10 Strong Reasons Why Many Vloggers Don’t Succeed

10 Strong Reasons Why Many Vloggers Don’t Succeed
  • Why do most vloggers fail?
  • What are the best niches to choose in starting a vlog channel?
  • What topics should you discuss and talk about as a vlogger?

We will deal with these questions as you read on.

For sure, you have seen people on Youtube talking and babbling about something while videoing themselves, or while getting videoed by someone while they are performing a particular task. In case you don’t know what these people are, they are called “vloggers,” yes, a blogger with a “v,” blogging while employing videography.

As you may have known already, some vloggers are becoming filthy rich and are becoming insanely famous as well. Maybe you’re thinking about becoming one of them. After all, it’s only about facing a camera and talking about random things.

Speaking of which, here are 10 very strong reasons why many vloggers don’t attain the success they hope for.

1. They’re just imitating other vloggers.

Google has been very adamant about this: That bloggers, vloggers, and media creators in general, must come up with fresh, unique, and “never-seen-before” kinds of content so they gain some popularity within the algorithm of the most popular search engine.

This means that if you’re thinking about becoming exactly the kind of vlogger that has become very popular already within Youtube, you will surely find it hard to be as popular as that person, whoever he or she may be. If that vlogger has already been around for years, and you are just replicating what he’s doing, why would new viewers bother checking you out?

They just might check you out, do a few viewings with your videos, but since those videos of yours are obvious rip-offs, they will easily get bored and go back to watching that vlogger your copying because obviously, they love him even more.

Does this mean you can’t really be a successful vlogger if you’re just covering the topics that are already shown and discussed before? Actually, you can still be, if… you can prove to the Youtube community that you are really doing better than the ones before you.

For instance, if the vloggers you want to copy are talking about “20 tips” of something, try giving the viewers “30 tips.” If some vloggers are giving trivia like “10 singers who died on stage while performing,” then try your damnedest to come up with a video entitled “10 singers who died on stage but got resurrected the next day.”

Of course, it would be very hard to really find 10 singers who died but actually lived, but if you can, (Wait, are there really singers who are known for that?) why not vlog about it? The main point is that don’t just repeat what the others are already doing. Instead, copy what they do a little, but put in more spins and innovative styles into your videos. Only then can you really beat those famous ones out there.

2. They don’t vlog about health and fitness.

The need to be healthy equates to the need to be wealthy. In addition to that, people want to also have a nice-looking physique so they can present themselves in the most attractive manner in both the real and the digital world.

Due to this, they search for easy ways and comprehensive methods on how to be healthy while looking good. Provide health advice, encourage people to eat right, and attain a healthy lifestyle – these are truly attractive topics to talk about in your health vlog.

Another way to increase the viewership of your fitness vlog is by providing physically-engaging activities that can make people actually start the steps on becoming fit. The best way to do it is by performing the act so they can see it. Create a video of yourself doing some exercise routines, or capture a video of someone doing it. By giving some narration along with the activity, or providing some voice-overs, your vlog will truly be an enjoyable one to watch.

For those people who are not interested in looking nice physically, maybe they have some illness or physical condition that they want to avoid. A detailed set of vlogs in recovering from it could be something that they hungrily search for. You can choose to provide it, as going to the doctor regularly could be expensive, and could sometimes be misleading.

3. They avoid the ‘how-tos and troubleshooting’ niche.

Many of us often consult our troubles with professionals, but some of us just want to be professionals as well. There are times when we want something to be fixed, and there are also moments in which we want to do the fixing ourselves. Thankfully tutorials and “how-to” videos are ever-present on the internet.

If you have skills in troubleshooting a device, or maybe you are knowledgeable in giving instructions on how to accomplish something, you could conduct a set of videos on how to do it. As a guide, consider choosing from any of these:

Fixing gadgets and electronic equipment – “Something is wrong with my phone”, “My laptop is acting weird”, “My blender is too noisy” — we often hear statements like these from our friends and the people around us. This signifies that there is indeed a great need for people to have their troubled devices fixed quickly. Offer your technical know-how in this field and give them the help they need.

Food and cooking – Undoubtedly, eating is an activity that no human could ever dismiss. By making a vlog centered around food, beverages, and the creation of such, a lot of Youtube viewers would surely make visiting your channel a pastime. Also, you may choose to conduct a video coverage on some spots or restaurants where great food is served. Doing this would, of course, require the approval of the people running those spots, so you need to be wary in choosing to do the latter.

Gaming – As evidenced by the massive popularity of PewDiePie, the concepts of giving game reviews, playing tips, and gaming walkthroughs are really profitable.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg a.ka. “PewDiePie”, currently the most successful Youtuber.

If you’re one of those home buddies who spend countless hours playing video games, or if you know someone who is so deep into that habit, you should consider creating a video compilation for that. For sure, you will have lots of followers who want nothing more to do with life than just play within the halls of the virtual world.

The above-mentioned items are only 3 of the most popular in the “how-to” category. But the truth is, there is actually no limit as to where you can go and how far you can reach in making a tutorial vlog. As long as a question starts with the word “how,” you can surely answer that in your own Youtube channel.

4. They don’t make reaction videos/commentaries.

Celebrity gossips, news items, sports outcomes, current events, the list of things that you can talk about in this niche are endless. By making a video of yourself about your reaction to a trending event, people could be drawn into your words as you elaborate on it, whatever it is.

