Technology Blogging: The Very Best Topics (and sub-topics) You Should Write About

Technology Blogging: The Very Best Topics (and sub-topics) You Should Write About

Search engines have spoken, topics and keywords related to technology are among the hottest issues that people look for on the Internet every day. Consequently, books, magazines, and blogs are published in high frequencies to address people’s needs in having some in-depth know-how about the latest stuff that technology has to offer.

Maybe you’re an aspiring blogger who’s having this confusion on what to blog about. Here’s a suggestion: pick technology as a niche. If you scour through the web for information, you will surely find out that it is one of the best niches ever.

What you’ll learn here:

Before you start writing, you should highly think about this question…

What do people expect in a technology blog?

Aside from it being very technical, you should highly consider making your technology blog…

Highly illustrative

Saying things about a piece of technology and giving detailed, worded descriptions about it, no matter how crafty they would be, is not a very cool thing to do, unless graphics come into play. Since you will be writing about gadgets and innovations, putting high-quality photos, infographics, and diagrams would be a very smart move.

If you aim to be a successful tech blogger, make sure you also have a high-resolution camera at your disposal, or at least a wide access to stock photos and videos that you can embed into your posts.

Timelessly relevant

This is really a hard one, since technology, especially those that belong to the digital realm hardly ever stay as they are. Even as you begin writing for a certain technological piece, that device could already be on its way to becoming old and irrelevant.

The best way to deal with this is to choose topics that have been around for quite a while already. Although if you choose those that are still rising, you have to make some solid predictions about what those devices would be like in the next years.

Capable of solving problems

Why do people use search engines like Google? Mostly, to find answers to their questions, and to solve their problems. If you plan to blog about technology, you have to highly include posts that can really enlighten them about the technicalities or complexities of a particular piece of technology.

This doesn’t mean you have to only blog about “how to’s” and troubleshooting, although they are fairly great niches to blog about. What I’m saying is that you have to talk about items that can make their lives better, and make their everyday dealings much simpler and more convenient.

Still, the technology niche is a very broad one. You need guidance on which specific topics to pick. To help you get around to the dilemma you might be currently having, let me help you. Technology blogging has a lot of topics and subtopics for you to write about.

Best Topics for A Technology Blog

Here are 10 of the best key points that will surely give you the greatest number of readers and site visitors:

1. Artificial Intelligence

This goes without saying, but let me say it anyway, AI is the thing of the future. Most likely, it will be the ultimate man-made product that will become a new species… non-organic, but one that will probably dominate the other existent species that thrive on this beautiful planet of ours.

Interesting sub-topics that could sprout from AI would be these:

How will it affect human careers and employment? – This might both surprise and scare you, but here’s a claim about AI that’s published in a blog of the Ohio State University:

“According to the International Federation of Robotics, 1.3 million industrial robots are in use as of 2018. Robotics continue to emerge as a large and influential market. The following five industries are utilizing this new technology to boost efficiency and convenience for both businesses and consumers:

– Health Care, Agriculture, Food Preparation, Manufacturing, and Military.”

If robots are now among the major keyplayers in the workforce dominated by us humans, then the system that powers their brains must be a very important topic to discuss. Whether you are an aspiring tech blogger, or one that is already a seasoned writer about it, AI must be something that you should thoroughly explain and expound on.

What is the future of AI’s assistance to humans? – The ultimate goal of AI developers is how to bring robots and computers closer to the manner of how we humans think and behave.

Though this notion is a bit too far-fetched for now, we can’t stop ourselves from getting curious about what the future will be like if we get to have our computers or cellular phones as our best friends and most trusted confidants.

In addressing this idea, topics like Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing would be the absolute hot picks. They will surely point to writers like you, and readers like them to have a better understanding of what AI would be really like in the not too distant future.

2. Apps and Software

What’s the difference between an app and a software? Technically, there’s no difference at all – they are both system programs that make a computer perform whatever task people ask them to do. But from a layman’s perspective, they could be respectively defined as:

App – short for application program, the general term used to call the various software installed in cellphones, tablets, and typical mobile devices.

Software – is a program installed on desktop and laptop computers. It has a very broad list of sub-categories that include office productivity, multimedia, programming languages, and entertainment applications.

Simply stated, we might say that apps are for cellphones and software are for computers. But here’s the thing, cellphones are technically computers too, so apps and software are basically the same.

Confusing, isn’t it? If you want to diminish the possible increase of question marks that could pop up in the minds of people about the 2, then you should discuss them in your tech blog.

But don’t just discuss the intricacies of the 2 lest, you will quickly run out of ideas. The most evergreen sub-topics that could be derived from them would be:

The latest productivity apps/software – They are basically built for the purpose of making everyday tasks easier, so those that offer the greatest convenience while working would be surely sought for by people.

