Clever Ways of Increasing Website Views Without Google’s Help

Clever Ways of Increasing Website Views Without Google’s Help

Nobody can dispute the fact that Google is the best pathway so people can visit your site and make money from blogging. But what if you could garner a lot of visitors without the intervention of search engines? Is it possible to have high page views without getting ranked by Google? Lucky for you, it is.

Here’s what you must do:

Make infographics or slogans for your content

If you’re new to the realm of web content creation, you might not be familiar yet with infographics. In simple definition, they are images designed to convey information in the quickest way possible. They could appear as a chart, a brief step-by-step instruction, or simply a means of catching the reader’s attention.

The reason why infographics have become a trend among bloggers these days is for enhancing user experience. If Google detects that people are spending long minutes on a particular page, there is a huge chance of that page getting recommended. In effect, the page will appear on search page results.

But since we are hoping to increase website visits without the help of Google, let’s understand why you must consider designing infographics and slogans for your blog posts.

Here are strong reasons why:

Your post could get popular on social media – If you can make a catchy slogan that comes straight from your content, you can share it on social media where people can share it as well. If your site’s name is seen somewhere on that slogan, it could be a way of making people curious about your brand.

Infographics can reinforce your facts – If charts showing statistical data are visible on your blog, your readers will sense that you are credible enough in giving accurate information. This can urge them into sharing your content.

In addition, you could make your infographics and slogans even more useful with this next step.

Showcase your infographics on image-driven platforms

It is said that the world today communicates visually. These days, it is nearly impossible to find a publication, digital or otherwise that doesn’t utilize the power of graphics to supplement written materials. Since nobody can dispute this, you should capitalize on people’s fondness for graphical elements to increase your visibility.

After designing a well-crafted slogan or infographic, you have to promote them on these platforms.

  • Pinterest
  • Juxtapost
  • We Heart It
  • Dribbble
  • FoodGawker

Signing up to these is easy and fast, and could be done instantly if you’re logged in to your Google or Facebook accounts. The possibilities of reaching out to the future fans of your blog are endless on those platforms.

All you need to arm yourself with in there is your set of infographics, slogans, or any captivating images you have from your site. By putting your site’s name as captions for your images and putting your blog links as descriptions, it encourages user visitation which of course increases your page views.

Team up with slightly popular Youtubers

It’s no surprise that Youtube is the closest contender to Google as the place where people search for information. If you truly want to increase your site’s viewership, you have to consider partnering yourself with slightly popular Youtubers.

But why choose the slightly popular ones? Why not the super-popular ones? The answer is this: the most successful Youtubers don’t really need your help since they are already in ties with the biggest names out there.

If you approach them and say, “Can I link to you while you link to me?” there’s a huge chance you’ll be ignored. So to get a higher chance of approval, just consider approaching the “not-so-popular ones.”

To increase your chances even higher, approach those Youtubers who are just starting out, but have great potential for success. If they see that you are in the same situation as them, they’d be willing to work in tandem with you.

Post portions of your articles on free blogging platforms

Blogging is still the richest means of giving information on the web and for that reason, there are countless free platforms that you could take advantage of in promoting your own blog.

Pick a platform that has enough viewership. If you can see that you have a high chance of exposure there, you can post a portion of your article, like say a third of it, and put a “read more” caption at the bottom. Put a hyperlink on it that leads to your full article and boom! – an increase in views takes place on your site.

You must not expect it to be a very huge increase though since like any other online tactics, your existence on any platform takes momentum to truly flourish. You have to expect a few months of posting article portions in order to see some progress.

To take full advantage of this method, you must not do this on one platform only. You have to do the same for others as well. The more, the better. You just have to be careful though because some platforms will have you banned if you’re detected as a plagiarist.

Here are the recommended ones:

  • Publish0x
  • Steemit

Thankfully, most of these platforms have a means of verifying if you have the rights to the articles you republished on them.

The great thing about posting your articles on some of those sites is that you could earn cryptocurrencies from your participation. Read this article for an in-depth explanation of it. Take advantage of this blog promotion scheme, it really works.

Offer your writing services on other blog sites

This method is actually called guest-posting, and this is necessary for gaining success with link-building. One of the most solid facts about getting popular on the web is that you have to establish some kind of authority. This will make you worthy enough of getting placed on top of search engine page results.

But if you’re new to the blogosphere, that won’t happen because Google and the likes of it will not trust you yet. As a remedy, you might want to approach other sites by messaging them, and telling them that you could write an article for them, with a link to your site at the bottom.

This won’t guarantee that your blog will become extremely popular right after. But it can increase your viewership because the readers of that site will most likely visit yours.

Google might be the biggest thing on the Internet, but it doesn’t own the Internet. Utilize the above-mentioned tips and methods and see that your website could really grow in viewership without a great dependence on search engines.

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