In choosing to vlog for this category, you have to be careful though… you could end up as the enemy of many, or a best friend of a lot of netizens. Your words could either make or break your vlogging career as you could either be greatly loved or intensely hated when you give your honest opinions about a certain person or entity that you talk about.

5. They don’t collaborate with other vloggers.

Let’s rethink this very famous quote, “2 heads are better than one.” Since this is very true and always will be, you as an aspiring or failing vlogger should highly consider making a “collab video” with another vlogger. Many begging vloggers hate this idea, as it makes them think that the superstardom that’s due them will be stolen by someone else.

Having that kind of thinking is actually the mentality of a vlogger failure in the making. If you look at the videos of the most famous Youtubers within the platform, chances are you will surely see most of them having some collaborations with other vloggers, or even plain and ordinary people from random locations.

If you plan to become truly famous within Youtube, or any vlogging platform you wish to launch a vlog channel in, don’t get greedy with fame. Brainstorm some ideas about how you can work with other vloggers even if they’re way lower than your level. Those people must surely have friends, and of those friends of theirs become your friends too, then your viewership should really rise before you even know it.

6. They hate music and performing.

People will always have the need to be entertained or will always have the desire to be an entertainer themselves. Armed with this truth, many vloggers unleash their talents in performing arts and conduct a series of videos while showcasing their talents in front of their online audience.

If you’re considering making a performance vlog, contemplate these niches:

Singing/performing with musical instruments – These are 2 of the most common types of vlogs in existence. If you have some really good vocal cords and some talent for playing the guitar or a piano, you could be on your path to both fame and riches.

Sing songs that are your own compositions, or do some covers from other artists – these are both acceptable and profitable. Some aspiring singers and musicians actually start their careers as vloggers and ended up becoming TV and stadium superstars.

For a detailed article about how to earn money as an online musician, read this.

Teaching how to perform – Instead of just showing that you can sing, play an instrument, or dance, you may want to teach them how to do that thing you’re performing. This is a bit harder than the previous niche, but this is something that’s hard to ignore. It is obvious knowledge that many people especially the young generation want to harness the power that performing on stage can deliver. By exploiting such a fact, you can make your music tutorial vlog a very viewable one.

7. They don’t show unboxing of products.

In order to make sure that they will get their money’s worth in buying something, shoppers need to obtain information first about the specifications and quality of a product. Because of this, they look for unboxing videos – one of the newest trends on Youtube today.

In addition to the act of unpacking a product from its packaging, providing your insights about that product would surely be helpful to potential buyers. By doing so, you are doing the job of a product reviewer and an influencer – also searchable niches in the field of vlogging.

8. They don’t make jokes and pranks.

In almost all forms of visual, audio, and print media, the art of making people laugh is a very important element. Realizing this, writers, film producers, and radio broadcasters always find ways in including humor and comedy in their projects and outputs.

Today, in video streaming and social media sites, content that has comedy on its topic is widely searched by people of all ages. To cater to that need, many vloggers create channels that focus on jokes and pranks… all in the name of making people happy and less depressed. You as someone who loves to poke funny lines to people could greatly profit from this, as comedy is something that will always be a vital element in the lives of people for all generations.

For a detailed article about how to make money with comedy, read this.

9. They don’t travel and engage in outdoor adventures.

A great number of us are so interested in going to places where there are a lot of great sights to behold, and many exciting terrains to trek into. Unfortunately though, not too many of us can afford the finances needed to visit such places. Thankfully, however, there are travel vlogs that can provide you with an experience as if you are also traveling along with the vlogger.

Though this kind of vlog often presents some real danger at times and not to mention a high level of financial cost, this niche is proven to be a very profitable one as evidenced by the likes of Louis Cole and Mr. Ben Brown.

Louis Cole and Ben Brown, 2 of the most successful Youtube vloggers within the Travel niche.

If some people can only dream about traveling to some places, you could bring them a little closer to their dreams by being their travel guide, although in just a virtual sense.

10. They don’t re-invent their vlogging approach.

In connection to the first item, please take this to heed: don’t video the kind of content that has already been done before… even if it’s your own. Each and every day of good old Youtube’s existence, a gazillion videos are uploaded to its server mainframes relentlessly. Ponder on this quote from the Statista website:

“As of May 2019, more than 500 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute. This equates to approximately 30,000 hours of newly uploaded content per hour.”


Though a great majority of these are just videos of people and animals doing some endless barrages of stupid things, they will surely be very good distractions that can drive viewers away from you. But then, there are also those who create truly meaningful and valuable content. They are those that are very competitive, and if you don’t compete with the greatest seriousness from your heart, you will surely lose.

Given that, you should always bear this in mind: invent and re-invent fresh ideas on your vlog posts. Failing to do so will make you drown in infamy along with those hopeless vloggers who exist within the Youtube universe, though they can only be found in the lowest bottoms of the searching algorithms that oftentimes, viewing their video posts seems impossible anymore.

Does this mean you have to do the exact opposite of the above statements so you can become a truly successful vlogger? Of course not. What this post implies is that by choosing to vlog about the niches given on each statement, you could be on your path to both fame and fortune.

For what it’s worth, the best course of action to take would be this: vlog about something you’re truly passionate about… it will be the ultimate path to take to become a truly successful vlogger.

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