Earning By Becoming a List Writer

Earning By Becoming a List Writer

Embracing the world of list articles opens up exciting opportunities to showcase your creativity and captivate readers in a unique way. List writing allows you to hone your skills in crafting concise and engaging content that is both informative and entertaining. In this article, let’s discuss how can you become a list writer along with the earning potential of this writing job.

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Working As a List Writer

List articles, also known as “listicles,” are a popular format of online content that presents information in the form of a numbered or bullet-pointed list. They typically cover a specific topic and provide a concise and organized compilation of related points, ideas, or examples.

Listicles are characterized by their easy-to-read and scannable nature, making them appealing to online readers who prefer quick and digestible information. They often utilize catchy titles or headlines to grab readers’ attention and entice them to click and read further.

By becoming a listicle writer, you can cover a wide range of topics and can be found on various websites and blogs. Some common examples of listicle titles include:

  • “10 Tips for a Productive Morning Routine”
  • “5 Essential Tools Every Home Chef Should Have”
  • “7 Must-Watch Movies of the Year”
  • “15 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas”
  • “Top 20 Travel Destinations for Adventure Seekers”

List posts can provide a variety of benefits for both readers and content creators. For readers, they offer easily scannable content that is visually appealing and organized, allowing them to quickly grasp the main points and find specific information of interest. Listicles also provide a structured format that helps readers remember and retain information more effectively.

For content creators, listicles offer a versatile format that can attract readers, generate engagement, and increase website traffic. The numbered or bulleted format helps break down complex topics into manageable and bite-sized chunks, making the content more accessible and shareable.

However, it’s important to note that while listicles can be entertaining and informative, they should still strive to provide valuable and accurate content. The quality of the information and the depth of analysis within a listicle can vary, so it’s essential to critically evaluate the sources and credibility of the information presented.

Your Expected Salary As a List Writer

In general, the salary range for a list writer is very similar to the rate given to typical blog article writers. Entry-level positions may start around $25,000 to $40,000 per year. Experienced or specialized list writers may earn salaries in the range of $50,000 to $80,000 per year or higher.

It’s important to note that these figures are just estimates and can vary significantly. Additionally, some list writers may work on a freelance basis and charge per article or project rather than having a fixed salary. Most platforms that outsource listicles typically offer $15 per 1000 words, while some may offer $40 with additional requirements such as adding photos for each list entry.

You have to bear in mind that factors such as the writer’s portfolio, reputation, and the demand for their skills can also influence their earning potential. It’s advisable to research the specific industry and company you’re interested in working for to get a better understanding of the salary expectations in that particular context.

Common Types of List Articles

The topics you may cover in writing listicles are practically endless. To get started, you might want to wrap yourself around the following types of list articles that plenty of websites are always on the lookout for.

Top Ten Lists

This type of list article presents a curated collection of the top ten items or examples related to a specific topic. For example, “Top Ten Destinations to Visit in Europe” or “Top Ten Action Movies of All Time.” These lists often rank the items in order of importance or popularity and provide brief descriptions or explanations for each entry.

Reasons Lists

In a reasons list article, the writer presents a number of reasons or justifications for a particular statement, opinion, or phenomenon. For instance, “10 Reasons Why Exercise is Beneficial for Overall Health” or “7 Reasons Why Dogs Make Great Pets.” Each point is typically accompanied by a brief explanation or example to support the given reason.

Things You Didn’t Know Lists

This type of list article aims to present interesting or surprising facts about a particular subject that readers may not be aware of. For example, “15 Things You Didn’t Know About the History of Chocolate” or “10 Little-Known Facts About Space Exploration.” These lists often provide intriguing information that can captivate readers’ curiosity.

Pros and Cons Lists

These are listicles that outline the advantages and disadvantages of a specific topic, product, or decision. These articles typically present a balanced view, providing both positive and negative aspects. Examples include “The Pros and Cons of Veganism” or “Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car.” This type of list helps readers evaluate different aspects of a subject before making a decision or forming an opinion.

Common Mistakes Lists

These highlight errors or missteps that people commonly make in a particular context or activity. These articles often aim to educate readers and help them avoid similar pitfalls. For instance, “10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business” or “7 Common Grammar Mistakes to Watch Out For.” Each item on the list is typically accompanied by an explanation of the mistake and suggestions for improvement.