The latest in entertainment and gaming – What are the best apps for videos and music? What are currently the best video and mobile games? These would be questions that are always present in the minds of the tech-oriented ones.

Next to this real world that we live and thrive in, the Internet is our most loved domain, our favorite digital hang-out, so to speak. For the reason that people extremely love to dwell within the virtual halls of the world wide web, a good tech blogger should really discuss the latest trends therein.

The following would be the best sub-topics for an internet-trend discussion:

Social-media tips and techniques – How can the likes of Facebook and Twitter be utilized for fullest usage and enjoyment? How do experts and web strategists employ social media to maximize marketing gains? These would be helpful for both small-time and big-time individuals who aim to boost their financial status.

Online Business and E-commerce – Just like its importance in the real world, business establishments are also existing and thriving in the digital realm. A tech blog wouldn’t be attractive enough if it doesn’t contain articles about how businesses could be improvised by internet resources.

4. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

When a lot of the processes that we go through every day became digitized, the act of money-making and even money itself, became digitized too. As such, you as a technology blogger should exploit this fact. Digital cash is now one of the hottest topics in all publications and media, and not writing about it would be a bad choice to make.

All technology blogs, including yours, should discuss, emphasize, and elaborate on the likes of Bitcoin, and the technicalities behind them. People need to be enlightened by such things, as they can surely make them richer, and can greatly improve their livelihood.

If you find studying the logistics that govern them to be too daunting and painstaking, maybe you should opt to provide guides on how to utilize them and how to make actual money with them. It would be much simpler and much easier to learn about.

I have to warn you though that the competition behind it would be very stiff. A lot of writers and bloggers are writing about it already as we speak. So make your explanations more comprehensive than theirs. Only then would you be able to rise through the extreme noise and gain ample attention.

5. Mobile and Handheld Gadgets

Of all the technological and technical topics to write about, this one is absolutely the hottest one to pick. They are lightweight, and a necessity to the modern lifestyle of anyone. If we are to visit any consumer electronics store, the following would be the most bought items:

Cameras – Taking pictures and making videos are something that people of all ages and races regularly do every day. It is for this reason that cameras are bought and sold in great numbers every day as well. People want to show their faces and overall appearances in the best manner possible, that’s why they want to know about the best cameras that can help them accomplish such an end.

Tablets – For surfing the web, playing games, reading ebooks, and also taking pictures, the handy device called the tablet is one of the very best of its kind. People love to hear about the latest and the best of the modern version of notebooks and organizers that make their lives a lot tidier and less messy.

Cellphones – This is the best gadget ever invented in the history of the universe. (unless of course we meet aliens from other planets and know about their gadgets too.) When you write about cellphones and give your detailed reviews about the latest products, such a writeup will surely be consumed by countless readers.

6. Home Entertainment Systems

Now more than ever, people just love to stay in the confines of their own homes. To keep boredom at bay, they need devices and appliances that can make them entertained. That’s why your tech blog should include the following:

TVs – Along with the cellphone, this device should be treated with almost equal importance. It is the best entertainment appliance to ever exist. Talk about various television brands and anything that can project images on the screen. Provide a detailed discussion on their most distinguishing features, it will be a much sought-after topic.

Speakers/sound systems – A good TV wouldn’t be good enough if it’s not equipped with excellent sound peripherals. If you give reviews about consumer electronics that deal with entertainment, the most popular speaker types and brands should be included as well. In addition, you have to also consider discussing the best sound systems that can play the best media formats be it in optical discs or external storage devices.

Game consoles – According to, there are around 1.82 video gamers all over the world as of 2014. By 2021, such a figure is expected to rise to 2.7 billion. If the video game business is able to accumulate such a huge number of gamers, then you as a tech blogger should write about video game consoles too.

7. Labor-Saving Devices

Aside from the need to be entertained. People in their homes also want nothing more than to finish their household chores in the fastest manner possible. That’s why they would do anything they can to buy labor-saving devices. Apparently, they will stop at nothing to get their hands on anything that can make everyday tasks easier than ever. The next 2 groups of devices are definitely the most important for everyone in performing household tasks.

Kitchenware – The quickest ways to cook, the fastest ways to serve drinks, the swiftest methods that can serve food in the most economical and convenient manner – these are topics that are impossible to ignore. Moms, dads, and almost any family member who just wants to make the kitchen a better place will always be on the lookout for the best ovens, the best power-saving refrigerators, and so on.

Cleaning/washing devices – We hate washing, we hate cleaning, but such tasks need to be done every day. What are the best digital devices that can do the laundry faster and better? What are the most efficient appliances that can give the cleanest floors, walls, and ceilings possible? If you can post articles related to that, they will surely be looked for and read by a lot of people.

