Realistic Ways of Earning as a Pet Lover Online

Realistic Ways of Earning as a Pet Lover Online

Making money with your pet online seems like an unusual idea. But is it really possible? Fortunately for you, it is! We’re not talking about a digital pet here, but a real, breathing biological animal! Here’s how you might pull it off.

What you’ll learn here:

Make sure your pet belongs to a non-competitive niche

Ask any content creator on the web today and you’d definitely hear the words “avoid a competitive niche” all the time. Why is this so? Because choosing a topic that’s too covered already means the one you’ll publish will be pushed too far away in Google searches to the point where it will be rendered invisible from the internet public. You hate that to happen, right?

For sure, a great majority of readers, including yourself are already thinking of choosing your dog to make money with online.

But for the sake of avoiding competition, you should consider choosing another pet… dogs are too overdone already online, and it would be extremely hard to ease out on the competition if you will just discuss random things about your dog when there are hundreds of thousands of professional content creators out there that are babbling about their dogs every day of their lives.

But if you are deeply passionate about making money with that dear pet dog of yours, just be sure that the kind of content you’ll upload is very uniquely crafted – this is the best and only way to stand out among the very best.

Identify your skill that could monetize your pet

To make real money with our pet online, you need to have or at least, develop some content-creation skills. Here are the possible ones you should choose from.

Capturing photos

This is by far the easiest and most convenient way of making content. It’s relatively simple: you aim your phone camera on your pet, and click capture. But the problem with ‘easy’ is that everybody can do it too. This means that if you choose conventional photography to make content with your pet, you are diving into a very competitive arena.

So in capturing your photos, make sure that you exercise over-the-top creativity. Unless your chosen pet looks truly extraordinary or if you’re doing poses with it that could truly attract unparalleled attention in an instant, your photos will just be ignored.

You have to learn how the experts capture photos and how they make money by selling them online. You can learn it by reading this.

Capturing videos

There’s a huge chance you’re one of those netizens who love to take videos of themselves daily. If you are, then why not capture plenty of captivating vids with your pet? Like the advice given above, you have to be very, very sure that the videos you’ll capture can be deemed extraordinary.

If you can perform amazing feats with your dog or any pet you might have, like involving them in your singing, dancing, sporting, or any possible activity, then that would be a great way for beating your competitors.

Learn about how experts capture videos here.


Nearly everyone can write, but not everyone can write impressively. This is the reason why writing might not be the best option for you to choose… because it’s not the easiest content creation category in existence. In fact, it’s one of the hardest.

The truth is, in the online dimension, writing is treated as a much more serious profession than videoing. It’s the reason why there are lots of cringe-worthy videos on Youtube, and that there are more bad videos than there are bad articles online.

But if you do consider yourself to be a decent writer, then there is a great chance for you to monetize your exploits with your pet online. You may choose to write it on a blog, which you can learn here, or you may publish your pet loving as an ebook, which you can also learn here.


This could be categorized in the ‘capturing videos’ portion, but there are also 2 great alternatives to monetize your pet-lecturing passion: via a podcast or a webinar. Why podcasting could be better than videoing is because compared to uploading videos on video-streaming platforms, lecturing your points via an audio stream requires a much simpler process.

Also, the realm of podcasting is not as competitive compared to vlogging these days. Podcasters are often viewed as more serious lecturers compared to plenty of vloggers that don’t even know what they’re really talking about.

If you consider yourself to be very knowledgeable about your chosen pet or if you can provide insightful discussions on an expert level, you might want also want to consider conducting a webinar where you could get paid with the online course you’re giving.

Learn about podcasting uniquely here.

Best Platforms for Monetizing Your Pet

Now that you’ve identified your skill in content creation, you may now choose which platforms to upload your content and start making money.

Youtube, Tiktok, Twitch

These 3 are among the very best portals for uploading videos of your pet. Provided that you’ve captured your videos in a very appealing way already, you have to start uploading them to your channel. You have to acknowledge though that there are rules you have to comply with, and that there must be a significant number of followers and views first that you have to attain to start making money.

Facebook and various social media sites

You may have not heard of this, but today, you can monetize your Facebook page too in the same way as you’re monetizing your Youtube channel. Just like in any internet platform, you have to adhere to some community standards or you’ll fail at getting approved for monetization.

Also, you could even get banned from Facebook if you upload videos or pictures that don’t fall to such standards. If you want to learn the steps to making money with your Facebook page, you have to read this.

Your own blog or website

Since we’ve learned already that avoiding competition is one of the best ways to make money online, you have to consider making your own blog under your own domain name. This option is best for those serious writers who can give an unparalleled level of dedication.

By writing consistently about your chosen pet, readers would be brought right through your digital doorstep as Google leads them to your own website – this is perhaps the best way to ease out the competition.

If you’re worried about not being a good writer, you can still choose to make a photography website where you can upload photos of yourself and your pet. You have to understand though that in choosing to upload content on your own website, you still need to promote your works on social media sites. We might say that this method should correlate with the previous tip.

If plenty of people today are making money by uploading content about life stuff, how about you join the fray and include your pet in yours? Making money as a pet lover online might not make you insanely rich, but it will surely improve your income stream when done in the strategic way explained here.

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