Best Methods For Growing Your Vlog Outside Youtube

Best Methods For Growing Your Vlog Outside Youtube

Increasing the views of your vlog channel must not happen on Youtube alone, it must also happen somewhere else. To have a greater chance of winning the very stiff competition towards vlogging success, you have to take advantage of other platforms as well to attract soon-to-be-loyal viewers.

Here are effective ways of doing it:

Be willing to sacrifice some of your videos

Letting go is one of the hardest decisions in life, in vlogging, the concept is also true. If you truly want to grow your vlog’s viewership, you have to consider the possibility of removing some of your uploaded videos from Youtube so you can place them somewhere else.

Why you should consider this is obvious, it will help your channel gain some traction from other portals, which is exactly the main purpose why this post was created. The good thing though is there are platforms out there that don’t really care if your videos also exist somewhere else.

What you just have to be careful with is the fact that Youtube is very strict with its monetizing policies. You could get blocked or get penalized for violating their rules that could erratically change from time to time. Your willingness to sacrifice some of your videos or those that you are about to make is useful, especially for the next step.

Know Youtube’s best rivals and put portions of your videos there

Youtube is the most popular in the video streaming category, but there are strong contenders too. If you’re already convinced with the benefits of the previous step, you should learn about the potential of the following platforms that are very similar to Youtube.

Crackle – specializes in free streaming of TV shows and movies.

Twitch – initially dedicated to game streaming but later evolved into artworks, music, talk shows, etc.

Metacafe – one of the biggest original video streaming sites before Youtube became popular.

Vimeo – the closest rival to Youtube. It’s ad-free and makes money by subscriptions.

Dailymotion – a French-owned company that works very similar to Youtube.

Vevo – the biggest source of music videos shown on Youtube.

Facebook Watch – as the biggest social media platform, this is your best means of growing your vlog outside Youtube.

Aside from these 7, there are also massive lists you could look into. What you just have to think about is what kind of videos you could sacrifice to put into those platforms without hurting your Youtube monetization.

Editing some of your videos or making new ones for those sites is laborious. But if it’s for the sake of growing your Youtube channel that you love so dearly, it’s all worth the extensive effort.

Collaborate with successful bloggers by making videos for them

You should be reminded that blogging is among the strongest sources of information you can find on the web. There are literally thousands of bloggers that post articles on the web every day and many of these writers are earning millions of bucks annually.

Since these bloggers are undeniably popular, you have to consider working with them to grow your vlog. What you may do is approach them by sending them a formal email that talks about your willingness to make a video about them (one that’s related to your vlog’s niche, of course ), and ask them to put a link to your video on Youtube.

Since you are promoting their blogs on your vlog, this approach is somewhat irresistible. No Blogger would want to refuse this.

Know the most visited sites and pick some

The most successful Youtubers are those that treat their channels as serious businesses. And since you should think like them, you have to learn about where people usually converge on the web and market your video creations there.

To start with, you have to check this list of the 500 most visited sites on the web, courtesy of You have to take time to study the possibilities of promoting your videos on any of the most popular sites listed there. Once you’ve done that, the next step should be helpful.

Know how your niche might fit into your chosen sites

To simplify which sites suit your niche best, the following steps could be truly helpful.

If your vlog is business-related

LinkedIn should be the ideal choice since it is a social media site with a laser focus on business-related stuff. The platform has currently more than 660 million registered users. 303 million of these are actively posting business ideas and you could lure them into visiting your vlog.

In addition, you could also register to Xing, Meetup, or Twitter Threads, where a great number of business-minded individuals flock together. You should participate on these sites too if you have some brilliant business ideas to share.

If your vlog is highly debatable

Sparking debates is one of the best triggers for urging people to check out your content. Without a doubt, the best platform to consider for this is none other than Reddit. The platform is ranked as the 7th most-visited website in the US, and the 19th-most-visited website in the world, according to

With 430 million monthly active users, Reddit is hailed by its loyalists as “the face of the internet.” This makes it undoubtedly one of the best platforms to promote your vlog or any other online project you may think of.

When promoting your vlog on Reddit, you have to acknowledge though that the chances of you getting ridiculed or bashed will be extremely high. There are lots of trolls and bad-mouthed people in there and you have to learn to accept this if you’re truly serious about promoting your vlog there.

If your vlog is attractive to teenagers

Teenagers comprise a very large bulk of the internet users and there’s no denying this. If your content is very appealing to the youth, you should consider promoting your vlog on Tumblr. Among the teen-oriented social media platforms, it is by far the best for this category.

By posting digital art and video snippets of your videos on Tumblr, you could drive traffic to your vlog and significantly grow your viewership since kids are the best targets for video-streaming addiction. You have to bring that addiction in a positive light though by providing insightful content that could truly make their lives a lot better.

The methods for growing your vlog outside Youtube can be totally limitless if you just look deep enough all over cyberspace. The above-mentioned ones are just laid out here as one of the most effective ones. Try them out and see that they really work… if you’re truly dead serious about getting rich with Youtube.

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