As an aspiring list writer, you must never limit the topics you plan to write within the bounds listed above. You have to know that there is a vast array of blogging topics all over the web. Feel free to scour everywhere for the topics that you are highly interested in. For sure, there will be a listicle idea that could sprout from any topic you are so passionate about.

Where To Apply As a List Writer

You may look for list writing opportunities on sites such as Indeed, Problogger, or Upwork. To make it easier for you, you may go directly to the links provided below from the companies that hire listicle writers.

Hotcars: is a popular online platform that covers a wide range of automotive topics. As a list writer for Hotcars, you would contribute engaging and informative articles related to cars, motorcycles, and the automotive industry. You would create lists such as “Top 10 Fastest Cars of 2023” or “15 Affordable Sports Cars for Car Enthusiasts.”

Screenrant: is a leading entertainment website that focuses on movies, TV shows, and pop culture. As a list writer for Screenrant, you would craft engaging articles that feature lists like “10 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time” or “Top 20 Marvel Villains Ranked.” Your content would cater to a wide audience of movie and TV enthusiasts looking for engaging and informative lists.

Comicbook Resources: CBR is a prominent online destination for comic book news, analysis, and reviews. As a list writer for CBR, you would create compelling content that appeals to comic book fans. Your lists might include topics like “Top 15 Must-Read Graphic Novels of the Year” or “10 Most Powerful Superheroes in the Marvel Universe.”

Movieweb: is a popular entertainment website that covers movie news, trailers, and reviews. As a list writer for Movieweb, you would contribute articles featuring intriguing lists such as “10 Highly Anticipated Movies Coming in 2023” or “20 Underrated Movies You Should Watch Right Now.” Your content would cater to movie lovers seeking recommendations, updates, and analysis.

The Things: is an online platform that covers various topics, including entertainment, lifestyle, and pop culture. As a list writer for The Things, you would create diverse and engaging lists that appeal to a broad audience. Your articles might include lists like “15 Celebrity Breakups That Shocked the World” or “10 Life-Changing Travel Destinations You’ve Never Heard Of.”

Game Rant: is a prominent gaming news and entertainment website that covers the latest developments in the gaming industry. As a list writer for Game Rant, you would create content that appeals to gamers, featuring lists like “Top 10 Open-World Games of All Time” or “15 Most Anticipated Video Games of the Year.” Your articles would engage gamers and provide them with valuable insights and recommendations.

The Sportster: is a popular online platform dedicated to sports news, analysis, and features. As a list writer for The Sportster, you would craft articles focused on various sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and more. Your lists might cover topics like “Top 10 Greatest Athletes in Sports History” or “15 Unforgettable Moments in Super Bowl History,” catering to sports enthusiasts looking for engaging content.

Football Fancast: is a website dedicated to football (soccer) news, analysis, and fan opinions. As a list writer for Football Fancast, you would create articles that resonate with football fans around the world. Your lists could include topics such as “Top 10 Most Memorable World Cup Moments” or “15 Rising Stars to Watch in the Premier League.” Your content would engage football enthusiasts and spark discussions.

Simple Flying: is an online platform that provides news and analysis related to the aviation industry. As a list writer for Simple Flying, you would contribute articles featuring lists like “10 Most Luxurious Airlines in the World” or “15 Unusual Airports You Won’t Believe Exist.” Your content would target aviation enthusiasts and travelers looking for interesting insights and information.

The Travel: provides engaging articles, stunning visuals, and firsthand accounts to fuel readers’ wanderlust and help create unforgettable travel experiences. With a focus on listicles of both popular tourist destinations and hidden gems, The Travel is your ultimate companion in navigating the world and unlocking the wonders that await you.

Bear in mind that there are plenty of publishers on the web that hire regular list writers or part-time contributors. Even if you are not well-versed in the topics mentioned above, there will always be a listicle category that suits your preferences. It’s just an issue of knowing where to look.


The demand for listicles continues to grow, as readers increasingly seek quick and easily consumable content in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. By embracing list writing, you position yourself at the forefront of this trend, gaining valuable experience and staying relevant in an ever-evolving media landscape.

So, embrace the power of lists and let your creativity soar as you embark on this exciting journey as a list writer. Unleash your talent, captivate readers, and make a lasting impact with your engaging and informative content. The world awaits your unique perspective, and as a list writer, you have the opportunity to inspire, educate, and entertain audiences worldwide.

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