledge that a lot of music artists are getting rich with Spotify. But what if you’re not a musician nor a singer, is there a way for you to make money on that platform? Lucky for you, this post exists to help you with such a diverse idea.

Here are the steps and options for earning at Spotify while having zero musical talents:

Use your natural voice to make money

Spotify is an audio platform, so sound is the main and only medium by which you can make money from it. You have no music or singing talent, but for sure, you have a mouth and some vocal cords. Why not use it to stabilize your stream of income?

Before you start threading this path though, there are some extra steps you have to go undergo. One is learning how to modulate your voice properly, and learning to speak in a compelling way. Making money with a popular platform like Spotify means you have to also expect that there will be a lot of listeners with very high expectations.

In order to attain the stream of income you expect, you have to develop your voice and make it as pleasant and appealing as possible or the audience might just dismiss you as a nuisance audio content creator. Read this comprehensive guide in earning online using your voice.

Learn the basics of crisp audio recording

The next step you have to take is attaining enough knowledge on how to record your voice cleanly. No matter how interesting your talks might be on Spotify, you will be highly ignored by listeners if your recordings are not presentable enough.

Thankfully though, Spotify allows audio quality that’s as low as 160kbps. But even if you can record your voice with a quality higher than that, your discussions wouldn’t be appealing enough if a lot of unnecessary noises are also played in the background.

If you’re serious about making money with Spotify, you have to find quiet areas for recording. You don’t need to be in an expensive recording studio, your own bedroom would be enough as long as background noise is regulated, and if you have a noise cancellation headset.

Make a captivating podcast series

This is the most ideal choice for non-musicians to make money at Spotify. The only challenging part of this is you have to come up with a truly interesting topic to discuss to keep your listeners engaged. To speed up the buildup of your fan base, you have to keep your topic or niche as tight as possible.

For instance, if you’re fond of talking about love and romance, then it’s highly recommended that you maintain momentum out of that. If your thing is about horror and the supernatural, then it’s also ideal to stay in that niche.

Opting for that would diminish the likelihood of your listeners turning away since they are very engrossed with your series already. Seasoned web content creators can tell unanimously that having a core niche is vital to online publishing success. You must also implement this principle in your podcast series.

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Record spoken poetry

If you hate the idea of talking for hours (yes, the most successful podcasters talk for hours), then you have to consider this option which is meant to be shorter. The cool thing about publishing spoken poetry is that it is the closest thing you can get to becoming a musician.

By crafting your own poems and speaking them in a truly emotional, or comedic way, you could be similar to those famous rappers out there. If you have no talent for making rhymes by yourself, it would be a good idea to partner with a friend who has a knack for poetry. You can then split the revenue together.

By the way, if you’re interested in a detailed discussion about making money with poetry online, read this.

Make spoken hymns out of religious verses

If you want to make money with something very similar to spoken poetry but can’t make poems of your own, here’s a suggestion – use The Holy Bible, or any other religious book out there and make spoken hymns out of them.

By using centuries-old religious writings for your audio content, nobody will sue you for copyright infringement since nobody actually owns the rights to those writings – this is the biggest advantage of this method.

As you speak biblical verses as if they’re poems, you have to embed copyright-free music into them to make your outputs more captivating. Thankfully, a lot of free-to-use ambient music, and almost any kind of music you could think of could be downloaded easily. Use them to enrich your output.

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Make audio promotions for aspiring artists

Even if you have no talent for creating music, you certainly love listening to it, and would love to promote your favorite artist’s music. This method isn’t actually making music, it’s just about making audio outputs that can promote the songs of other artists, especially the aspiring ones.

Why you should work with the newbies in the music business is that for sure, most of them have no major releases yet, compared to the very famous ones. They are still very eager to work with almost anyone including you if you present yourself as their promoter.

What you will exactly do is make audio commentaries about how the greatness of these newbies’ music. Because you are promoting their songs, you deserve to get paid. This requires thorough negotiations and of course, this requires patience on your part since there will be a great likelihood that you’ll get rejected.

But even if you fail at this endeavor, you can still use the content you made for this and convert it into a podcast. It’s still a win for you.

Make playlists based on listeners’ demands

Curating playlists is a hobby that could make you earn. Basically, there are 2 steps from which you could make money from this. First is by doing something very similar to the previous method in which you’ll be making a playlist for an aspiring artist and get paid with a commission from them.

Another way is by making a playlist and selling them to others. Though you’d earn only a very small amount from this, such little earnings could grow over time if you will learn how to cater to the playlist demands of listeners.

For instance, there are listeners who seek playlists that could make them study better, or meditate better. Some health-conscious people also seek “workout playlists” while some could also be looking for “kiddie playlists.” By exploiting this kind of demand from people, you could make money out of this.

Do you know you can make money by listening to music? Read to find out.

I hope you’re now convinced that you could still make money from Spotify even if you don’t know how to sing or play instruments. There are 4 of them, so try a couple of them for they might rake in some extra income that could upgrade your finances significantly.

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