8. Computers

This is the computer age, and it’s truly impossible to find an office or even a home, that doesn’t own a computer these days. Computers in either the portable or stationary categories are among the most important commodities in the market today and will continue to be as such in the next decades or centuries. If you are a writer of technology, it would be irresponsible of you if you won’t write about any of these:

Laptops – Due to their portability and lesser energy consumption, many buyers are opting for a laptop to use in their jobs and for their entertainment needs. A good technology blog must talk and discuss the best and the latest models of this very important portable gadget.

Desktops – They might be big and bulky, but a lot of computing professionals still prefer a desktop PC over a laptop. Since the best computers of this kind are best built with after-market modifications, the “how-to” topics that can be derived out of this device is very broad that it could be a good blogging niche in itself.

This data from would further enhance our understanding of the current trends in electronic device usage:

This information can really give us better insights as to why writing articles about digital gadgets really matter these days.

9. Electronics Accessories and External Devices

To further enhance their convenience and user experiences, electronic consumers tend to buy additional devices for their precious gadgets and equipment. By observing modern behavior, we can surely declare that the following category of accessories is by far the most popular:

Earphones – In buses, malls, parks, and streets, we always see people listening to something from their phones via a wire and earbuds. Undoubtedly, earphones are second to none in terms of cellphone accessories. These micro-speakers are often lost or destroyed at faster rates. People would surely want to “hear” about devices that can make them hear their favorite music better.

Keyboards and mice – For gamers as well as those who want to have greater comfort in doing their clerical office tasks, the keyboard and the mouse are the most important computer peripherals ever. Since they are the devices that are mostly in contact with human hands, they are often the most replaced computer parts. If you can give them guidance and advice on what brands in these categories to buy, it will be truly helpful to them.

External storage devices – The other term used to call this generation is the “information age.” This highly indicates that the need to store various forms of data and information is of unparalleled importance. As a technological writer/reviewer, you need to attain knowledge of the best flash drives and external hard disk models and brands and include them in your writings.

Now that you’ve learned about the best objects to talk about in your planned technology blog, you have to also consider emphasizing the following points for each product that you will write about. For sure, people would like to be knowledgeable about the following aspects:

Pros and cons – What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying this product? What are the benefits that a buyer can have during his everyday use of the device? These are questions that you have to surely tackle. In almost all technical articles that you can find on the web today, a “pros and cons section” is included one way or another.

Affordability and quality – Is the price of purchasing the product worth it? Will a certain product stand the test of time? Are there other brands of the same quality that are equally durable as the most popular ones? These are crucial points to ponder. With absolute zero doubt, consumers definitely want to learn if their investment in acquiring a certain electronic gadget is more than their money’s worth ahead of time.

Maximizing product usability – There are products that are only meant for one thing, but there are also devices that can be used for other tasks aside from the main purpose of why they’re built and manufactured. If you know some ways in which the usage of a certain device can be expanded into other work areas, readers would certainly love that.

Fixing and troubleshooting – Now this one is a bit hard since you need to have a deeper level of inquiry and study to learn how to fix or troubleshoot something. But perhaps you have accumulated some knowledge based on experience on how to fix or troubleshoot a certain device. Write them down and post them on your blog. Nobody would surely avoid reading it since it is a very useful set of information.

10. Medical Breakthroughs

How to be healthy and how to get rid of the illnesses that make people suffer from various parts of the globe is actually one of the most sought-after topics on the web. People have an intense desire to find out about the best foods to eat, the greatest medicines to buy, and consequently, what are the latest high-tech devices that can cure them of their diseases.

In that case, you should write about the latest digital breakthroughs that can easily detect illnesses and purge them at will, if any. In this regard, the following sub-topics must also be discussed.

Nanotechnology – Some robots today are so miniaturized that they can fit into a needle and be injected into a person’s bloodstream. They will then combat very small body impurities at a microscopic level. The sick person will have that curing process without even going through an actual process at all.

Digital imaging scanners – Years ago, people would have to deal with high-temperature and high-radiation emitting devices just to get their insides viewed and examined. Today however, newer, less-dangerous devices are existent providing better, clearer images. You should also include the latest of such devices in your blog.

Vitals monitoring systems – What’s my current heartbeat rate? What’s my blood-sugar level? These are questions that people would regularly ask themselves in the name of getting healthier. Portable, handheld devices that can answer such questions are now easily accessible in the market. You should discuss them too.

New breakthroughs in technology are conceived and born every day. In order for them to be truly useful to people, writeups and guides must be published every day too. Maybe you’re one of those who are destined to address such a need. So roll up those sleeves, (if you’re wearing a long-sleeved shirt) and start blogging about technology already.

Bloggers like you are highly and badly needed so please, start… now!

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